Is the theory that shape>size correct?

Is the theory that shape>size correct?

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anime when? I need this character

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FGO already got an anime

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Vert thinks so.

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That's Shu's first law, yes.

Shape and size are both dependent upon personality. For instance, perky-Cs are the perfect fit for athletic tomboys while haughty ojou-sama are better suited with giant, bouncing beach-balls.

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Sekion no Qwaser

Absolutely, hence why RAITA is our lord and savior.

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How big is too big though?

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Is there a character from a non-ecchi show with bigger tits than her?

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Whenever i see her i cant stop thinking how unbalanced she looks. Her back pains must be horrendous.

Torpedo tits are the best shape.
Perky and saggy at the same time with pokey nipples

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It really depends on the artist/style, I think.

For example, I don't think I'd like the shape of the tits Inazuma draws if most people drew them. But when he draws them, they're great. Part of it is down to artistic skill.

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ideal woman thread, i see

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Fate Apocrypa didn't have the FGO designs and lore.

shape > size always. That being said DFC is best. torpedoes are a very good shape as well

He's definitely my favorite artist.

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You wouldnt happen to be Oni would you?

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Vert only said that because Yellow Heart showed up and suddenly invalidated Vert by having larger breasts.

Blanc is the best anyways.

that's true. I mean look at porn stars, fake tits always look wrong, especially, when they lay down - the tits are just too round. And tits are only round at the bottom, they are flatter near the throat, because tits are shaped like raindrops or tears.

So always form.

nah, I think women are equally, if not more obsessed with size - jealous cunts.

I got Shuten and Tomoe on my JP account, but no Raiko.
I ain't complaining.

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>Will get spooked to hell and back by Banana oni during Raikou banner on NA in 3-4 months.
I swear ill burn every single Banana just to please Mama.
Thankfully will have Shuten and Mama on multiple shared banners on year 2.

My mom is hot.

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I hope you dont mingle with Onis. It would make Mama very sad.

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I want a big tiddy Japanese Heian mommy GF

How is Raikou if the only Berserkers I have are Vlad, Lancelot and Fran?

>Will get spooked to hell and back by Banana oni during Raikou banner on NA in 3-4 months.
I hope it won't be as bad as me.
>Already have banana at NP2 without rolling in any of her rate up
>Raiko on rate up for Setsubun, Ibaraki too
>Roll 450 quartz, nothing
>Last 10 roll
>Gold Berserk
>Fucking banana
>tap the screen to end the pain
>Suddenly silver Berserk card turns gold
>Throw a ticket just after the 10 roll without any conviction

I only mingle with mom

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Raikou is THE best Aoe clear zerker in the game, AND is also a crit berserker that synergises perfectly with Merlin. And she has evade.
She is fucking good.

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Prostate exams?

Raikou is best Berserker next to Cu, she's a waveclearer, though.

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>she's a waveclearer, though.
She destroys most of the Servants faster than Cu Alter thanks to her crits and busted second skill user. She can also easily use her NP while he struggle to fire off one.

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My general fate folder has now become a Raikou folder

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I like this autistic nurse, a shame her art is so bad.

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Just clarifying.
I'm not fussed either way, I've got Herc so I'm probably not going to roll for either of them.

Aoe meta is a thing on JP.

But she pretty much have all the tools to be a well rounded zerker. Only Herk can be splashed much as her.

Overall shape is very important. Big or small can look great or terrible depending on the rest of the girl. Just like no matter how good the buns on a hamburger are, they can't overshadow rancid meat and inedible toppings.

So the most important thing is the overall shape and personality of the girl. I like big breasts, but I prefer short and petite girls over tall and thick ones, and hate fatties. So I'd rather have an overall petite girl than a girl with big breasts and a big gut.

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They fill different roles. Herk is the best last man standing you can hope for, but Raiko will perform much better in the front.

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Meh. I have NP5 Herc at bond 10 but ill roll her and grail her so i have my Teacher and Mother grailed.

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It's sexy but Uniform > Swimsuit > Condom nurse

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Condom nurse is the reason of why she is relevant nowdays.

I'll take all three

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Well between him, Nightingale and Fran, I'm all burnt out on Berserkers and I don't want to grind for even more materials. I don't actually care for her that much, I'd rather save for someone else. Most of the characters I want from now on are 4*s anyway.

I grailed my Shiki even though I have NP2 Jack, only best girls get grails, stars be damned.

Thats cute, i have Herc, Vlad, Kintoki, smartcat and Asterios topped. After i get Raikou my life is complete as far as berserkers go. Wouldnt have Maxed Cat otherwise but i have barely any aoe clears and couldnt just wait months for mama. Have calculated that ill have all the mats for her by the time she comes though.

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I have my hopes on Kintokis golden abs working as Catalyst to make Mama appear and Banana to stay away.

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What can I say? I can't be fucked to grind up servants I don't want, not when I've got other gatcha on my plate. To each their own.

I can understand that. The only gacha im into is fgo so i min max everything i can outside gameplay faggotry. It helps that we have knowledge about the incoming materials from events. Was at first scared shitless that mama takes over 70 golem balls to level up skills but events from here to there already give almost 80.

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Why do I feel warm and safe from just looking at her?

>Associated with a Lovecraftian horror
Because you're very misguided, apparently.

This isn't my Oi!

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>Oui's voice

Post more Oi-han!
I have not nearly enough of her.

God bless that artist

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>tfw family are barbarians from another part of Asia
Pls love me Oui-chan

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>playing since janurary
>haven't rolled for any ssr
>330 sq

Am I ready bros?

You can get a 5* from a random ticket or fail to get one after 4K quartz.
Who can say.

Depends. Jeannu alter is close and Cualter is upon us in just few hours. Follow your dick.

Cu isn't limited, though.

Might aswell be, what with being story locked. Only madmen and whales roll story gacha.

Cu alter is locked behind story gacha. It have pretty much same effect.

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Big hair.
Big boobs.
Big ass.
Big lips.

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But the woman you posted is tiny

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Draphs are a miracle in the universe.

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It was the only big ass SFW picture I had

Post more girls with big feminine things.

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Mummy-moto will never dote on me and scold me when I misbehave, lightly spanking my bottom while lecturing me in a loving, soft, but forceful voice.

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I want to sleep with mommy.

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FGO will get an anime, but it's in the air whether it'll skip to Chapter 5 or start right after the OVA did. Then again, we did get that other OVA that came out last December that way past that.

Either way, it'll likely be 2019 Q2-3 before it'll even happen since their plates are full right now.