Draw or request Sup Forumsrt and stuff.

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Requesting a barefoot maid Nakuru Akizuki on a tea break like on the right pic.

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Requesting Senpai getting fucked by the demon versions of Nagatoro's friends while Nagatoro is forced to watch.

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Requesting this classic scene with Nadeshiko and Rin from Yuru Camp.

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Requesting Hackadoll #3 and Hinata Nekomiya getting comfy and playing videogames together.

Loser has to suck the winners dick.

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Requesting Hajime Owari doing the same pose as Gisele Bundchen in the right pic.

Hajime is wearing her own outfit, but her shirt is unbuttoned, she's not wearing a bra, and her skirt is low rise on her.

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Requesting primer minister Abe saving Japan trough the power of shitposting

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Anchoring for Rommi

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Lewd request:
Ai-chan in bra & panties. One hand down her pantsu, the other hand, she's licking her fingers.

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requesting Kanbaru wearing something nice, what she wears is up to you
I just want more monkey pics

some ideas sundress, gothic lolita, doctor, swimsuit, wedding dress, hoodie

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Requesting Nadeshiko Kagamihara tied up and gagged using her collection of big poofy and colorful scarves.

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Requesting laughing whores but with Kayo and Kokoro

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Requesting Anastasia and Kizuna Ai riding on top of a Coke bottle like a rocket

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Requesting Murrue in this exact pose as Rinko, barefoot and showing her booty.

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Can you draw this Bear and her girlfriend doing something cute together? Manly is fine too.

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Requesting Sena either
-Happily smiling and telling me to cheer up
-Or giving the most disgusted expression, filled with hatred and malice.

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Requesting Belial reenacting the "my own clone" edit from the vulgar Sonic coloring book meme with Meiko and Sophia. If you wanna make this go full lewd you can have Belial sprouting a dick and fucking them.

Refs for this dinosaur of a meme/joke: imgur.com/a/x2nkG

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Requesting embarrassed Tenryuu lifting her skirt. Either cute or lewd panties, its your choice!

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Requesting various laughing Zero Two heads as the Crush Card Virus

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Requesting Beatrix drinking beer alone like a christmas cake

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Requesting Yumeko and Mary playing strip poker with Ayame and Annie, all 4 in different states of undressing

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>tfw seeing more lolicon controversies on the internet and lose all will to draw

Requesting Lucoa and Sariel symmetrical docking, or outfit swapping.

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Don't draw lolis then.

Keep drawing lolis. I don't care for them but you should draw what you like.

Except there's no real way to know where the line is with the way the internet is lately. It's really fucking maddening.
I'm done for today..

>commission streaming artist to draw loli hentai
>"is it okay if i age up your loli just a little bit? A bit taller and budding chests?"
>"sure as long as it looks like her"
>picarto still wont let them stream it

Highschool ages and above seems to be more than fine to most people.

Requesting Alicetaria February showing off her Muscles

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Rerequesting smug Kajou dressed as Junko raising a sign with the phrase "winner by default". Booing and throwing tomatoes/other junk at her is fine too.

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Requesting Lala & Darling doing something like lap sitting or hand holding like in the top right pic.

Im also open to them doing lewd stuff like foot liking or face sitting with pantsu and some vag exposed.

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>Even with my mediocre skills I get $45-55 per draw on loli hentai commisions
No thanks

Doing some boring mundane activity with the look on their face in the top right.

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Requesting Kobeni wearing only overalls.

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time to start using sketch pixiv then

For now, which is the issue. I can already see anime getting banned outright in the future, if no one is standing up against this shit.
There's no way we're a minority in thinking that drawings should be a-ok pretty much no matter what?
I'm not even really a lolicon but this garbage witch hunt is the worst. Makes feel like all I'm doing by working so hard on anime art is just slowly inserting my neck around a cord.

Requesting pregnant Chiho walking past a counter in a revealing fashion with a regretful expression

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What's the difference between sketch pixiv and regular pixiv? They seem to hold separate profiles, but I don't get it.

Requesting Shinichi & Conan doing the double Goku pose.

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regular is just an art page, sketch is for streaming

Requesting Net Navi or Maverick Rachnera

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Cute Violet.

That's all in your head. Anime style has been more popular than ever thanks to the animification of cartoons, anime becoming more and more popular on the western world with netflix even supporting studios and even in europe there's a huge anime market in france.

As for the style, yea you shouldn't be drawing anime only. It's ok to focus on your style but you should have the bases from other styles mainly realism.

Requesting Killua Zoldyck stretching like a cat.

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I've never wanted a handjob so badly.

