ITT: Best girls of Winter season

Starting with the most obvious one.

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>Sup Forums melting down thanks to based Kokoro
you aren't wrong user

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True best girl right here.

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her betrayal will be worse than Kokoro

Literally worst girl.

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Stay fat.

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>12 more weeks of Franxx shitposting
I feel bad for enjoying this so much.

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go be fat somewhere else

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You already posted her.

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>starts off with the worst and most shitposted girl of the season
7/10 epic.

It's of course fujiko-chan :3

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You mean best and most appreciated girl of the season. Also OTP of the season.

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Miles ahead of any other

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She’s not even best girl of her own series
The correct answer

Ginkotards need not apply

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Kokoro is heart

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This infection must be contained.


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>what if we made Goku a cute girl but secretly smart

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Best camper.

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The actual non-ironic best girl of the season.

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There we go. Hinata is the best.
But all the girls are alright.


Blue and Red were the best. Ginkoshit was the worst indeed.

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Yes the best from the irrelevant ones

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best girls in their respective anime (if there is any)

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>best girl of the season

>a NTR slut

Explain this to me

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>tfw crossboarders spam her
You really are making me prefer the fatass over this girl and I didn't even watch the show.

Good taste.
Nevermind. Shitko is shit.

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Can you explain what you think NTR means to you?

02 is better.


You dare call the President irrelevant?

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Well her club pretty much sucked before the best girl arrived.... Rember how she didn't even want her in the club in the first place?

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>doesn't even love Hiro
>doesn't even care if he dies

>pic not related

>Ganbatte Momon-sama
when will you plebs learn?

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>friendless thots revealing themselves

Lose weight.


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Better than someone who calmly lie to your face and then backstab you

What awful taste

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>wants to be together until they die
While not necessarily the most romantic way of putting things, it's still a level of loyalty that far exceeds the slut in OP's pic.

>implying 02 won't backstab Hiro
Also Kokoro didn't backstab anybody, she made a personal choice because Fatoshi is creepy as fuck.

If someone says my child-marriage certificate is invalid because I can't make a 4 YO sign a legal contract then I am being NTRed.

>NTR oathbreaker whore
>best anything

>Rember how she didn't even want her in the club in the first place?
She knows pleb taste when she sees it.

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She probably shouldn't have made a promise and then break it 2 minutes later then.

Impeccable taste.

Thats a legit NTR you smartass faggot, take your (((clever))) debates to reddit.

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Switch Kokoro for 02 and you'll have my vote.

>doesn't even love Hiro
They just met. What she expresses is the closest thing to love that she can express while still being sincere (that is to say, a deep, immediate, CUNT-WRACKING thirst).
>doesn't even care if he dies
Not true. She was genuinely saddened by the idea of being separated from him. He's pretty much her last chance to find a lasting relationship, just as she is his. If he died, that'd be an even more hopeless situation than her being sent back to the front lines.
She was intentionally conveying what she thought in a way that would piss Ichigo off, because she was offended by the competing female trying to split them up. "If he dies, that would just mean that he didn't amount to much."
She's clearly sure that there's something to Hiro, so she was sure that he wouldn't die. It's an implication. "If a, then b. Not b, therefore not a."

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Stay fat.

> then I am being NTRed

In essence, no.

>generic hyperactive semen demon otaku bait

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This. Best girl and loli of the season

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dumb dianaposter

>until they die
I got the impression that she is planning for both of them to die pretty soon. And they are stuck with each other until then.

It is not. NTR requires reciprocated love. Here, the only one loving anything is the fatass. Non-reciprocated love does not make it NTR.

>promises to futoshi
>dumps him for someone else a minute later without giving a shit
>>didn't backstab anybody

When did Sup Forums become this shitty Sup Forums ripoff?

>constantly repeating the same shitty opinions that stir up controversy
>never actually discuss anything but instead spam memes and project the whole time
>clickbait thread every 5 fucking minutes

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Based milkgirlposter

You could label it as her lying, but then she gets red eyed seconds later. So is she really? I don't think so.

Right now, 02 looks like waifu bait but then I think A1/Trigger has something planned with her inevitable downfall. Especially since this anime is trying to be like Evangelion.

Yeah, I don't know about soon though. 02 is still under the notion that all parasites will die eventually.

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So she was supposed to say no and have the same result? She was just trying to be nice.

>Especially since this anime is trying to be like Evangelion.
Opinion discarded.

I desire someone. If that someone is okay with it or not is not relevant.

Don't conflate unrequited love with actual cuckolding. It's not the same thing by a long stretch.

She wasn't lying. She was telling a half truth, and went red eyed, all because she wanted Ichigo to stay out of it and stay away from "her" man.
>Especially since this anime is trying to be like Evangelion.
Closer to FLCL than anything, desu. Not sure where you got that from.

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If you go to the end in these kind of discussion it will end up in "women have no say on the matter".

>Nobody posted actual best girl of this season

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I'm not sure where that sentiment comes from, but i don't agree.

Trigger is made by former Gaianx employees. Asuka's codename was "02", Kokoro preferring alpha male is obvious a reference to Asuka preferring Kaji, there is a Franxx that has the same color scheme as Unit 01, the Geezers are a reference to SEELE, reference to pilots syncing and pilots screen looks exactly like the Eva's.

>nothing but worst girls itt
Posting TRUE best girl

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>Especially since this anime is trying to be like Evangelion.
>Closer to FLCL than anything, desu. Not sure where you got that from.

Third user here.

Since the story is an allegory for coming of age, a comparison to Kill la Kill is more appropriate.

It's funny.
The second hurts more, but the first sticks around and drives you up the wall longer. It's easier to get past her not being what you thought she was, rather than her being exactly what you think she is and quite out of your reach. Caveman instinct screams to do whatever it takes to win her over, up to and including going full mongol and running off with her slung over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Why'd God make men so fucked up?

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>worst girl
Your pic related

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Are you guys even trying?

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FLCL main theme is coming of age. NGE also have a bit of it.

I kinda wanted her to be the one to calm Futoshi down.

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>Cute, sweet, adorable
How could I not love my waifu 2.0

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I want to raise Hana-chan with Shion-san!

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>Why'd God make men so fucked up
Men are crafted in God's own image, so i'd imagine God to be very much like us in a way.

Kinomoto Sakura came back. So it's not really a contest. Even when her new show is weak, she's still the best girl in any season she appears in.

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a cute

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No wonder