Can we all agree that code geass is better then neon genesis evangelion...

can we all agree that code geass is better then neon genesis evangelion? i'm not saying nge is bad but cg seems to do everything so much better.


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>i'm not saying nge is bad
But it is.


>banana is better than melon

Not even better than Death Note.

but bananas are trash

Probably not.

We can agree that Lelouch is better than Shinji though.

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we can agree that code geass is better than everything

Haha, you're delusional

While both are mecha shows, they are trying to do wildly different things.

>can we all agree
You sound like an idiot.

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Shinji would've turned into a greater monster with the geass.
Lulu would've wrecked the angels.


You take that back, you!(You)

There's no we in Sup Forums. But yes.

but seriously tho, code geass isn't talked about as much as it should be, especially compared to nge. plus nge created the cancer we know as reifags and asukafags


>code geass isn't talked about as much as it should be
How new?

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>How new?
circa 2005

> thoughts?
Grow up, little faggot.


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>yfw they bring this back for the final battle 30 episodes later

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nice LARP. lurk for 2 more years before posting

They’re both good in their own way.

You don't need to believe me. I've been here since I was 10 whether anybody wants to accept it or not. I bet it does sound like a larp, it is pretty hard to believe. I bet you're just mad I've been here longer than you

When code geass was airing the entire catalog was flooded with code geass threads. Fuck off we’ve talked about it enough

I personally like everything about code geass better but I'd agree that there are some things the Eva does better and explores certain concepts and themes that CG doesn't explore. Comparing them beyond their more shallow genre defining traits is pretty meaningless.

No but CG is a better CCA

IBO>every other mecha show

by far

Like I said, I'm not saying nge is bad. I really really like it. But after rewatching them back to back, it's very clear to me that nge falls short in some areas where cg does not. Cg accomplished everything that it wanted to do, almost flawlessly. The biggest example being gianax wasted all their money on hookers and blow and completely fucked up the ending.

Well of course they explore different themes, but what I'm saying is that cg did as much as it could for it's ideas and concepts.

Yeah dipshit, but I mean NOW. You still see nge threads regularly but no cg threads. Please stop with eliteism, where on an anonymous anime image board after all.

>CG better then NGE with the giant cluisterfuck that was R2

Get your brain checked boy

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NGE aired when Sup Forums wasn’t around, so we never got to properly discuss it. Code geass had threads where we discussed it, just like every other anime made after 2003, so there’s no need to discuss things that have already been discussed

Tell my exactly why you don't like R2. It was definitely a little less cohesive that the previous season, but not by much. My only gripe with R2 is that Sayako is just randomly a ninja with a long ass nija scarf

>completely fucked up the ending.
The ending is great. Better than Code Geass's.


The Emperor's motivation makes no sense.
The whole "NGE in 1 episode" thing made no sense.
Characters dying offscreen and ZOMG! reappearing got tired and foreeable very quickly.
Lelouch prerecording his answers to minutes-long conversations makes no sense.
The ending makes no sense.

>cg did as much as it could for it's ideas and concepts
Doesn't that statement just describe every show ever made. Also I don't agree. As I said, I like CG better but I think NGE explored the idea of the human collective (NGE's instrumentality project Vs CG's God) in way more depth and with more purpose than CG.

>amnesia/mind wipe
>the entirety or Rolo
>Geass cult garbage
>Betraying Zero because a Brittanian chick told you to do it
>Spinzaku played straight
>lol your mother was a Ghost

I could go on, R2 was a giant turd only redeemed by the last two episodes

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*destroys Code Geass*

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On the contrary my dear user. Discussing an anime long after it's release means that we are able to properly discuss it. If you can't tell, people watch flavors of the month and immediately forget about them for the next flavor. Only the people who truely understood and grasped the the message that was trying to be conveyed are able to talk about it years after it's release. This should weed out the shit posters and yield actual discussion. Honestly I'm surprised I actually have to explain this to someone.
His motivations do make sense, he literally spells it out in the last few episodes he's alive. Maybe two or three characters come back with a 'surprise I'm not actually dead'.

I disagree. I know many people that don't even watch anime that believe that 'god' is the collective conscious of all mankind. CG did not invent this concept, just borrowed it. NGE did portay it's own version of human collective; as far as I know it's original and I most definitely have to give props to that.

lul. other points moot

>can we all agree that code geass is better then neon genesis evangelion?

It depends. Better at what?

I think Eva is far better at trying to super deep and psychological, but Geass is much better as an action adventure.

>The ending is great. Better than Code Geass's.

In terms of Shinji's self-realization and if you're self-inserting into his problems, I can agree.

I will definitely check this out when I get back home, but by judging by the fact that you posted a smug tohru face I can only assume you have yet to actually watch cg

I've watched CG. Smug Tohru is just to make people upset cause, despite not generally liking code geass, I don't hate it and at points even enjoyed it a little.