But france is also a trash country who literally think drawing underage characters is as bad as the real thing, made laws specifically for this, and banned some boorus. Of course I happened to live there too, which is why I feel so threatened everytime the internet blows up about lolis.
Thanks for advice though, I can only hope you're right.

Requesting Franziska from Ace Attorney on the toilet but there's no toilet paper in her stall and she's running late for court.

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Requesting Hiro and Sae as Hiro and 02.

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>I feel so threatened everytime the internet blows up about lolis.
That's easy to solve. Either don't lewd the loli or don't loli.
If it ends up to be actually illegal one day just look at the bright side, commissions will be worth more since a lot of people will jump ship.

abe could very well be any one of us

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/r/ing Jotaro and Hit having swapped outfits.

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Anyone save the reverse trap astolfo from previous thread?


It's on the booru


Sorry about the small resolution and deformed hands.

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Now that's what i call thicc

I might color it idk

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What can I say, I like meat.

Requesting POV looking down at Constanze hugging user, maybe with user headpatting her too.

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Looking really neat dude!

That's okay drawbuddy. I appreciate it. Thank you for this. [spoilers]those thighs, man.[/spoiler]

Requesting a pregnant Mai Natsume.

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Very nice! I hope this motivates the young otaku to finally step out of their houses and find love

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Her headpiece is wrong, other than that it's fucking awesome

Requesting Tomo-chan getting super flustered and bashful from wearing cute and girly clothes
Lewds are okay.

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Requesting Yuno doing the koi dance

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Tamamo Cat and 'Dark Atalanta' having a catfight
vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/typemoon/images/d/dc/Agrius_Metamorphosis_front.png/revision/latest?cb=20171203175946 Reference for 'Dark Atalanta' even though normal Atalanta would work just as well!

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Fran and Goblin Slayer slaughtering goblins together. Or anything nice with the two of them, not necessarily with goblins.

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very nice.

look forward to the rest my dude.

Requesting Mash in a bikini or something modeling the Mash drink. Just an example there's other types of it, or make your own either with her color or saint quartz.

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Everytime i see this request all i can think of is that she'll follow the same fate of the guy on chapter 1 because her sword is too damn big.

Krul Tepes and Leticia from Owari no Seraph and MondaijiTachi as oppai vamploli or adults please. If you could, have something from their mouths or liquids anywhere, blood or saliva or other bodily fluids. A blood bath works. Or cute vampbunny girls.

Super late, still sucks.

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Requesting an outfit swap beween these two. Optionally, them doing anything time stop related together.

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Requesting Rin Tohsaka wearing her usual attire but with the red toeless pantyhose seen next to her but posing her open toed pantyhosed feet and soles like on the right.

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/r/ Nico (Nanbaka) in the same pose and outfit as the guy in the right pic.

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Requestinga girl of your choice wearing a microbikini under a transparent school swimsuit.

Lolis are a-ok.

Rest of the lewd set and source here:

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Requesting Ultra Instinct Akkun/Akkun Blanco smashing in the faces of thots.

Examples of said degenerates: i.imgur.com/eC574Dr.jpg i.imgur.com/yCZt0az.jpg i.imgur.com/uIzpI8G.jpg i.imgur.com/yJqD4YG.jpg

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Requesting Wiz as a singer. Idol, pop group, or metal band.

That is goddamn majestic work drawfriend.

How does he say? Why wide stance?

That's a great Amanda


I grow weary of hearing that all the time.

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>tfw no one on pixiv drew anything of a series you like so it's up to you to draw stuff for that and everyone will have to make do with your below-average work

What's my name?

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Requesting Laila from Gatch Bell wearing a nightgown. Can be lewd or not.

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Requesting the comfiest Kaga.

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requesting lucoa wearing this shirt

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Requesting the laughing whores meme with Raynare and Kalawarner

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Requesting Lucoa squeezing my dick with her tits.

yknow if you say 'requesting a pov of lucoa squeezing a dick between her tits' it might actually get done

Requesting a hairstyle chart of Methode from Beatless. Don't forget the smug.

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Requesting Kokone Kurisu stretching.

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requesting a pov of lucoa squeezing a dick between her tits

Requesting the top image but with Renamon from Digimon.

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Requesting a drakeposting parody with naofumi and raphtalia. Naofumi in place of drake and then raphtalia with her normal attire at the top, and child raphtalia or regular raphtalia wearing shrine maiden clothes in the bottom.
Reference for raphtalia: i.imgur.com/U69SEZN.jpg
Reference for child raphtalia: i.imgur.com/a3ZMRGk.png
Reference for naofumi: i.imgur.com/bCtoFiB.jpg

Like i said, that guy wasn't me. But i'd love to see what can you come up with.

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Requesting Shizuku with a short haircut like she suggests in the panel on the right.

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