Rewatched the original series

>rewatched the original series
>rewatched EoE
>rewatched 1.11 and 2.22
>read everything i could on evageeks
>rewatch 3.33
>it still makes no sense

I mean, i was able to follow the story but the big picture still makes no sense. Did i get conned into watching bland fanservice waifushit disguised as deep lore? If 3+1 raises even more questions im killing myself

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3.33 is shit. Welcome to how the rest of us felt.

>Did I get conned into watching bland fanservice waifushit disguised as deep lore?
Yes, you got conned into watching the Rebuilds.

Thats Evangelion Mark.04, Its implied that for whatever reason the Mark models can be mass produced as Mark.06 is seen already in mass production in the neo-nerv HQ.

>Watching and rewatching the rebuilds
I guess I'm a casual.

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The only thing you fail to understand is that 3 focuses on Shinji and his character arc instead of all the bullshit surrounding him. Ultimately it doesn't matter.

tl;dr Shinji got blamed for near-third-impact, a lot of people died, most of NERV defected and formed WILLE, SEELE still has the resources to bully WILLE, and SEELE needs Unit01 to generate power.

greentext version of all the rebuilds:
>shinji get in the robot
>no i don't want to
>shinji get in the robot we're dying help
>ok fine but i'm gonna fuck everything up
>maybe we should get someone besides shinji to get into the robot
>ok how about these other nerds
>fuck they all died or became incapacitated
>shinji if you don't want to get into the robot thats fine but we're all gonna die, oh look is dead and you choked asuka out haha woops
>well now i want to get in the robot, but i'm gonna fuck shit up even harder
>thanks shinji we are saved
>wait no
>goddamnit shinji
>fuck this asshole he and his dad fucked everything up
>ok but we still need the robot for power because we don't have anything else because shinji got in the robot
>ok we got the robot back but shinji also came back
>hey i can get in the robot again
>no fuck off shinji, don't get in the robot
>why not
>fuck off shinji
>hey shinji we're going to take you back to a place where you can get in the robot
>shinji get in the robot, also here's a new friend for you
>fuck yes
>hey shinji maybe we shouldn't have gotten into the robot
>fuck you kaworu we're in the robot now. buckle up because every time i get in, i fuck. shit. up.
>shinji things are fucked stop
>stop the robot shinji
>haha fuck you remember when you told me to get in?
>ok now everything super fucked again because shinji got into the robot
>i'm sad because i got into the robot and my new friend died instead of me

They could mass produce Eva models in EoE as well.

'Mass Produced' just implied they were automatic and there was only 8 of them, right?
That being said, the quality of them was about as high as the other EVA units.

There were only 8 but they were made in a much shorter timeframe compared to the previous models.

Don't forget:
>Misato at the end of 2.22 when Shinji is doing the Impact: "Do it Shinji!"
>Misato in 3.33 when talking to Shinji: "Fuck you this is all your fault"

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Is it wrong that I dislike the Rebuild EVAs but absolutely love the MP EVAs?
Their Design is so fucking good an unsettling.

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They had S2 engines too so they could regenerate.
Talk about a shorter time frame and far more ambitious.

They also had Lance of Longinus replicas that worked the same way.

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Yeah but this time they´re mass producing specific models in batches, so Mark 04 has three variants at least, and Mark 06 has been shown in astonishing numbers of production. Considering how the Mark 04 operate on active cores its a given that they have S2 functionality.

No, the MP EVA's design fullfill their purpose perfectly and doesn't have the same air of merchandising as the Rebuilds ones.

I feel like my mind either thought it unimportant or just forgot, but what happened to Unit 02 in the rebuilds?
Is that the one Asuka is still piloting in 3.33?

Is it wrong I'd rather buy NGE and EoE merchandise instead of Rebuild shit?
I'd buy the fuck out of an MP Eva model.

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>they´re mass producing specific models in batches
That is how mass production usually works. And the ones in EoE are all basicly the same model, even if they have different numbers from eachother.

No?, all Units can be equipped with Dummy plugs,Mass produced model just implied that they shared a base model fit to produce in greater numbers, like in a car. They were 9 and Its implied both in the movie and in the manga that SEELE wanted 12 or 13 units. One for each member of SEELE presumably.

