Baki Dou 197 translation


>Chapter 197: Going Forward

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There's going to be a special edition re-release of the *entire second series* of Baki! They plan to package it into 18 volumes - the original run was 31 volumes. The first two volumes will be made available on April 6th.
There are 3 special things for the re-release. Itagaki's drawing a new "episode", apparently; don't know what that means. He's drawing new covers for the volumes. And, those who purchase all of the volumes as a package will receive a special storage box "present" for the volumes.
Dou volume 21 is out on April 6th, as well.

But, dear friends, this is not why I say that this is an important one.

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>Baki: "Sukune"...?
>B: You don't mean...
>B: Nomino Sukune??
>Tokugawa: Oh?

TN: Baki writes it like that; not a typo.

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Can you pass me your source user-san?

>T: You know of him?
>T: Of the origins of sumo?
>B: That bare-handed fighting contest.
>B: Japan's oldest official match.

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>B: He was the winner.
>T: Heh-heh... In a word,
>T: *That*...
>T: Nomi no Sukune.

Which manga do you want

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>B: Old man.
>T: Hm...?
>B: Is this about a clone?
>T: This was, originally, coal.

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I want the source of this chapter. Everyweek you have it really faster before the release of usual pages

>B: It was...?
>T: Ordinary coal; the kind you'd find anywhere.
>T: Sukune, with his unparalleled beast strength, grabbed hold of it, and...
>B: Made it into a diamond?
>T: Yeah.

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>B: Yeah, no.
>B: Not possible.
>T: And he clutched it with a hand big enough to hide a chunk of coal the size of an apple...週刊少年チャンピオン2018年18号/

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>T: And left on its dark surface...
>T: Unquestionable shimmers.
>T: It was partial, but his unparalleled grip strength had transformed a stone into a diamond!

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Thank you user-san

>B: "Partial"...?
>B: This is all diamond.
>T: The second Sukune...
>T: Completed the job of making these 200 grams into 1,000 carats.

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>B: The second...
>T: From the birth of the first, about 2,000 years have passed.
>T: In full, 272 generations of ancestors have been born.
>T: Each and every "Sukune" gripped this coal,

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>T: But it remained unchanged.
>T: This should go without saying, but...
>T: The diamond-ification went no further.
>T: The sprout that emerged in antiquity...
>T: With time, grew into a young tree...

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>even Baki quickly asks if they are going to clone Sukune

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Sukune new Musashi(?)
>Baki The Clone

>T: Through maturing, it grew to become a grand tree that pushed back its environs,
>T: And, ultimately, came into being a territory called a "sacred tree".
>T: It seemed that, in such time, the pace had slowed.

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drawing realistically shaped noses was a mistake

>T: A certain young man...
>T: Has undergone a spectacular maturation.

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>T: On the day of the ceremony...
>T: A 2 meter colossus leapt forth,

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>That Tokugawa's second expression
Come on you psycho, Baki's in the right here.

shut up

>T: And set foot towards the altar.

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>T: After clasping his hands in prayer for some time,
>T: He brought forth his hand towards the enshrined goshintai[?].

TN: That question mark is in there. I have absolutely no clue how to translate "goshintai" here without it sounding totally out of place (especially given the question mark), so just read the Wikipedia article.

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>Narrator: Monk, Koike Saimei (age 26)
>Saimei: Haha...
>S: It was quite a wonder.
>S: It was like this;
>S: The size of a great apple, perhaps.
>S: It was hidden as if it were a sponge!

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>T: Coal is fragile, and easy to break.
>T: With his extremely tremendous grip strength,
>T: He closed down his fist...

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Hanayama vs this guy

>T: And closed it...
>T: And closed it...
>T: Purely closing it down...
>T: Thus,

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>T: He transformed coal...
>T: Into the hardest material on the Earth.
>B: Mm...

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>T: The second Nomi no Sukune...
>T: Has been born here.