It’s almost 12 years old user, what left is there to talk about? Even if all the threads while it was airing was shitposting, there’s still been tons of other threads about it after. At this point there’s nothing left to do but shitpost until r3 comes out. We get it, you are too new to have been there for the threads in 2006. You’ll have your time to talk about it when the new season airs

>The Emperor's motivation makes no sense.
It does though. He hates the world an wanted to get rid of lies and there was only a metaphysical solution for that. In the meanwhile, the Emperor was playing the role necessary to accomplish his plans, yet the man still expected to make it all irrelevant with Ragnarok.

>The whole "NGE in 1 episode" thing made no sense.
Technically it was two episodes and the content they covered wasn't exactly decompressed through NGE either. It's mostly dumped in the final two NGE eps.

>Characters dying offscreen and ZOMG! reappearing got tired and foreeable very quickly.
It's happened before in many shows, but I agree that could have been avoided.

>Lelouch prerecording his answers to minutes-long conversations makes no sense.
It makes plenty of sense since he was driven the conversation. Just happens to be very unrealistic.

>The ending makes no sense.
It actually does. A ton of sense, in fact.

>lul. other points moot
Great argument there champ, have a seizure

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>>amnesia/mind wipe
It was overused, but isn't inherently bad.
>>the entirety or Rolo
I can see why you'd find him annoying, but Rolo acts according to his character.
>>Geass cult garbage
That was rather generic and standard stuff. Neither good nor bad for me.
>Betraying Zero because a Brittanian chick told you to do it
That was far from the only factor involved.
>>Spinzaku played straight
Actually, they didn't play him straight.
>>lol your mother was a Ghost
Oh no, this show invented people surviving death in some form. What a shock.
Nothing bad about that.

R2 also had some cools tuff you don't care about but it's pointless to argue since they're retconning it anyway.

This guy is pretty shitty and autistic. Nitpicks everything to the point of excess, misses the forest for the trees, and fails to understand any of the characters.

He only "destroys" Code Geass if you're a weak-minded moron or someone who already hates it.

Then what's the point of your posting a link to a fool who doesn't get the show at all? Trolling? The guy is too pathetic to argue with anyone about Geass and just caters to his own followers.

>Actually, they didn't play him straight.
The played it straight, he was running up walls kicking automate gun turrets and breaking spears with his kicks.

What is he missing then? In what way did he not understand the show?

>It actually does. A ton of sense, in fact.
Explain how it makes sense. "If they all hate my corpse, they won't fight each other." It has so little ground to stand on, there's nothing I could even attack.

yes, and NGE is worse than everything

Fair enough

>what is left to talk about
Again, like I said. You see a disproportionate amount of nge threads compared to cge threads and I think this is not right. I do admit I was too afraid to post back then, and I only started watching cg when it ran on adult swim (I think that was 2 years after the Japanese airing). The reason why I wanted to start this thread was to rekindle the ashes before r3 comes out. I don't think r3 is going to be anywhere near as good as the OG show.

I can't rip apart your argument because you were pretty vauge. If you explain a little bit further I'd be happy to explain why your argument is garbage.

Regardless I will watch this guy's rant about why he doesn't like code geass. Not untill I get home, but I'm open to his opinions and explenations, but I can't rebuttal his possible bullshit until after I've heard his argument.

>I've been here since I was 10
well congrats on turning 11

Here is a list of book written about NGE and it's cultural impact on the industry and Japan

Feel free to present a list of books written about CG, I'll wait.

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Get over yourself. Unless you want to meet me IRL and settle this like real men. Otherwise, keeping hiding behind your screen Mr internet tough guy.

If I write and have published more books about cg than you have presented to me you will change your mind?

>NGE did portay it's own version of human collective; as far as I know it's original and I most definitely have to give props to that.

Why am I not surprised that the CG fagboy hasn't watched an anime that aired before 2000.

You need to lurk more, a lot more.

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>If I write and have published more books about cg than you have presented to me you will change your mind?

It will. Best get to it then you got some catching up to do.

I have tho. How can you assume my entire anime veiwing history based off of a single statement that literally doesn't even hint as to what I have and haven't watched? And if it isn't original that only further strengthens my own argument. I've seen a handful of pre 2000's anime, granted it's not as much as post 2000, but I'd say it's more than the average viewer. Hajime no ippo and astroboy come to mind.

So if you agree with my rebuttal than it only delegitamises your argument. You really aren't this dumb are you?

No. Geass is good but not nearly as good as NGE.

>The played it straight, he was running up walls kicking automate gun turrets and breaking spears with his kicks. seem to be grossly unaware that the staff mentions in numerous places that they found Suzaku's spinkicks, etc. to be amusing. They know that's not possible nor very grounded in reality.