00 - Prototype model
01 - Test Type model
02 - Production Model
03 - Production Model
04 - S2 experiment Model
05-13 - Mass Production Model

Thats why im saying that theyre mass producing different models in Rebuild, as theyre doing Mark 04 and Mark 06 in great numbers and with different specifications.

>One for each memeber of seele
wouldn't that be difficult since it apparently requires a link to the EVA's soul? Or was that something specifically they wanted to get around?

ITs been implied on secondary materials and by a former translator in the production team that the complementation plan was just a pretext to tame Lilith´s soul so that when executing the plan the "elite"´s souls would be guided to the evas´s cores, thus culminating all the trial and error of the E project: Imbuing the body of a god(with the fruit of life=S2=capable of genrating strong A.T) with the soul of a man(with the fruit of knowledge, the mind of the man), once you have the Dummy plug and a perfect core with S2 functionality, you dont need pilots anymore. With htis proccess, man would be "complemented" or "completed" with the one piece that hindered its evolution.

This was all sort of thrown out in the movie itself, but it seems that they´re rescuing some of this for the new movies

That's interesting.
What actually happened to Seee in 3.33? Again its been a fucking while.

>Did i get conned into watching bland fanservice waifushit disguised as deep lore?
Well yes, that's why 3.0 broke Sup Forums. Although tha's all Eva has always been, so in a way 3.0 was a deconstruction of Evangelion.

If you kill yourself, stream it.
Don't kill yourself, user.

Why is Eva so sad bros?

Because the characters have actual problems.

>waaah why don’t girls like me?? I’m so sad lol
>waaah I’m alone but every time someone gets close to me I push them away
>waaah I don’t have a personality but refuse to do anything to develop one
that’s deep bro... very deep...

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3.33 was incredible because all of you faggots thought it was shit. It's Anno spitting on you for liking Eva and it was glorious in that regard. 2.22 was just shitty fanservice to lull you into a false sense of security. 4.44 was put on hiatus for 10 years as a way of Anno saying "take that faggots" because you deserve to suffer.

Evangelion was an absolute shit holy crap. I wish I could forget everything about it

4.0 won't top EoE anyway, and Anno knows this. That's why he isn't doing anything.

It´s very mysterious all right, since we dont know what the hell they did during and after 3rd Impact, but in the film itself it looks like they have digitalized themselves or something, Gendou mentions that he will guide their souls to their rightful place, and then it looks like a SEELE OS starts operating Mark 09, so its kind of possible that SEELE´s "souls" are operating the whole mass produced EVA network, anyways gendou and fuyutsuki mention that with the exception of EVA 13´s awakening and putting Kaworu(one of SEELE´s children) out of the map, everything went along with SEELE´s plan, and the in the preview we see the MP mark 06, so we will see something about SEELE in the next movie.

yeah, in 2.22 and 3.33 it turns into a tiger or some shit. My guess is that it's able to because it's made out of lilith matter and they built it with an alternative "melee" form in mind in case that it ran out of bullets or the rifles were broken. And then there's Mari

>turns into a tiger
Jesus christ I fucking forgot about this. Just shoot me in the head and make me forget about beast mode

according to Khara's twitter, The music is being made and Anno is in the editing room. for 3+1^tfw&ref_url=

Do we even know how far along it is?

The good guys units cant be repaired normally it seems, and they only have two around Misato´s crew, Unit 02 custom( which is somehow a patchwork) and Unit 08 which was probably very diferent 14 years ago, considering that they called Wille custom, implying its been reworked, I personally think 14 years ago it had double entry system since someone got those spears down there, and now to make numbers its been reworked for one pilot, hence why it will be easy to make it double entry for the next movie, though it seems that idea´s been possibly scrapped.

Explain to me why there's angel animals.
Explain to me why the retarded flying whale skeleton exists.

I cant explain to you what the hell Wunder is since we dont know anything except it can kill "gods" and that it is slaved to the ADAMS for whatever reason.

What do you mean by angel animals?

Isn't the Whale an Angel or some shit?
Or maybe I'm just comparing the thing Slut fought at the beginning of 2.0 that had ribs and stuff ans was animal like to the flying Whale.

