Sanrio Danshi

What did Sup Forums think of Sanrio Danshi?

Personally, I thought it was good overall. Good characters with great chemistry. Yuu and Shunsuke were my favourite characters. Overall the atmosphere was really comfy. The episode where they all go to Puroland was by far the best. I loved that episode.

There was some 'forced drama' (forgive me for using the phrase) in the last few episodes but I feel like they tied up everything really well in the last episode.

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Twin Star was too much of a faggot for me. Would have been okay otherwise, but I still wasn't hugely keen on it.

Started okay, turned out really poorly written and IP-damagingly bad. If they knew what they were doing they'd have leaned into the cute boys doing cute things and homoeroticism of it instead of trying to tell a 'legitimate' story

Start was pretty good but it turned to shit. It would be 10/10 if it was only a SoL with cute boys doing cute things. Unnecessary drama always ruin everything.

It had a good first episode, the rest of the show was trash. Helloshitty and gay star are the worst boys

Hello Kitty danshi > shit > the rest

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This. It should have been 'cute boys doing cute things' instead of the shit we got. The only good thing that we got from this was Yuu.

Twin Stars a shit.

Yeah, I agree too. If it was just a male Yuru camp with Sanrio instead of camping it would've been a fine show. The endless drama was just tiresome.

So there was more drama after they got together? Weren't they over their shit by then and happy to like Sanrio goods at that point?

It was MC's fault. His endless drama ruined everything. Remove Pompompurin and it becomes a great anime.

Ryo is for rape and abusing only.

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Worse than Twin Star? I find that hard to believe. Did he kill another grandma?

The last 2? episodes the MC wanted to 'sparkle' so he was trying to do everything for the play and was being a dick to his friends.

>tfw no comfy sanrio threads

this show had meme potential

I barely digested the sister drama so when the blonde guy drama started I had to drop it. Also the self inserts moments when they interacted with the audience were weird.

Yoshino's character arc was the best imo

Damn, sad there was no thread for last ep. Show was 7/10. I think it would've been one of my faves of the season if the boys were doing cute things. Hell, the twitter pics looks like a better show. Excited for the stage play? And im guessing that edgy guy ryou bumped into will be obe of their sanrio friends next season?

I miss the random POV shots too

>Excited for the stage play?
No, it's just going to be endless drama.

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This show turned more autistic than me, I had to drop it. I couldn't think of a single reason to keep watching it. I'm not even a Sanriofag, I picked it up just for the supposed comfiness and the cute boys.

Consensual rape by senpai.

>being a dick to his friends
you mean besides ignoring the ones he had in the beginning, right? I haven't caught up with this since episode 4.

Nah mate they're all pretty bad. I had a better time looking at the pictures on Twitter than I did watching the show.

Especially fucking Cinnamoroll. He feels so lifeless.

senpai wa honto kakkoi