End chapter.

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The axe drops. Damocles cuts the string. Stanislav Petrov changes his mind.

The series "Baki Dou" will end with its next chapter, and with its end is to come a 'huge announcement'.

Itagaki Keisuke's remark: "The pursuit of strength has no end. Have the signs of a new life already begun...!?"

He's clearly not planning to give up on creating Baki.

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Itagaki sez:

>"Last year's autumn downpour means that there'll be a lot less pollen"!? Who was it that said that!?

Inscrutable as always.

End transmission.

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So, Musashi is dead?

He got his soul removed.

But the scientist said he was alive

He is neither alive or dead, by Tokugawa's assessment. Did you not even read the memorial chapter?

>reusing the grip strength thing
Pathetic, I just want more demon bloodlines introduced.

This is close enough.

So Baki Dou ends and then starts Baki , well, as long as there's more Baki I'm fine regadless of the series subtitle.

Will there be a hiatus?

The point is that, maybe, we won't have to deal with pointless one-sided fights anymore. Characters other than Musashi can matter, and seem like they are strong again.

Doesn't say. It'll tell us next week, for sure. I hope that he takes a hiatus if he doesn't have a plan, though. Last thing we need (and last thing I want to translate) is more WHOA SO THIS IS THE POWER OF HISTORY

There was about 1.5 years bbetween Son of Ogre and Dou, so I expect to have a break yeah.

I'm sure of it pic related

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Meh, if you buy into the Musashi worship (like we'd be expected to) it's a testament of their might how people like Retsu, Pickle and Hanayama managed to surprise him and/or gain his respect. But yeah I don't like that either that much.

I'd like for him to explore the history of the Hanma line more in depth, maybe being Baki himself travelling to the past and fighting the original hanma in egypt or some other fun bullshit.

But when Son of Ogre ended he had claimed that was it, didn't he?

What happened to translations of chapters 138 to 168?

How old is Itagaki?

Return to mangadex, peon
I've not yet use for your kind

I don't recall if he made any announcement or not.

I think he is in his late 40's.

What the fuck are you one about? I use Makokami and they're not there.

60. Meaning that he's older than Miura.

I'd rather have Itagaki continue Garouden desu, working with a scenarist really brings out the best of Itagaki I personally think. Baki Dou wasn't really worth it overall.

Were you as devout to the faith as are the others here, you would know.

He's that fucking old? Fucking japanese people, I swear...

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I have had lots of fun with Dou, and I loved his exploration of Musashi.

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I just want the side characters to have good fights again (。-人-。)

>A single arc series

I agree, I loved Dou and this version of Musashi. Granted it's the worst serie for all the reasons we know, Motobe's wild ride made it worth it alone.

Musashi > any of the assassins > Pickle


We all do, dear friend. We all do. Jack and Katsumi, Doppo and Kaku. The most charismatic characters need to be front and center, not narrative mouthpieces.

Though, more than anything, I think, I would love a Shibukawa gaiden. Doppo and Hanayama have had their turn. Now, it's his.

hahah that user betting on "ancient sumo mole men" wasn't that far off

feels cheap that this guy came out from nowhere but he must have been indeed secluded from the world to achieve that level

Level your skills you nerd

Oliva should totally fight this new Sumo guy.

Why the fuck is Itagaki introducing a new character the chapter before ending this series?

Nice, I love le funny caveman of being strong because he's old

Because he doesn't want them to force him to stop making Baki. This way, the execs have a harder time proving to one another that there's no more blood to be squeezed from the stone.

Sequel hook

Anons, when does the new baki anime air?

I never really followed any Baki thread, why is Dou so hated? I liked the Musashi aura, even if it was kinda dragged too long.

It's pretty sad how these historical warriors died some pretty good deaths only to get revived and then their blood and flesh body imprisoned in a coffin of ice, forever.