>hey shinji maybe we shouldn't have gotten into the robot
>fuck you kaworu we're in the robot now. buckle up because every time i get in, i fuck. shit. up.
Every fucking time he mans up shit goes horribly wrong.
Never change Shinman, never change.

in NGE every time he tried to be confident he was always proved that that makes shit go wrong. Makes some fucking sense why he has problems with that.

That was the third Angel, or what was left of it after dissecting it to the bones and experimenting with connecting an entry plug to its core.

The Wunder is a battleship called Autonomous Assault Ark, everything is a mystery about this thing, we know its unstoppable once Unit 01(an awakaned EVA) is used as power source, It seems that wille thinks its the key to defeat NERV and that it has 4 entry plugs protruding its middle section. We dont know wat it is or where it came from, we dont even know details like if it has a core somewhere.

meant to this guy, welp

I think the idea that 'We just don't know' and it's right up in my face and they're inside it for a good portion of the movie makes me not like it.
I suppose the idea that they skinned Angel 3 and made it into something is pretty cool, but after the Impact did they really have that much time to do so?

Also Unit 01 is about a third if not half the size of 03 in NGE - I don't remember it in 2.22 - so what the hell?
I think the only thing I sort of liked was that the command center is an entry plug that floods with LCL, although I'm not sure what the fucking point of that is and what advantage having more than one plug or multiple people in a plug give.

Maybe I wasnt clear enough, but the third angel and the Wunder are most probably NOT the same thing in any way and some aesthetics aside they have no connection whatsoever. the 3rd Angel was destryed anyways, it exploded, its bones and its core.

I dont think the Wunder´s command center is actually flooded with LCL( no one floats in there, we never see liquids, and theres nothing to synchronize with), and the nerv manufactured EVAs share roughly the same size.

I thought the core was the only thing that blew up, unless we're talking about Satchel. I've been thinking about the one with the whip tendrils, which only the core was destroyed, again, at least in NGE

I also feel like I vaguly remember the command center elevating upwards into a special room where the LCL entered, also for the most part NGE they may as well be in air since the physics in those plugs seem to be the same.

There is some misunderstanding in here all right, NGE and Rebuild are not directly related in fact, Rebuild subverts things from the original to startle the audience.

In Rebuild, all the angels, upon having its core destroyed have their A.T field collapse on itself so they dissolve and explode, in fact that one Angel(Shamshel), in Rebuild dissolves in a moment and explode leving only its "whips" behind.

In Rebuild, there are some new angels, one of these is just called the third angel, Its been kept by SEELE in europe for study and was found at an undetermined moment, at the beggining of 2.0, this Angel goes berserk just after an experiment that has something to do with connecting an entry plug to Its core, this Angel(which at his point is just some bones and its core), explodes along with unit 05 in real bigass explosion after its core is destroyed, so bye core, bye bones, If Unit 05 was completely obliterated believe those bones are extinct.

Now in 3.0 the Wunder shows up, this gigantic battleship has no connection whatsoever with the third Angel, someone built it, It looks like Its not complete and artwork implies its shape Its going to change in the next movie, Its incredibly powerful, It needs an awakened Eva as a power source, and most important, in 3.0 Its not stated but implied at the end of the film that Gendou has ANOTHER ONE of these( he and Fuyutsuki are inside a place thats identical to the battle bridge of the Wunder).

If youre thinking about Rebuild nothing will make sense if you bring up thing of the original series since it has a whole new set of rules for almost everything, from the numbering of the angels to the physics and details of the EVAs "souls".

Well, yeah, there was LCL in the Anchor Lead plug, but it wasnt liquid, it was Gas.

I mean why a whale skeleton? What about the 'Key' in 2.00 that Kaji gives Gendo?
My beef with the rebuilds has to go with their structure in which things are presented. Yeah I know it's EVA and I know it's not clear for usually specific reasons, but 3.0 pushes it.

I've not watched 3.0 in a while. I'm unfortunately overdo to watch it again, but I remember being ultimately confused during it.
I believe a movie should bring up questions as well as answers during it, which for the most part 1.0 did, and 2.0 did, barring Mari, who is my only real beef with that movie that I remember and continues to be a problem in 3.0.
3.0's problem stems from it being an entirely new scenario, which I'm cool with, but in that we get characters who are unlikable for the opposite reasons that unknowing people would call in the same character in NGE unlikable
We just aren't told much of anything.

