Hunter x Hunter

8 hours to spoilers. Be prepared for the worst.

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Don't die until you're dead.
Don't accept hiatus until you see the notice.

reminder that Killua Zoldyck is a disgusting KEKOLD

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>Tserriednich: Do you think it was a good idea for El Barca to buy that new player for 1 million dollars? I get that it will be a great publicity stunt, but they don't really need somebody else in the middle field. If anything, they need a better defense.
>Tserriednich: were not so different you and i


wait why did it censor cuckold

All uppercase cuck filters to kek.

>Do you think it was a good idea for El Barca to buy that new player for 1 million dollars?
Fucking bargain price

O My Clown when?

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>Togashi´s house didn´t burn
wasted potential

Wake me up when the spoilers are out.

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The best bodyguard shall save us from hiatus

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So what's really up with this guy? He's received an unusually large amount of focus.
I know it's an overused theory, but if any guard is Hisoka in disguise it's probably him. The "over 190cm" thing is a clue given to the readers, not something that will actually help the spiders and mafia find him.


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>only been following the series for 2 years
>pretend to be some hardened hiatus master

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even that guy on the left is surprised


>How to kill togashi in just one panel
Wouldn’t be shocked if his death by fan girl came the next day in the news

Post yfw Nasubi wins the succession war

congratulations on getting some puss killua

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when did this happen??

1st movie

>Girl had penis

so its not canon, good

Greed Island

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Pitou is a good girl that deserves to be tenderly petted.

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It's GI morons when they were fulfilling quests

How does a Transmuter train without delving into Conjuration?
In both learning and function the categories seem pretty similar. It's easy to see Hisoka being so familiar with the properties of rubber and gum that he accidentally conjures the chewing gum it's based on.

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>fulfilling requests
so its not canon, good


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there was a lot of gay shota stuff in this arc.

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either it's him or togashi is just fuckin with us a little to keep us busy during hiatus.

>not actually shown holding his hand
so its not canon, good

w-was he referring to his dick or what?

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Don't forget all of the CA preview's voiced by the seiyuu's. 2011 upped the gay big time.

Even a two year fan survived a year old hiatus

Togashi do it again.

Indeed. Fear, envy or both?

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>tfw I haven't even been a fan for a full year and am about to experience my first hiatus
what am I in for, boys?

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stop my family is in the room

Is Goreinu jealous or is he getting weird sexual feelings he thought he only had for women?

Hisoka has the best Nen abilities


This was great. Killua's serious thoughts crack me up.

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Nothing,unless togashi put massive cliffhanger
>pika found tse
>Hisoka start killer.
>Dead of Prince

post more stuff like this

>watching chimera and arc with my brother
>literally right after dragon ascend hit Komui
>still in denial about the king becoming a fucking wuss
Can't wait until we reach the end of the arc

Sure, these threads are going slow now anyway

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>avoid massive spoilers


White hot rage at some point because you realize that Togashi's far too much of a mediocre artist to feel as if he needs to draw/ink the characters himself.

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Lady Camilla:
Bennnnnnnny boyyyyyyyyy

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who wants to do camilla roleplay with me

What would Cummys pokemon team be?



What would have happened if Ging wasn't NIGG and Accompany actually took Gon and Killua to him?

What the fuck this is so stupidly well animated, legit, but I also completely despise the artstyle. Is it rotoscoped or something? there's something off about it. Who did this?


Can't wait till the anime animates this arc and we get character themes for different characters.

Really dying To see cammys ost

okay I'll start
Cammy: *is sitting on her lavender scented bed* Cammy is bored!!!! Benny won't play with me, and Musse is nowhere to be found! *starts throwing pillows everywhere, cammy is not happy*

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Do not forget her

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DAE miss Zoldycks? Chrollo vs Zeno and Silva was one of my favorite fights, even though it was pretty short.

If we ever get to the DC I hope Togashi will work them in somehow.

It was programmed so the single target one would work, but the multi person one wouldn't

>proceeds to become a fucking Joestar and nearly dies because of it

What arcs do you think we'll get after the DC, assuming it finishes before Togashi's death? I think one last zoldyck arc and then a finale arc in meteor city

*kurapika walks in nervously*
Kurapika: h-hello your majesty. p-pardon my intrusion but I couldn't stand the stench of that washed up whore. So I had to escape, for I know now who I must protect

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Don't do ANYTHING to Feitan.

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>tfw the few morenafags finally died out

Feels good man

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Shizuku, Machi, Chrollo, and Nobunaga will die on the boat, as will Hisoka.

The rest will try to continue on as the troupe under the leadership of Feitan

Yes, so I asked what would happen if Ging wasn't a pussy and the card actually worked the way it was supposed to.

Pitou is cute!

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togashis power chart is weird as fuck, either the phantom troupe is incredibly overrated or the hunters underrated.

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We still need that Gyro plot thread to become relevant, so that.

Cammy: *crosses her arms so her breasts get squeezed together, exposing her cleavage* you thought rightfully so!! Cammy is the best after all. Would you like to see my pussy? *accidentally brushes fingers against kurapikas nipples*

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Biscuit one of the strongest chars in the manga confirmed.

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Gyro will be in meteor city

I'm pretty sure that chart isn't official (or at least Togashi endorsed) though. It's from the databook right?

they would all be ditto so they could transform into cummy and have selfcest fun with her

You sound retarded. Please kys.

yeah from the databook, isn't that from togashi?

Togashi didn't write the databook. How many times does it need to be said?

*kurapika blushes nervously while the bulge in his pants slowly gets bigger*

w-what m-my lady?? I am n-not worthy of a s-such an honor. But should I be allowed, I will gladly accept

*Kurapikas eyes glisten with newfound hope*

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>Kaito 23
>Killua/Gon 23

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I completely forgot what the movie girl looked like desu

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