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>I'm not the nice girl you all think I am

subversion for the sake of subversion instead of doing to improve the story

>draw a girl
>call is a boy

Joke character is actually really strong and just wasn't trying
MC is the reason other characters are allowed to continue breathing but they still treat him like shit

Villain that's actually honorable and respects the MC. When the villain is finally beaten he has a bro-like conversation with MC.

Fuck off. Not anime

Song played during the last battle is the first OP.
Childhood friend being introduced just to make her suffer by pairing mc with a girl falling from the sky and right onto his dick.

This shit. Every fucking time there's a revelation or something, but especially for fucking transfer students. This 'Eh? EHHHHHHHHHHHH?!!!!!!' shit has made me dislike transfer students and it's not even their fucking fault.

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Draw a girl call it a boy
Draw a boy call it a girl

This right here
I don't need to say specifically what I'm referencing when you hear it you just know

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How do you feel about the Drewd?

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>the power of friendship

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fuck you Kokoro

99% of Tsunderes are complete garbage.

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>joke character swoops in to win the major conflict between protagonist and antagonist forces, then makes his escape with the antagonist's/protagonist's inner circle

The necessity to drop a trap into a group of characters, solely to have "the trap"

>Character has an ability that is offhandedly mentioned earlier in the show, then ends up using it to save the day at the very end

>lecherous sensei (female)

>Joke/laid back character gets serious and is actually strong

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>character gets cheered up by friends

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