I want to understand. Just a little. Outside works shouldn't be a part of this when the movie is nearly 2 god damn hours long and feels like nothing has happened, in which I could go into its pacing problems as a movie itself, but fuck it.
We shouldn't need more than one movie after something shows up to be explained. That make any sense?

And on a final note, I think it's very fair to compare it to the original, as should most things. Even more so if it's an 'alternate' timeline. I want it to end and end good, with many questions answered. And I've very little hope it will.

unknowing people would call the same character in NGE unlikable*

The key of Nabuchednezzar seems to be Gendou´s trump in how he plans to fuck with SEELE, we dont know if he used in around 3rd Impact, but in 3.0 he has it almost always with him, and he said he will meet with Yui soon, so the thing with the key is a real endgame thing, we have to see the next movie for that one.

Unfortunately, yeah, these movies arent really self- contained, I would preferred not, but by this point trying to guess what is happening isnt different to guess in the original series when it wasnt over, we didnt have the directors cut, and we didnt have EoE, which gave a lot of important things to establish.

I mean back in the old days the fandom didnt understand shit when the series ended, most of what people say now Is thanks to supplementary materials and people tying the dots of what information we have after those years.

Another interesting detail, actually 3.0 is the shortest of the new film just barely past hour and half, why?, well last year it was confirmed that 3.0 is missing its last part, they couldnt make it in time(this is most likely the reason why Anno was so devastated with the ending result), so they threw together the God warrior short film on theaters to fill some of the projected running time, Its a pity, since considering that "until you come to me" is made of the vestiges of that last portion of the film, It seems likely something about what happened in the 3rd Impact would have been explained. And most important, about what the hell is Shinji.

That makes sense that it's incomplete given the confusion people have.
Fuck. No wonder people at face value says it makes no sense if the ending act was cut out.
Even worse for Anno if he's ever gotten word or heard from others that they thought the same thing, knowing full well that it wasn't finished/couldn't be finished.
Christ. No wonder it only feels like 2rd of the movie is there. It doesn't excuse the problems, but it still fucking sucks it never got properly completed.

Honestly I thought those movies had all the god damn money and time in the world.
>God Warrior
Maybe I should look this up then. Even if the combined plot makes little to no sense, any EVA material is still material to be learned for the sake of understanding and properly criticizing.

Both Shiro Sagisu and Ryosuke Hikawa confirmed it.
The most popular theory is that the problem is the eding theme songs, Hikaru Utada was in a contract for a specific number of releases with a company, King records of course is in this mix, making sure that she does the ending theme songs, the problem is that there are deadlines for publishing the songs, so the publisher cant make her do a song and release the theme song of a movie before the movie is even released, so its in the "best interest" for everyone to release the film before the contract expires.

In fact if you search in the net you can read about how there was a big problem regarding this with Shin Eva, which per contract had to be released in 2015 as Utada ends her contract with the company, and a manager was cited as saying "wether Utada makes a song for the next films depends entirely on wether director Anno releases it this year or not". Everyone thought that they would make the impossible to keep Utada, but now, Its entirely possible that they decided they dont want to compromise on anything, even runtime, as reportedly Anno faced producer Ohtsuki about 3.0´s state.

the God warrior short doesnt have any connection with Eva, Its a spinoff of Nausiica. If you want Eva you can look up "Until you come to me" another short made from vestiges of the last part of 3.0 without giving away to much of what would transpire backed with an arrangement of a song that would play somewhere in this section of the film, one thing is sure, we would have more pieces of the puzzle had we seen that, we can already glimpse here the third Impact, the ADAMS and Shinji with a core!

who watching EvTV right now?

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where should I go user? I'm limited to streaming at the moment. Usually download to my NAS

Also how to into all the anime private trackers. I'm on Apollo at the moment since the whatcd debacle.

The original series makes perfect sense. It's only if you watch things beyond that it gets convoluted.

On Friday a stream of the blurays will
be continuing on Episode 13, we'll be watching 6 episodes a day to Sunday where we'll watch the TV movie and then EoE.
You're welcome to join that if you want.

Where at broski?

Also alternatively, you can download the torrent for Sephirotic, but you'll be downloading about 60 gigs.

