ITT: funny light hearted comedies

ITT: funny light hearted comedies

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Is punpun actually good or just depression-bait for teenagers

I want to know too.

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It’s for normalfags

its both

teenager have bigger chances of enjoying punpun and call it a masterpiece. adults, while finding punpun story interesting and well structured, will never cry, call it amsterpiece, or any of that shit, but will find punpun´s mom and uncles story more interesting.

normalfags (punpun) >>>>>>>>>>> nhk (autists)

This. And if we're talking depressing there's far worse than Punpun

Agreed. It's my favorite manga not because it has an amazing story, but because I related to Punpun a lot when I was a teenager. It's paradoxical to try to tell a compelling plot when the mc isn't a proactive protagonist but rather an uninspiring self-pitying loser, which Punpun doesn't try to do. Instead it keeps with nihilistic malaise while throwing the occasional dark humor, some really weird twists, and gut wrecking moments. The artist can draw really well so it has some the best atmosphere scene I've ever seen which tugs the whole "hey shit sucks but look up, life still has some beautiful shit too" string pretty hard.
It's not a manga where the mc gets better but really for the sods who feels less alone after reading it. So yeah it's definitely a depression bait. But I like it that way.

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Speak for yourself dickhead.

/r9k/ please

Yeah, kinda points out both the futility and the wonder of life. Though, through hating Punpun I found it's mostly myself I hate. Good stuff.

My name on League was Punpun and some autist added me and started sperging out about personal shit so now I don't like Punpun that much.

Thank god I was permabanned, though, that faggot was unbearable.

You're not a normalfag if this place has warped your mind is some way.
I used to find loli and mommy fetish stuff weird.

What the fuck happened with Pegasus and the kid who saw the poop god.

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Honestly, depression-bait. For me, problem is not that Punpun isn't trying to improve, it's that he doesn't have much to be sad about. At least for a good chunk of the story. He sure as hell had an amazing school life compared to mine.

Picture unrelated I assume?

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Can you have a good life and still be depressed?

Sure, people call them bitches.