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Have you put the AOTS on your 3x3 yet?

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Yorimoi would be on my 3x3 if I partook in these cancerous circlejerk psudo-rec threads for people with tiny powerlevels.

It's not really psudo-rec though since you'll need to have some knowledge of the anime in order to even recognize what it is.

You haven't put it on yours.

The only really good show there is Sora No Woto.

Can you include movies on your 3x3?

I loved Yuru Camp but not enough for a spot on m 3x3.

Go for it, user.

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>for people with tiny powerlevels
sorry for only having watched 2000+ chinese cartoons. the artform honestly barely even justifies having watched 600.

The fuck is that question? You can put whatever you want on your 3x3, it's yours after all. You can put in just movies and OVAs or TVs, you can do manga or novels, you can even do 4x4. Some autist even go as far as putting games\music\books\movies on their lists along with jap media, suit yourself negro.

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Good show, but 3x3 material? I think not.

4/6 film
1/3 manga

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4/4 tv
5/7 movies
2/2 manga

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>ai enma

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- Re Zero
+ FZ
+ Konosuba
- Your Name
+ KnK
+/- UBW

+ Only Yesterday

+ Haibane Renmei
+ Sailor Moon

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>Yorimoi would be on my 3x3
>threads for people with tiny powerlevels
Sounds like it's the perfect thread for you, no?

Isnt it weird to always reply to the same 3x3 with your same 3x3 ?

My beautiful wife Ai is so cute!

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>inb4 people while about Bleach again


Magic Treehouse fuck yeah!

>Manie Manie

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user but why Bleach of all shonen?

Can you muster up an argument for bleach that doesn't hinge entirely on nostalgia

Change the pics already.

Rating + best

2/6 Sora no Woto

6/8 (anime) Lain
4/6 (movies) Tokyo Godfathers


3/6 Ping Pong

5/8 Haibane Renmei

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I haven't watched any of your favorites, sorry
I like Lain, Mushishi and Tokyo Godfathers. Spirited away is also cool
I enjoyed Fairy Tail more than Belladonna of Sadness
I love witch girls, I love Kiki
Yeah some of these seem familiar

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3/5 2/4 2/2

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Which one is the upper middle one with the weird kanji?

Manie Manie is incredible - containing some of Rintaro and Kawajiri's most creative and well crafted works. Though the image is meant to represent The Running Man in particular, which is the best of all the anime shorts I've seen save Presence, which is it's equal, as it perfectly exemplifies that visceral neo-noir aesthetic that makes Kawajiri works such treasures.

It's on there because of nostalgia.
But I honestly think that it's legit great in the first 70 episodes.
Stuff like pic related were just beautiful.

I might change Ippo for Joe once I'm done with that ;^)

People can just crop and reverse image search. 3x3 threads might not be blatant rec threads, but they're stealthy ones, at least.

>I might change Ippo for Joe
That's not the pic I was talking about and you know it negro.

>But I honestly think that it's legit great in the first 70 episodes.
Have you read the manga?

>ywn be able to paint an entire room with the image of your waifu in masterful artistic matter.

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It's certainly stunning on a technical level but I didn't take anything out of it aside from that. Not that there's nothing else there but on a personal level. I should rewatch it some time I guess.

No. Huge part of what I like about Bleach is the music.

>But I honestly think that it's legit great in the first 70 episodes.
I agree 100%. It was the coolest shit.

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not him but dead sea scroll from eva I THINK

That feeling really hurts

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Best Hell Girl episode ever. 9/10 in a 6/10 series.

Rate others.

I was in the middle of it.


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Good taste in episode but the entire thing is 10/10

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I'm bad at cropping

3/5 TV

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+FMA, Madoka, Haruhi
+Lupin, Gundam, Laputa, Bebop, GITS, Millennium Actress
~Trust & Betrayal

+Yotsuba, Kaguya, Ping Pong, Parasyte, FMA, Berserk, JoJo

Just re-watched Bebop actually, what are your favorite episodes? I've gained a fondness for the Jet-centric ones myself. Out of all the episodes that deal with confronting your past, I think Ganymede Elegy does it best. (So much so that it makes the main plot feel a bit redundant imo.)

Franken's Gears is the best Robot Carnival short, Presence is overrated. Fight me.

You get a chance to see Heaven's Feel yet? It's easily the best Fate anime imo.

Also, you're brave for liking the Jojo OVAs. (I like them too.)

Franken's Gears is the worst

>not Deprive

But it was better than Franken's Gears. Presence is not overrated, by the way. It's really the best

I'm kinda curious, why do you think Franken's Gears is the worst? For me, its simplicity and brevity is its strength. A clever little allegory about the brilliance and folly of man, all without a single word spoken. Great art-style too.

I didn't care for Presence much, the whole waifu obsession aspect might have resonated with a lot of people but I was just indifferent.

>all without a single word spoken
Yeah, that's what I liked too. But still it just didn't click with me
>the whole waifu obsession aspect
Didn't care about that, it was just a beautiful story

Hmm, that's fair. Perhaps I'll give it another shot sometime. The animation style wasn't to my taste either, beautifully fluid but more distracting than immersive.

+marnie, spirited away
this is complete ass
++jin roh, barakamon, ping pong, only yesterday
+rakugo s2, hxh
-ssy, nge
++haibane renmei
+kiki, ttg
-utena, lwa
++ping pong
+gurren lagann
-made in abyss, teekyuu
++millennium actress, gits
+the night is short
-91 days, samumenco
++texh, haibane renmei
-monogatari, oreimo, lucky star, chu2koi, haruhi

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3/3 TV
4/4 OVA
4/4 Movie
1/1 manga
-Sam Flam
4/5 anime
0/0 manga
Nice variety.
I'm neutral about Franken's Gear because of how predictable it was. I've seen a lot of animated shorts with no dialogue, so the lack of any dialogue honestly wasn't particularly novel for me. I'd say Cloud is the weakest in the collection solely by virtue of it being about visuals alone rather than telling any kind of story.

Presence is easily the best though. It's a near perfect masterpiece, with it's only real fault being some unneeded scenes that only exist to show off the animation. Umetsu is a seriously underrated director, and I'd strongly recommend most of his other works ( Mezzo DSA should be ignored, as it was a massive disappointment).

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Jin Roh, Perfect Blue, GiTS, Lain, gut.
Is the one with a feather — Escaflowne movie?

I wouldn't dream of it. It's the series.

1/2.+natsume yuujinchou. Your lie in april was trash, though.
1/1, + hunter x hunter
1/2 + bleacg, -ttgl
3/3 +fma + oreimo + haruhi.

Well there is Escaflowne movie and it's pretty bad as far as I remember. Kenshin OVA, Katanagatari, Gunsmith Cats are pretty good.

That's such an obtuse picture for gundam, I'm not even sure how you managed to take a screenshot without the colony drop showing.

How do you not recognize the opening shot of the OP?

I literally recognized and commented on it, infact not a single person replying to him brought up gundam so the only way for me to comment on it would be to recognize it.
The issue is the colony drop that happens as soon as the opening starts. His image doesn't have Australia getting BTFO.

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ft. my favorite characters from the series












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>sorayorifag loves your lie in april
Literally laughed out loud. Always suspected sorafags are overemotional teenagers, it's nice to have confirmation.

Died from quality....


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why do I even come to this board anymore.

I loved Sora Yori and hated Shigatsu because they're polar opposites when it comes to executing drama. Nice strawman though.

don't let this thread die

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