Pic related.

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Thanks user. I'll tune in

>Shinji with a Core.
Angle Shinji would make sense on why they don't really treat him like a fucking person in 3.0 and why he was even able to make a near third impact happen anyways.

Though if they are now working on the music doesn't that mean that Utada is there? And didn't they work with Anno in Shin Goji or is that another EVA Composer?

Normie here. So EvaTV was the first anime I have ever watched and now I'm disappointed by all other anime. Is there anything on the same level? I feel like I really fucked up.

If this is bait, this a pretty low-quality bait.
Also give it a week or two.

Meming the normie part but I'm serious. Its been like half a year but then again I don't watch anime a lot. Can you recommend me some?

Madoka, I guess if you want meme comparisons.
I barely have time to watch shit either.

why does this look like a little girls show

Because it wants to trick you into thinking it's a little girls show.
Stop being a newfag.

sorry I don't usually browse Sup Forums so I don't know the culture. I'll check it out

Well, the two most popular theories are either the pilots become something other than human once they reach a plug depth near the core, or they werent even human to begin with and all pilots are manufactured, this is also backed by the fact that if there exists an Ayanami series, Its possible there is an Shikinami and Makinami series too(remember, Anno said the name change had a reason), which would explain a couple things mainly the fact that Shinji was being guided to awaken Unit 01 with Rei because Gendou knew it would happen as Shinji has the element that awakens the EVAs, where the other pilots dont seem to do.

Shiro Sagisu has made the music for eva since always, Hikaru Utada just does one theme song by film.
Sagisu is the one that works on the music with his crew and gets hands on with Anno making music for the movie. Utada is just noise for the credits, irrelevant for the workload of putting the film together, she is just an artist they´re using licensed music from. So yeah she didnt do anything in Shin Godzilla or the original series for that matter and unless they work it out with her she wont do a song for Shin Eva as she ended her contract some time ago.

Was she the one who did Komm Susser Tod or is she rebuilds only?
The name seems familiar and i'm too lazy to wiki it.

Also you seem pretty damn knowledgable, so i hope you don mind me asking: What's that series with the neko.. loli Mari in it about?
An user mentioned it at one point and the name fails me, but I've seen it discussed once or twice, and 'supposedly' is related to EVA in some way shape or form.

>Be Reifag
>hate 95% of everything in Rebuild
>Be manipulated into enjoying all the additional Rei scenes and characterization.

Wish the reboot never happened.

Just think of it as an extended alternate reality. that's how I cope.
And don't worry.
As an Asukafag, most of the Asuka shit is either retreads, or degradation of her original character.
So we can at least meet in the middle about how the rebuilds make us mostly feel.

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Nah, she just did the end songs for the new movies, she is pretty popular because she did songs for Kingdom Hearts and other stuff.

The thing with the loli is Evangelion ANIMA, a light novel Alternate Universe spinoff written by Eva´s mechanical designer so its his autist nerd mech eva fantasy where he tries all the stuff he can think to do with Eva:lots of mechs, lots of optional parts and power up for the Evas and just insane power level magical stuff, It sometimes looks retarded on paper but looks fun all considered. Plot wise is about a whole over the top story that happens in a hypothethical future after third impact is averted in the original series and the good guys win, three years later Shinji and Asuka are sort of hooking up while doing stuff with the Evas and then SEELEs keikakus start bringing trouble, dimensional shenanigans, MP EVAs with the powers of the Angels, Shinji becoming the soul of Unit01, Asuka becoming an EVA herself, Kaji´s body being possesed by Kiel(I think), It also shares some Ideas with the new films along the whole thing, like the look of the black moon, multiple Rei shenanigans and transforming EVAs

I don't need to be an asukafag to feel for you. All of her character development had no reason to be taken away, especially when it was in service of giving more room to a new character that nobody likes and who served no purpose when all she did could have been done by Asuka herself and/or Toji.

It's not fair.

> Why doesn't the commander admit in front of her crew, the most of which lost family due to those events, that she was partially to blame for the Impact.
>Why doesn't she kill Shinji when she has the opportunity to? Surely it couldn't be because she realises she cannot put all the blame on Shinji and feels empathy towards him.
And then people wonder why we think people who don't get 3.0 are low IQ.

