>Pa pa, tu tu, wa wa
>Tu tu ruuuu~
>Moe moe kyun~

Why has anime degraded to this so much?
To what end? What's the purpose?

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Who are you quoting?


You misspelt "improved"

What's the problem? Don't you speak Nip yet?

from where?
I mean fucking Lum from Urusei Yatsura had a stupid copula word (だっちゃ) 40 years ago.

ITS ALWays been about making money fucking duh

That's how they speak in Japan

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>Pa pa, tu tu, wa wa
>Tu tu ruuuu~
>Moe moe kyun~
I don’t recognize any of that.


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Based nation of autismos

Anime has always been like this you fucking newfaggot.

Not the shows i watch.

that's becase your gay

Various anime that employ these stock phrases. Maybe you should improve your English before posting here.

Watch better anime then.

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>that disgusting wart

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Kill yourself cancer. If you don't know who that is, get out of Sup Forums.

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For me it's Nanodesu.

Watch better shows then

I can’t speak for the night others but I know moe moe kyun was basically a one off joke in k-on. The show is actually really good.

>Why has anime degraded to this so much?
>he thinks this is a recent trend

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In this magnitude it is.

Maybe you should follow your own advice. Also, every medium has its stock phrases, you fucking moron. Even news outlets have phrases they use all the time.

>At first glance
>As a society/nation
>[Person] is not alone
>Needless to say
>...and that's a good thing

No, it isn't, desu.

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>Nyo it isn't, desu.

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Now that's just cheeky~nyaa

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