Looks like this is getting an anime.
I'm a little optimistic just because I like the manga a lot but they'll probably fuck it up, right?

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If John and Mike find a way into the anime i'll be satisfied.

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Where have you been OP, anime was announced like 5 month ago, and since grown up Mao is present — they will fuck it up, yes.

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>I'm a little optimistic just because I like the manga a lot but they'll probably fuck it up, right?
Depends on how much of an autist some people are to complain when a voice doesn't match what was in their heads all this time and equating that with bad direction.

Fuck the author and the blue hair nonsense

I get my news by reading black boxes on manga pages.

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I just watched the promo. I see what you mean. What the fuck.

Swift reminder for all the blind negroids, Hina always had blue hair.

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That ain't blue nigga.

Thats black with highlights
She has zero highlights in the actual manga with EXACTLY the same tone as brown haired people.

Yeah-yeah, keep deluding yourselfs with these lies, HINA ALWAYS HAD BLUE HAIR, LITERALLY SINCE DAY UNO.

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And this is what her "blue" hair would look like in a BW manga.
Oh wait it doesn't look like that, it looks brown.

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I noticed the manga got picked up for English release.

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I think I'd need a commie style translation to enjoy the anime. I'm just too used to all the what the fucks and whatnot in the manga translation.

Same here, really. Would be interesting to see the difference in translation.

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These are official manga colors, you will carry that weight user.
>it looks brown
More like black or brunette.


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Do you get it now?

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>user will claim this is not blue

The point is the manga doesn't show her having the toning of blue hair.
Those covers look different in bw from the manga.
And since the bw manga has more pages I'm giving it higher weight in importance.


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So you believe Hina has greyscale hair

Are you retarded? The color pages are supposed to show how the characters look IN COLOR.

no need to type all that just say you're retarded

And are you retarded to fail to connect the fact that covers in BW look different from the manga in BW?

Anzus pantsu made me so hard

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>The covers show Hina having blue hair
>The anime shows Hina having blue hair

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Fucking Sabu, you will get what you deserve one day.

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why is Hina so perfect.

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>not Mao maos.

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A true connoisseur of the higher arts as well.

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I really like this visual, even if its a complete lie.

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>spend several hours reading manga where Hina has brown hair
>spend about 15 seconds watching covers that are clearly contradicting what I see in the manga so better ignore them
>spend 0 seconds watching anime
Now what color hair should hina have in peoples minds?

user you dont stuff like this.

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>what color
>the covers are the only instances of hinamatsuri in color


Do we have to go back to the bw covers
If the manga looked like those, then people wouldn't have this cuhrazy idea Hina is brown haired.

Let's be more like her, anons.

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I tried drawing Hina and company. Roast freely.

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Women tend to be more agreeable then men. I'm not a women. I'm fine with disagreeing.

Wow, good job, user, keep it up.

>Do we have to go back to the bw covers
Honestly not sure if you're trolling or a fucking retard.

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So how many chapters will they realistically cover in the anime?

Try reading the rest of the post as well for the answer.

Ideally they should cover up to before the timeskip, chapter where Hina is lost in the snow with her friends. But we got adult Mao so who knows.

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Almost as good as mangaka.

Ill take it as a compliment.

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Anzu is a gift to the world.

The first 30 chapters or so are the funniest shit from any manga I've ever read if they capture half of that in the anime it'll be OK.

Could be but she still hates you.

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It was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone in the world would one day usher Anzu through her final stages of growing up. Someone was inevitably going claim Anzu as his own and transform her into his personal writhing, groaning, warm and wet onahole. Anzu has chosen Sabu to be that man.

And that's what it's like when you adopt a daughteru.

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is that you Anzu

>Here's your HIV results

Tell me this isn't pedoshit

It's not pedo shit. The whole thing is pretty pure.

There's a naked little girl in the first few pages. You'd better steer clear, user.

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Its not at all, but anons are pedoshit so I guarantee the threads will turn to absolute shit.

There is even uncensored little girl nipple.

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I'm fine with that.

>comfy hinamatsuri threads will soon be flooded with seasonal-animefags

As long as they accept Hina is the best there will be no issues.

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thats a funny way to spell Mami my dude

Even your daughterfu agrees.

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mami simply pities hina

Jesus, get a hold on yourself anons, Hitomi always was and always will be the best girl.

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>One Piece Books
Well, at least it will definitely get a digital release I guess.

>Same here, really. Would be interesting to see the difference in translation.
Some of the earlier chapters have some really bad scans so it will be nice to have a cleaner high res version at least.

Nice, will support.

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I honestly think it looks really good so far. The animation and overall the art looks really nice, we have same character designer who improved S1 Hotaru from Dagashi Kashi, the director seems like a bit of a newbie, but he also worked on second season of SNAFU, some episodes of Azumanga Daioh and Hachimatsu to Clover. We also have stellar voice cast with a complete newbie for Hina who fits the role judging from PVs 100%, but also in my opinion a rising star Hondo Kaede and an absolute veteran Yoko Hikasa. Misawa Yasuhiro is on soundtrack who never really wowed me, but his tracks usually fit the bill.

Overall, I don't think the question is if they'll fuck it up, the question is just how good it will be. The worst thing they can do is just be an adequate adaptation.

I think most anons are scared because showing Mao as an adult sort of feels like they are going to skip a lot of things if its just a 12 episode adaptation.

Do they order crayons?

>Anzu and Mao in school

>identical shoulder tattoos
I've never seen anything gayer than that
Also shoulder is the most mainstream place to get a tattoo imaginable, it's basically saying those guys aren't hardcore at all.

They should realize the pacing of chapters is really rather slow. Lots of panels dedicated to reaction shots or establishing shots.

If its really that, its going to be a ride.

just read teh first two chapters. how much of it is yakuza stuff? i like that stuff.

The yakuza never stop being relevant. Nitta being a main character and yakuza.

The quality stays high all the way trough

You're in luck user. The stars aligned and for once, things are looking good for an anime adaptation.

Like 25% is actual yakuza, the other is business, hijinks, espers, etc.

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Not really, just don't feel like nitpicking the negatives just yet.

thx. guess ill binge read now.

why didn't they rape her?



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Killer Instinct

>tfw worst father teaches how to become worst daughter
They are meant for each other.

Are you ok, user?

If this is the worst father then I'll take twenty

user, pls, Nitta is scum.

Girls with daddy issues are dangerous.

Is this like Zettai Karen Children but doesn't focus on the origin of the child espers?

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Nitta is great. He is always giving his all. Had Hina been a bit more expressive with him he probably would had loved her way more.

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There is some dark backstory going on for the girls but absolutely no one gives a shit about it, including the girls themselves.

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More like Gintama meets Yondemasu yo Azazel-san! With sper girls.

>before colour TV
>greyscale image of field of bluebells