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Toji deserved better. at least his sister is in 3.0, but where the fuck is he?

Welp again, meant for this guyAlso yeah Sagisu did that one song too, the chick who actually sings it is unknown, but Shiro does most of his work in london with his friends there, he doesnt really work a lot with celebrities these days.

>> Why doesn't the commander admit in front of her crew, the most of which lost family due to those events, that she was partially to blame for the Impact.
Misato spending two minutes with Shinji privately in his prison cell where she calmly explain to him how he/they fucked everything up and why it is imperative that he cannot pilot again would probably have been enough to dissuade him from trying to break out once given the opportunity.

It's clearly some kind of loop.

It's like purgatory or some Buddhist rebirth cycle shit; all of the children have dealt with their issues from the series, but they're still flawed people and the cycle continues. Kaworu is outside the loop, and is aware of what's going on.

Still, I wouldn't be surprised if they're winging it all.

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This. As we all saw it didn't go too well, and when Misato had the chance she didn't do it.That part in 3.0 where Misato is a cunt but doesn't pull the trigger is a great moment.
One of the few moments in 3.0 I liked, but that scene could have been made better by the explanation of why he has it on in the first place, and hell it might have even prevented him from getting away.
And if he did, it would show that Shinji had gull to run out to find answers and that Misato still held some form of trust in him.

So it's the Mecha fantasy that most people expect when they watch EVA then?

Big Question then:
If I adore NGE and its stuff, would it be worth the read?

But she now knows whatever has to be known about Shinji, and it considering that just by looking at him the couldnt be sure he was the SAME Shinji they knew implies the bad guys may have a Shinji factory somewhere. All things the question is: If he isnt even human and he is such a risk, why didnt they just kill him? In fact how do we know that knowing truth will not worsen things for him? As Ritsuko said, there is a possibility that his emotions awake Unit 01 at any moment even of he cant synch with it, so they may had to kill him, he is just a bomb waiting to explode and Misato wasnt able to kill him because, behind the front she puts as commander, she cant help to care about him. They may had went with the most safe route and everything would be okay if Misato just killed him before Nerv got him, but who knows, maybe Wille has some use for him later in their plans.

Good luck with that Its only in Japanese, but if you like Eva sure, why not.

>only in japanese
I can (not) read Japanese, so fuck it I guess.

Yeah, but Misato and Co. didn't know that Shinji was trustworthy. He might have been corrupted, or possessed, or partially an angel and under their control, or anything else. Once he had been cleared from all those, he could have been let into the inner circle, but in the meantime caution was the only right move.

Well they didn't have to tell him EVERYTHING, and if caution was the right move, calming down the dude who immediately decides to ditch them the reasons for doing what they're doing would have helped.

3.33's script is an rushed, contrived mess but goddamn if the visuals and sound design aren't amazing.

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3.33 was black ships steaming into harbour to ruin an idyllic paradise for a fanbase demanding more of the same. And that's good, their paradise is false and Anno knows it.

They didn't know that the only "person" Shinji would trust blindly was about to come in and speak to him in his head to talk him into running away. Before Rei arrived, Shinji wasn't giving any signs of trying to escape.

3.0 is probably my favorite Shiro Sagisu OST. Followed very closely by a bunch of others because they're all amazing, but still.

Because they hated Shinji's guts and didn't want to have anything to do with him beyond what was absolutely necessary at the time.

I call that poor writing. It shouldn't fucking matter if they hated his guts. If they did they should have thrown his ass overboard and be done with him.
You debrief that shit. Fuck they even took him to the BRIDGE WHERE HE COULD SEE EVERYTHING

His music alone makes the whole movie worthwhile

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He may have been of use. He's the only person to be dissolved in LCL and brought back into human form. That's a pretty valuable specimen.

You don't let a valuable specimen roam the fucking ship with somebody. They should have thrown his ass in the god damn holding cell instead of bringing him up to the bridge.

Here's an idea, you hated the movie because it throws a lot of concepts at you, doesn't explain anything explicitly, doesn't answer all the questions spends a lot of time doing stuff you might not care for (Kaworu) and doesn't feature Rei. And all those a fine reasons not to like it. You don't need to invent plot holes where there aren't any.