48 spots in a Hunger Games Sim. Give me your waifus and let's watch them battle

48 spots in a Hunger Games Sim. Give me your waifus and let's watch them battle.

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Tewi Inaba

Let's see what happens

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Boy next door

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Golgo will kill all of you're waifus

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Cynthia will win.

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I don't want her to die though.

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Post the link to the trash thread once it's done.

Also Egyptian NEET.

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Card game Prodigy

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smug rabbit

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twinkle twinkle

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>thread deleted in 3, 2, 1...

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Thot Banisher

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Eris will crush your shit waifus

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>24 pictures
>22 Posters
Someone is NOT loyal


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>Hunger Games
And Sup Forums has finally completed its transformation into Sup Forums. Thanks for forcing the Narutofags in moot you gigantic fucking faggot.

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What is this literal trash thread

Marii Buratei

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Get over yourself, idiot. You don't seem to remember Sup Forums a decade and longer ago.

>no fun allowed
>imagining scenarios of fictional characters form anime/manga isn’t Sup Forums related
Then how about those “I want to hug Kona-Chan!” threads? Do those not do the same thing?

can't die if she's already dead

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La Hermana

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Spoilers nigga


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it's literally the premise of the show


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>“I want to hug X" threads
A lazy copy-pasted OP that is borderline shitposting in itself, but since the end goal and result is discussion of the anime/manga that X belongs to, the threads are allowed.
A fucking Hunger Games simulation thread has nothing to do with anime and manga discussion.


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