This shouldn't be allowed

This shouldn't be allowed.

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Are they homeless?

They are dead.

Abandoned orphans who were abused and then escaped. Explained in 9 episode. They try to hide that torture behind childish games.

bukake when?

sleep tight colors-chan

They literally not able to do that anymore.

I should be allowed to do that with them.

The last episode made want to raise child.

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Is Japan really so safe that three little girls can fall asleep in the middle of a city and not get kidnapped/raped/murdered? In my country not even a grown man would be able to sleep in public without being harassed. Then again, in my country we would never even think of allowing children to walk around on their own through a city, they are basically sitting ducks. You would never see them again.

They look retarded.

>fuck yellow
>use blue condom

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Good doujin.

So peaceful. What wouldn't I give to snuggle in there. The smell of a cute sleeping girl like Yui must be heavenly.

No it isn't, the shit art is a step down from even the anime's shit art.

Sacchan, on the other hand...


>little girls shouldn't be allowed to sleep
I want to hear you justifying this.

how does that one orphan own like 40 hats though?

no u

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FUCK the Colors.

I want to snuggle with the colors!

Delete this.

Can I get a sauce

Snug and fug!


Not my cup of tea but there you go.

Arigato senpai desu! OwU~

It is not uncommon for little girls to rub themselves while napping. Specially when sharing a bed with other people.

Please fuck off.

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I want toe colors to be safe and happy

I want the colors to be pregnant.

By me

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>Nono is judging this thread.

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fucking quads

reminds me of chirumiru

I'd rather fuck the Colors.

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That's whats this thread is about

I think her ass needs more vertices or something.

kys for even linking to that fucking malware ridden site.

how does it have malware?

sleep tight colors

>can't into adblocking
You need to go back.

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