They don't even get to choose how they die because some ugly ass grandma is somehow going to take away their soul back by force with a speed faster than even Ogre and Baki is capable off.

next season
too much musashiwank with no satisfying resolution

More like Purgatory.

My biggest doubt was how the fuck could Motobe weight 60kg.

Ogre should have sniffed this guy out a long time ago.

This guy is a sumo wrestler and sumo matches get aired live so this guy should have already seen the Ogre vs Baki Father Son Fight already.

Musashi should never have happened.

They should have revived Ogre's father instead.

At least that had buildup and foreshadowing seeing that Ogre's father's ghost or spirit appeared in the father son fight and Ogre literally told the guy to fuck off while the hairs on Ogre's head all stood up.

He already had that WW2 flashback arc as well.

This could have been a chance for Baki's grandmother and Ogre's mother who is currently a Buddhist monk to come back in the story as well.

Isn't he shorter than Baki? He must be like 5'4.

Still doesn't match. I know 160cm manlets with skinnier built than that who weight 70kg.

With how much MOOSCLES all the characters have, no one should weigh just 60kg ever.


just the hands should be at least 10kg each for the smallest character

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>The series "Baki Dou" will end with its next chapter
What the fuck?

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I agree, let's get back to fresh retarded fun characters. Baki doesn't work if you are supposed to have reverence for the characters. Pickle worked because he was basically a non mute non character wich gave the characters a chance to look inward. Wich is interesting.

And it was enough for revival characters. Musashi was a mistake.

Actually, Gouki best Baki

Im still mad we lost fucking retsu for this shit.

So was this egyptian bullshit but he forgot about it so who fucking knows.

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I feel retarded for asking but:

Since Baki has been running for all these years and has had about 3 anime with a new one about to drop, the author basically can't get canceled right? It has to be that it's stopping by his own will?

Musashi was interesting and a good character
Change my mind

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Thanks for translating as always, OP.

I feel like he wanted to explore the character of Musashi in his own way, he did, and he's closing chapter.

I expect him to start a new Baki series with a different premise and go crazy again there on whatever he wants to tell next.

Or maybe at hist 60 years and after nearly 30 years of non stop manga drawing he wants to retire, who the fuck knows.

He was fine but the "filler" that came out of the musashi circle jerk was too much. The series needed another arc to not feel that tedious.

Pickle's series had : Jail/Oliva arc- Pickle fighting tour- Baki VS Yuujiro

Musashi's series had : Musashi fighting tour.

It needed more, no other series had just one focused arc.

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I mean it's not a big deal if you treat it as its own self contained thing.
In my opinion Baki vs Yuujiro was so good it retroactively reduced everything before it to padding, especially considering Itagaki kept building it up and then blueballing you by bringing up something else

I like how Musashi never cared about deep meaning behind fighting and confused the other characters when he just said he wants to be more famous. Also the rise of Memetobe. Those are the only positive things I will remember from this arc.

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>>Or maybe at hist 60 years and after nearly 30 years of non stop manga drawing he wants to retire, who the fuck knows.

Finishing here would've been more than adequate, Dou was a mistake.

Honestly Dou should've been a separate manga if he wanted to explore Musashi himself. It felt out of place in baki, something wich you'd think would be impossible.

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>Also the rise of Memetobe
It's really weird because i agree that i loved it but i truly wonder that if i had read it just the manga by itself without all the absurdist fun contextualizing it and building up to it, would i have liked it?

I think so, the fight scenes are just too good

Don't take things so seriously, it's always thematic ending this, appropriate feel that, just enjoy the ride.
Kind of like how Musashi just wanted to do it for the fame.
Even if Itagaki actually made a strongest ayy lmaos arc I'd eat that shit, we got our satisfying conclusion in Hanma Baki, everything else is just having fun with the characters.

Kind of weird to end it on purpose just as the anime is about to release. But i guess after all these time he must be rich already so a sale boost might not be that much of an incentive to him.