Dame X Prince

It's the last episode for all 7 of you who watch

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Ani is best girl!

still have to catch up on episode 11
I'll miss Ani, she was truly too cute for this world

>subs this late
So in the end, we all truly were dame.


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I did not expect this.

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Gonna watch now, I'll miss this show.

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>no wheelchair
>can't run over people's feet and ram into their backs

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I need context for this
I don't want context for that

Oh, you know, being best boy.

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> The generic everyday protagonist(female) assembles a harem(male) and is completely oblivious to their unquenchable thirst(overflowing kindness)
So this... is the power of... a reverse harem...

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>The generic everyday protagonist(female)
I wish more harem mcs were like her, female or male.

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>no one is going to mention any coups
Sasuga, dame.

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What show were you watching?

I can't believe that Theo is dead.

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The MC is so gorgeous that it actually starts to annoy me and her look starts to get old after 2 episodes. Does she ever change her hairstyle?

Sasuga yandere ouji.

RIP Narek.

The whole invasion plot was kind of shit and it should have stuck with being a comedy.

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>It's the last episode for all 7 of you who watch
You mean all TWELVE of us.


The conclusion was shit, but I liked the feeling that something had escalated because I got attached to the characters. I suppose if they were going all out comedy they should have had Grimaru bestow sentai parody powers to the boys and Narek's dad actually get slapped down by them only for the whole army to be staring in confusion over it. Hell, they should have done something with Ruze's blessings after building them up as having real effects.

>the generic user shitposts about a show he hasn't seen, oblivious to the fact that everything he said is wrong

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A cute

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I'd rather have no plot than a bad one. But you could just have a succession crisis or something over the princes being too dame or something.

Goodbye d/a/me
It was a fun little show with fun little threads

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>stands at the front of Inaco's army

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And in a surprising turn of events, Confetti Boy found the will to live.

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Like once

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Absolutely beautiful.

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She's an otome protagonist. All that design and little to no change is their forte. You could ask the same of a harem mc.

I like her too but her tsukkomi face really isn't enough to see her as absolute best girl.

I hated this episode.

Teo was the least dull part of it, even if Narek made good faces, and Chrom leaned in at the end.

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good anime but ending wasnt that good
Ani a besto

It's the combination of her face and personality that makes her appealing to me though. Snarky cute femcs are hard to come by.

I won't be able to watch until tomorrow, so in case the thread dies before then I just want to say that I absolutely love ruze

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>confetti boy turns into a mindless follower like the others

Woah. Is this a metaphor for our current society. Deep

Why is he your fav, user?

He's so cheerful and good-natured, he's practically an angel

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>It's the last thread
oh no bros

I fucking love Ani.
I'll miss you everyone.

This is the last time any of us will be able to discuss the show
If there's anything you want to say, better say it now

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I fucking love Weabro, everytime he posted it made me happy.
Same with stitchbro when he popped in the threads

Do we have the Ani compilation guy in the thread? How big did it get?

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Well. I can able to self-insert as her so...

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>Best Dame isn't even a Purinsu

Maybe he just mistakenly thinks after one painting is destroyed at Narek's hands they'll be able to hold a portrait bonfire when they get back.

He's the most dame prince because if he had asked Ani out by now he could actually be a goddamn prince.

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I didn't have subs for this show and have no idea what's going on but the red hair dude was definitely the best. So this is the power of otome.

How the fuck is PM still alive? Both his legs got crushed, he should have been pinched and killed, or at least lost them... wtf

The power of grimaru and Ruze prayers, I'll believe.

>when he puts it in the wrong hole

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I want to be Narek

I want to be that horse

I'm going to miss Ani

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>red horse
oh ok

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>it's another Narek episode

He had it painted that colour so you'd know it was 3x as fast as your horse.

These were comfy threads, goodbye everyone!

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he is main boy, after all.

clearly, they'll make a season 2 to catch the dame chuuni mastermind.

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Anime sold poorly, so unless it boosted mobage sales I doubt it.

The porn of dame x prince is kino

I believe it. Ani is CUTE and she'd make some nice royal babies. All the porn is yaoi isn't it?


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>butt bow

the face of a thousand cucks

>when the daughter is fluffier than the mother

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Let's be thankful that tomo-chan poster isn't here.

Who won?

I did.

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Grimaru. And Chrom.

Wtf was that
>AHHHH army coming
>Oh no you don't
>Nvm k bai

Ani's parents and kingdom, with all the good relationships the princess now has.

I'll send this thread up one time in the hopes it'll be up when you watch.

Hopefully Japan animates more shoujo in the coming years

Who was best dame?

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confetti > Narek = Grimaru > Theo > Mare > Vino > Ruze

Every boy was best dame, I ended up liking everyone.

How likely is it the mobage is released in English? I only ask since I noticed they bothered to have an english version for the anime site.

I'd say pretty unlikely

Ahaha, you thought this lowkey anime wouldn't get fished! Fish shall be posted every day until everyone likes it.
>tfw no good anime today

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Also thanks, you're a savior of mankind.

I'm surprised this even got made in the first place. It's apparently 2 years old but I never actually heard of it before. I know this could just be because I'm not a nip but there are definitely popular mobage aimed at women I had already heard of before they got an anime like Sengoku night blood.

A lot of anime are just commercials for the source material. The budget for this didn't look awfully high.
Unfortunately, there was another, much more popular, mobage that got an anime this season, which hit this show pretty hard.

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>When the neet doll lover prince becomes your favorite

I mean, he's one of us right?

He was my self insert

>29 posters
That's more than four times the OP estimate. Truly this fanbase has been underestimated for the last time because there won't ever be a thread for this ever again. It's been a pleasure posting with each and every one of you.

I try, especially since I usually end up watching my shows way late too.

Make that 28, exactly 7 times

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(god I need to sleep)

How exactly do you want to make that 28? It's not like we an unpost in the thread or unwatch the show. Unless you're admitting that you don't actually watch the show and just post in the threads, thereby inflating the numbers like a bastard.

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He is just making it an easy math like a retard, you sperg.

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did you not see the first fish

> you will never invade Ani's kingdom and install a puppet leader in her royal chamber