>can we all agree
>Sup Forums
>Sup Forums

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I am not going to spend this entire thread and probably 10 other threads explaining to you the cultural significant and qualities of NGE. Suffice to say anime as it is today is knows as "the post NGE era", Akihabara is Akihabara because of NGE and here is a picture of Shinzo Abe at a Japanese culture exhibit in Paris

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Doesn't understand Lelouch (his biggest sin)
Doesn't understand Suzaku (more understandable, since a lot of people don't.
Doesn't understand that the show is not attempting to provide a realistic, plausible narrative that will hold up to scientific principles or the laws of physics

What does a plausible narrative have to do with the laws of physics

>Explain how it makes sense. "If they all hate my corpse, they won't fight each other." It has so little ground to stand on, there's nothing I could even attack.

More like you're not even getting it. To spell it out for you, scapegoats have been very useful before, during and after real human conflicts. Hitler was one. Napoleon was another. The fact that people joined up against them allowed for periods of relative yet significant peace after their defeat.

I used these words specifically to entice the people who disagree to feel compelled to respond.

Did I ever disagree that nge didn't have cultural significance? The Bible has the most cultural influence than any other written text but that doesn't mean it's the greast peiece of literature even written.

I'm rewatching it now and it's better than I remember.

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If you're not capable of seeing the flaws, fallacies and omissions in his arguments, then you're either too easily convinced or no better than him.

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>can we all agree that code geass is better then neon genesis evangelion?
>i'm not saying nge is bad
you should be, because its garbage

That the fact is this guy complains about both aspects. Despite the show repeatedly making it clear that events will not follow the strict rules of plausibility nor necessarily respect the laws of physics, he keeps hammering against every single situation. It's like the show is screaming its intentions at him but he doesn't listen.

>something that creates a paradigm shift in a culture isn't well written

Yeah ok. I think we are done here

That is exactly why I made this thread. I last watched this show when it aired on adult swim and I was like 12 or 13.

Who's argument, I replied to 4 different people.

>strict rules of plausibility
The fuck are "strict rules of plausibility" are you talking about statistical averages?

Nigger I'm not going to say it again. Read nigger read. I liked nge a lot. I am not saying it's bad at all, did you even read the op

>I was like 12 or 13.
Holy christ you were just a baby while I was posting on Sup Forums.

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To use an example, from memory: this guy thinks it's implausible that someone like Suzaku could exist. Not only is that irrelevant in the sense that anime is full of characters with exaggerated abilities, he also doesn't realize that Suzaku being a stubborn Britannian collaborator is a direct consequence of his traumatic past and not a decision made by an entirely rational or healthy person in isolation.

Yet you think CG is better then NGE based on your opinion while I present evidence of NGE being a better work if you take it's cultural impact into consideration.

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Not him, but it's true NGE has more cultural impact. That's undeniable. Having said that, if you don't sympathize with can be hard to actually appreciate the series.

But based on your argument the Bible must be better than nge.

You don't have to sympathise with a character to appreciate how well written he is.

I don't sympathise with somebody like Friend, Griffith or Johan but I can appreciate how well written they are

Death Note is the only anime a non-virgin would enjoy.

The Bible is better then NGE. Hell NGE takes 90% of it's mythology from the Gnostic text.

And yes the Bibble and other holy books are arguably the greatest written books in human history.

>The Cold War didn't escalate, because Hitler was a scapegoat - not because of war fatigue and MAD.
small brain.jpg

If you really want a simple to understand comparison as to why NGE is better then CG just ask yourself what is the explanation for the existence of Knightmares and why not just use planes instead.

Then ask yourself why the Evangelion units exists and why they are used instead (more like in combination with) planes.

One explanation actually has thought put into it and naturally emerges from the plot, the other is "because it's cool"

Hitler being the common foe of the Soviets and Allies allowed them to agree on certain terms and rules during the early Cold War. It definitely contributed, even before the Soviets had their nukes. War fatigue is also present in the CG universe, by the way.

You could theoretical have a show about people piloting planes with the souls of their dead moms. It wouldn't be too crazy for anime. There's nothing "natural" about that concept involving giant robots or beasts.

You can compare them since they are completely different kind of shows the only thing they have in common is that they have mechs and even there Eva's ones aren't mech but biological giant monsters fitted with armor that makes them look like mechs.

It's like comparing a submarine with a sports car, what are you gonna compare?

Of course that would be the response of somebody who doesn't know about Adam Kadomon and the Gnostic texts.

But that's what makes NGE good, just how interwoven the symbolism and mythology are with the actual plot.

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yes. Also, nge is bad

Except that it doesn't the Christian mythology for anything really. They put it in for looks.

*doesn't use

It uses it to explain the human psyche the same way Jung did in his works.

But you actually need to read Jung first to make the connections

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aircraft are only good for destruction and fighting other aircraft. Britannia didn't want to completely destroy the countries they conquer, they wanted to take over and assimilate them. knightmares, in addition to being killing machines, can go anywhere and create an on the ground presence that acts as a deterrent

i don't think that's true because dbf exists