Shingeki No Kyojin

Spoilers maybe in a few days. What are your predictions?

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best girl

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Sad reacts only pls

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Way to murder the thread already.

Eating peoples soon

>making your own titan

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give me that shit already
Also, post donuts, this thread is dying anyway.

was ist das?

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Either Erens mom or Armin with a ponytail

Armongs mum from the character encyclopedia

Was he planning to kill him ever since this scene?
Colt will shoot Jean.

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A cunt.

I hope Jean lives.


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you better delete this son

Hey that's pretty edgy!

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Being raped by the manlet was part of the plan

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I feel like they’re gonna skip some important scenes again in season 3. They changed the Erwin laughing scene, removed Connie crying about who did this to his mom and pic related.

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Get triggered Armongfats.

>get triggered

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ded gen

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You must be so afraid. I am, hold me. Stealth bump.


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>ugly towel head

he mad as FUCK

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I'm always amazed how a series like SnK that has pretty much zero romantic interactions has a gigantic shipping cancer attached to it

Blame fujoshits.

Series with lots of romantic interaction have less shipping attached to them since they already get it in the manga.

SnK doesnt have that, so shippers have to ship to make up for the lack of shitting.

The final chapter of the game is exactly what I wanted from the manga wtf

Sadly best kyojin died

Well, I didn't really want them to fail desu. I would've loved it if they'd rescue best girl Annie. But shes most likely already dead, which sucks.

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Annie is ugly as shit with her nose beak when will you brainlets learn some taste.


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It was still awesome

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Annie is a cunt and I hope she'll die so you faggots will an hero yourselves.


>Dropping the honorofic
Punished Falco rampage soon.

Aren't those for like potty training?

Reminder that anyone couldve replaced ymir if they wouldve just eaten marco before her.
Also remember that Eren couldve used his full coord power if it wasnt for fucking dina just passing by bert when they destroyed the gate

>colossal titan shifter dina meeting her husbands wife's son
>not killing him on the spot

what are you smoking

What's the deal with the titan in the opening of the game where it goes first person? It has long finger nails, long hair and looks a bit FK-ish.

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Wait, what? Is this from the new chapter?!

EAr is as close to romance as you can get in this manga.

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Chad shitlet
Virgin monkeycuck

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I mean it could be? There were some slight, slight hints pointing towards the manga. We never knew what it was like before Grisha arrived, maybe she did that regularly to hinder war and their memories return or something idk lol

Just pointing out that those scenes aren't even in there for me so thought I might have missed some stuff

Its from 103, if thats new for you, then youre pretty late.

I think thats a trailer or teaster if I'm not wrong.

Did Radical Larry kill the monkey man for good? That's what I've been wondering.

It's cute that Falco's idea of anger is not to call someone Mister anymore.

Final climax of the manga will be Eren releasing the wall titans in order to kill them all by himself so that the world is free of the treat.

epic double spreads and panels of the walls breaking and lots of CTs coming out.


>that has pretty much zero romantic interactions
Except for Grisha

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>season 2 trailer was shown in december 2016
>first episode of s2 came out in april 2017
>4 months apart

>its almost april and s3 starts in july
>still no trailer


No the grenade is a red herring.

Eren's birthday tomorrow.

Final climax of the manga will be Eren meeting the devil who once gave ymir the power of the titans, trading in his live for the titan powers to be gone.

It's pretty shitty to put stuff in the opening trailer if it isn't in the game

Birthdays are for fans to wank themselves making new fanart, not special dates to release official content

Spoilers in one and a half week.
It's too soon to talk about spoilers, but I think we finally will see the female titan.
I think that by the end of next chapter this battle will end too.

>female titan

stop being naive, the only thing we will see is colossal armin, if at all

>get armong's parents' birthdays
>not their names
I'll never understand this.

Same with Pieck and Gabi's last names.

Gabi's surname is Braun.

Post some cute shit

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Isayama don't care, it was likely the editor who oppened the calendar in random dates.

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>When you take too much of your daily 'dere' dosage

Season 2 PV was released for Levi's birthday.

this. snk is a great manga, but has one o f the shittiest fanbases on earth

Third for this.

This is the one truth that exists in these threads

Trailer will be released the 30th most likely

>kyou wa dou suru no?
god damnit I hate having to replay like half of the missions to get an s in all of them for the achievment.

*snk is a slightly above average manga who went to shit.


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My prediction is that there isn't any character that can defeat Eren Yeager. And I'm not talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager. Hell, I'm not even talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager in contact with an Eldian of royal blood, so that he activates his Shiso no Kyojin coordinate powers. I'm NOT talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager after ingesting the Yoroi no Kyojin serum and having practiced his hardening abilities with Hange and the Survey Corps. I'm talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yaeger after consuming Porco and gaining the powerful jaws from the Agito no Kyojin so that he can bite through the Sentsui no Kyojin crystal.

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Does Willy just shred on his guitar while everyone else looks confused?

>No Eren, you are the attack on titan
I'm still mad


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dumb ESL poster

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>came back all those butthurt (You)

He shreds, but they unplug him

>Eren needs to collect all the shifter abilities to make a deal
>That's what invading Marley is about

Could be kinda cool.

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>tfw Armong and Zeke are both gonna die
Maby he goes power hungry and just uses the full coordinate once he eats zeke

Is 9 a magical autism number in nippon land or did Isayama rip off Naruto?

9 titans, 9 tailed beasts. Gotta catch em all?

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Hey now. The Uchi-, I mean, the Ackerman clan are definitely original.