This is my backlog for this season

>this is my backlog for this season
holy shit maybe i should just drop VEG since i hate it so much

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get the fuck out

>i hate it so much
>only considering dropping it

Why would you even consider continuing to watch something you hate? Drop that shit and watch something you like instead.

>watching the official subs for VEG
why? Asenshi come out earlier.

>Stops at episode 7

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maybe you should drop watching anime altogether.


It's garbage.

shut up
i don't hate it, i hate watching it

the visuals are great, it's just that the pacing and content is shit
netflix is higher quality than the japanese broadcast


didn't mpc-hc get discontinued

what's the latest meme player you fucks use

>I don't hate it.
>I hate watching it.
If I don't hate something I watch it.
If I hate watching something I don't watch it.

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Whats wrong with VLC?

>i don't hate it, i hate watching it
What the fuck is the difference? You don't enjoy watching shit you hate, and you don't hate watching shit you enjoy.

i don't hate it until i'm watching it and actually experiencing it

between when i'm watching it i want to watch it

>between when i'm watching it i want to watch it

because i remember a still of some backdrop or something

Are you saying that you forget your hatred between episodes?

user, you seem to enjoy suffering. Are you a masochist?

more like the good points (aka 30 second clips) override the rest of the episode in my mind
i don't enjoy suffering which is why i'm putting watching it off

Everything. Even the player icon is a freaking traffic cone.


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I have VLC and MPC and see no differences

>more like the good points (aka 30 second clips) override the rest of the episode in my mind
Do you not remember, even on an academic level, that you hated the rest? Even if you can't remember specifically why? You seem to given your posts in this thread. So with that in mind, why is it even a consideration?



Try a properly configured MPV.

Can anyone even give a legitimate reason to hate VLC?

What do you watch that's so much better than VLC?

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>So with that in mind, why is it even a consideration?
i guess i'm just an optimist

Like what?I have madVR enabled I noticed very minuscule difference on one video so far.

>traffic cone

What more do you need? Unless you're an OSHA inspector or work in manual labor, you simply shouldn't use it.

Do you watch videos in their native resolution, or do you scale them to fit your screen?

Native resolution

Shit video quality. Shitty colors. Also VLC has a tendency to crash when opening high quality releases (10+GiB movies for example).
There are a number of alternatives that are fine, just avoid VLC.

>10+GiB movies
who the fuck watches these lmao

go blog somewhere else.


Just kill yourself already.

found the retarded child.
someone call this ones parents, quick.

pure autism, i'm glad that i use vlcplayer now

No, I think you have an actual problem with your memory. Please go to a doctor and get it checked out.

nothing but you are on 4chainz, what do you expect but not 99% contrarians and edgy children/manchildren.

There is NOTHING wrong with using VLC in 2018

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don't really come often to Sup Forums or Sup Forums anymore.
What's the problem with VLC?

Genuine question.

I dropped Violet Evergarden and Hakumei to Mikochi on the second and third episodes, respectively. I didn't bother picking up Fate/Extra because I knew I would just be bored by all the scenes without fanservice.

If you want to know about serious backlogs, I'm still working my way through Children of the Whales, Fate Apocrypha, Animegataris, Zaregoto and Mahoutsukai no Yome, all of which I started when they first aired and never finished but I don't consider them dropped because I'll occasionally watch an episode.

It's an oldfag meme

Historically, people have reported issues with it being unable to play .mkv files, with examples like posted. I don't use it because the interface isn't as useful to me as MPC, but I actually thought VLC had been updated years ago with the proper codecs. I'm surprised that it's still doing this.

I recommend dropping animegataris around episode 9

>7 episodes
That's nothing user.

oh I see.
I don't think I have ever come across that issue and I do often play mkv files.

Weird. Thanks anyway.
What player do you recommend?

>Children of the Whales
dropped after episode 2
>Fate Apocrypha
finished, fine
>Mahoutsukai no Yome

this isn't my main backlog btw, just my seasonal backlog
this is just my backlog for this season

I don't recommend a player right now, since all the packages with MPC-HC are outdated, but I think I'm using the last release of KCP on this computer, and CCCP is also good, although also outdated.

Thanks, I'll try those.

How about just installing MPC-HC like a sane person.

>this is just my backlog for this season
Yes? You said that already. That's like 3 hours worth. It's literally nothing.

what to use ? Still CCC codecs ?

You're clearly stupid.