Heavy Object

How did you guys like this series? There's been no official word but it feels like the LN is coming to a close with what is essentially WW4 starting. Manhattan is a mobile doomsday mecha, space weapons are showing up, a mass murdering cyborg is on the loose, etc. We'll see how it all plays out in two weeks.

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It's fun.
The beginning of the anime was kinda shit though.

>The beginning of the anime was kinda shit though.
That's pretty much the consensus. It's a shame we will probably never get S2 because everything past volume 1-2 kinda blows them out of the water.

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There are not enough doujins of this.

I got into HO for lolis in a military war setting doing cute and badass things, and I staying for lolis.

I am*

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Dropped it at 9 episodes. Bored the fuck out of me.

I can second this a bit. I watched all of it but I did get bored towards the end.

>animeonlys here
Just read the damn LNs

Gcup version was better.

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I was under the impression there have been more than 4 world wars in HO world.

How does Kamachi have so currently serialized LN series

He's several of the billion Aleisters.


Came for the cute girls, stayed for the El Dorado duo

Needs S2 for Unicorn.

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The first arc was great and the rest was pretty boring, in my opinion.

What a homo.

You need your eyes checked.

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>still a homo.jpg

This fatty ain't got nothing on Perflat Ohoho.

Quenser fucking around for 5 minutes in ep1 because he didn't want to touch boobs was incredibly annoying and some of the flame effects in the first eps looked like they came straight from a trigger joke show.

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It better not end. This is almost everything I ever wanted from anime AND books. It's such an unique LN even among the already pretty damn unique stuff from Kamachi.
I'm confident it won't end though. Kamachi literally called HO "a miracle", at least from his writer perspective.

Still better.

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Qwenthyr studied heavy objects for his school. At some level deep down, he KNEW. Even if he wanted to believe, the power of G cups was incompatible with piloting in a high G environment.

We need an adult Milinda version to go with this hohoho, with middle sized titties.
I might just draw it actually.

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Punch Ohoho in the dirty HO

A thousand times this.
The main characters' bants and crazy shenanigans are what made the show.

>there will never be a Mariydi spinoff anime by 3Hz
End me.

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I love the setting and side characters but baka duo blowing up objects in dumb ways gets boring fast.

Never say never.

This is still ongoing?

Why wouldn't it be? On another note:
>every volume that's been released since the anime ended has had a loli on the cover
Really makes you think.

>Why wouldn't it be?
Well, sometimes takes decades, but LNs eventually ends. Sometimes it goes into infinite hiatus or the author dies and never gets and end. I don't know, pal, lot of things happens.

He could probably stop writing for a decade and there would still be frequent releases just from the volumes he had already written beforehand.

Have faith user, you're going to get a Mariydi spinoff written and directed by Nagai.

Ohohoho looks fabulous. Shame about the shitty personality

I liked the first volume, and it was great for the adaptation. If they adapt something else like volume 4 or any of the volumes where we had just one long, drawn out battle against a single object, the adaptation would have failed. Imagine 6~8 episodes to kill a single object.

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Volume 8 was my least favorite volume because of that, besides the dogfight scene which was great.

Tit Village ended. Boo Boo is definitely ending (;_;) Kamachi might be Kamachi, but he ends stuff.
Which is actually pretty commendable, but HO doesn't deserves it.

HO is pretty loose with the timeline so even if it has a definite end more stories can be plugged into it afterwards.

I want a FO spinoff

How does this change anything if Kamachi doesn't want to write anymore?

HO can end anytime he feels it has come far enough. He can just say "ok, the heroes have killed so many objects barehanded, the age of objects is over". I just hope he keeps going on, this series is so unique.

>Not wanting to write

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>he heroes have killed so many objects barehanded, the age of objects is over".
We already know it can't end like this.


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I want to put Taro in charge of Kamachi.exe and see what happens

Kamachi already makes all of his robots suffer so they'd probably work well together

cause they need to fuck the world's best imouto before it end

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Is Burning Alpha alright?

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I got into it for the lolis, stayed for the bros.

He just has a need user. The need for speed

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>ok, the heroes have killed so many objects barehanded, the age of objects is over
That should have happened already by now. So it's safe to assume there's someone or something out there preventing this from ever happening so easily. So they have to get rid of that first.

I want to be crushed under Frolaytia's heel.

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Get in line

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Any infos or cover about the next vol?

The cover is in the OP. This is the synopsis:

The unprecedented gigantic Object, Manhattan, has activated. A bog of a war between all four world powers is beginning.

The extraordinary 20,000 meter Object, Manhattan, has suddenly begun to move. The appearance of that "strongest Object" has eradicated the lines between enemy and ally. Also, a single attack from its electromagnetically-launched reactor cannon routs the 37th Mobile Maintenance Batallion and sinks the Flagship 019 that Quenser and the others have infiltrated.
Who is it that provides a helping hand to Heivia and the others after they survive but are isolated in enemy territory: Oh Ho Ho the Information Alliance idol Elite, or Wraith-tan the devilish commander!?
There is no "clean war" here. It's a rampage full of remote grenades, precision-guided grenades, flying drones, quadrupedal robots, an Oh Ho Ho powered suit, and space weapons! This is how the Information Alliance does things. Welcome to the technology war. Near future action!

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>remote grenades, precision-guided grenades, flying drones, quadrupedal robots, an Oh Ho Ho powered suit, and space weapons
muh dick
I can't wait. What is even happening

You mean he wanted to believe someone made the tech work so he can copy/steal it.

>an Oh Ho Ho powered suit
Where do you buy those? I need one badly.

I love the artist. I remember playing Ar Tonelico for his art, wish he does something more interesting nowadays.

I really liked it at first because the two MCs were hilarious but it got so fucking stupid about halfway through and I had to basically force myself to finish the show.

The anime fucked up.

>Ohoho powered suit
Ohoho powers my suit if you know what I mean.

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Best and heaviest object!

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Will she willingly become a cake?

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Anyone else suspect Kamachi also writes under different pseudonyms for other publishers because his main one can't publish enough of his works?

I wanna be covered by that cover

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I think it's fucking criminal that they never made/sold these plushies.

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If you can’t appreciate her breasts as they are now, you might just be a delusional faggot. No size looks bad when it’s shown off with naked aprons.

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Plebs all around. Lips are where it's at.

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>Kamachi, Kawakami, Taro all make robutts suffer

Here's some lewd

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>it's a MP bumps a Raildex thread into oblivion episode
Anyways, I hope Kamachi doesn't end HO here. That unpredictable ending in the title gives me a strange feeling, given who's writing it.

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