WHAT THE FUCK how can they just off Yoshii like that

How the fuck is the series supposed to go on without its true hero

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>Start shit
>not get hit

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Oh, just keep watching. It gets better.

You'll get why he did what he did if you keep watching. He may be dead but he stays relevant for the rest of the show

Yoshii did nothing wrong

Breathing new life into Lux

>How the fuck is the series supposed to go on without its true hero
Its not, it gets stale as fuck until the edgefest ending

>It's another "I didn't actually watch or try to understand the show" post


>"Y-you just don't get it"
Texh sucked at portraying its message in a compelling matter, like in the surface or at the end, where everything is already said but you feel like watching a documentary instead of a dramatic history, and also at making the watcher feel empathy about the characters on screen, I tried to give a fuck about Ran's fate but it was just too hard because she was a plain and one-dimensional cardboard of a character just like almost all of them

Yoshi and Onishi's secretary where the only two characters that actually gave the show some substance

I said you didn't try to understand it, which is true if you just think it's an edgefest with no purpose. I'd love to hear whatever message you think was being portrayed that resulted in an edgefest.

The show seems to follow the same route it is trying to portray, which is why when you say that Yoshii brought some substance to the show he's making us feel something for the show as the rest of the show makes you feel nothing. It's meta af.

OP, might as well not look at this thread anymore, you're probably going to get spoiled.

The ending song in the final episode fucking sucked

>no purpose
It's only purpose its to cement the same idea the show tries to portray about the egoistic nature of human beings and the pointless struggle to survive and overcome that keeps us from stagnation (Surface)

>The show was made to make you feel nothing
That's meta, but it still sucks

Besides, the hole point of Yoshii going down and riling things up is to get humans to act like humans, but the resulting reactions and consequences are just too unmoving because of the bland characters

The struggle is not pointless. The struggle never happens because Yoshii dies and everybody else was wrong in their different pursuits of a next evolutionary step for humanity. The people thus never revolted until the very end when their morals are corrupted through being prodded over and over again and finally and suddenly given release. The failure in "evolution" happens in two different macrocosmic ways, through sterilization on the surface that results in stagnation, and through force down below through Kano which results in losing humanity in favor of dysfunctional shells rooted to the ground. The surface is NOT the same as below. They are different representations of different outcomes due to various failures.

>muh round complex characters
holy shit this is the biggest meme of all time. Not only that you don't understand that Texh has no message.

So its a show that has no message, no point and no interesting characterization


Agreed, nothing but awful Engrish

>Texh has no message

Oh fuck off

Why do japs love ruining emotional scenes with engrish so much?

Like all great pieces of art they aim to only show you life and nothing more. You come up with whatever bullshit "message" you want.

Okay, director/writer, tell us what it means. Go on. I fucking dare you to tell us what it's all about.

When you decide not to be pretentious you'll realize that artists create art to express something.

Texhnolyze is about the pointless pursuit of an evolved and perfected humanity that does not exist.

When I say its pointless I mean that it creates suffering and dissatisfaction, but that those things are what make humanity human, which is what Yoshii longed for and the reason he went down there Where everything fails given that "evolution" as thought by them is a failed concept, and by using the wrong means in their way to evolution they are a poor attempt at copying what the surface had done

>Like all great pieces of art they aim to only show you life and nothing more.
Don't know about you man but things like Monster or Lain do have a clear message portrayed in them

not him but christ could you have more of a superficial understanding of tex

Am I the only or was the dub kinda okay? I mean it wasn't bad but it was tolerable enough and I think it works for Texhnolyze since it's so heavily based around visuals and whatnot.

get taste lad

Onishi was also great

That's quite interesting, considering Texhnolyzation itself is meant to be an advancement to the human body that in its ultimate form only reduces the body to a mechanical thing that, to quote Shinji, "can't even please a woman". What did you think them rooting to the ground was? That's the endpoint. The apex of so called "perfection". The surface failed too, because they tried to sterilize all the scary stuff and that just made them inhuman as well by removing the struggle.

Please explain to me your "superior" understanding of Texhnolyze.

And let's also note that Lain, created by the same team, also has similar thematic material about what it means to be human and antitranshumanism.

But it was conveyed properly, it did impact the viewer and characters did felt like humans caught in a postmodern shitstorm

>brainlets don't realize it was a happy ending

>People still try to make this argument because Ichise smiled

no my dude, It's because humans are kil

Ichise's praised by the creators as a "true man", so I would argue that humanity is to be praised, as it is in Lain. It's only the pursuit to go beyond that is discouraged.

Congrats for just explaining the narrative?

Sadly that's not what it's "about". On one hand it's an allegory of our world and its history. More importantly, on the other hand, it's about Ichise and his story than it is about the setting and the hard plot details surrounding it or any other main character. It's about a man trying to change through find meaning, a drive and reason for continuing on, something more than just an animalistic, instinctual drive throughout the beginning. He finds this in Ran after she shows him perhaps the only bit of kindness he's been given his whole life. He feels this need to protect her and in the end to save her from the madness of the city. He returns to the city and on that long walk just before arriving at the theatre where Kanno is, he imagines Ran beside him and admits to her and himself that even he recognizes the change in him. He's no longer some thoughtless beast told what to do. He's finally doing something of his own free will and yet at the same time he realizes that not everything has changed. He's going to go out and kill exactly as he had been doing before but it's a sacrifice he's willing to make for her. He fails in saving her but as he lies there waiting to die along with the city, he smiles for the first time, glad that he made this selfless and loving connection with another.

Ichises drive to save Ran, Rans drive to prevent the fate she sees for Lukuss, Onishis drive to manage and keep the status quo so-to-speak, Yoshii's drive to save Lukuss from an inevitable spiritual death, Docs drive to save the people from a physical "death" and Kannos combination of Yoshii and Docs drive. They've all created ideologies through their love of mankind -- be that in a general sense (Yoshii/Kanno) or in a individual one (Ichise) -- and the sacrifices necessary to gift man with their respective ideas of salvation.

Top fucking kek
What you just posted is the plot of Bladerunner 2049, not texhnolyze
I suggest you rewatch the show

This is a part of Ichise's character development as a "true man", and not the entirety of what the show is trying to say. Drive is a part of it because independent struggle is important for the true man, and your observation of all of the characters having their own drive is good, but the failure is the ultimate warning, and what is it that the people in this universe fail at that is so important and is referenced over and over again? If the show were to be just about drive, there would be no reason to have included and emphasized these other, emotionally important elements regarding the pursuit of perfection.

And also, your observations are connected to what the show is trying to say, but not the ultimate conclusion. That the true man struggles independently is connected to the main idea, that humanity is precious the way it is and transhumanism is pointless and harmful.


what would happen if he carried out his plan

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didn't everyone expect one person live at the very end?

Your meaning of it strikes me as being incredibly sterile, trying to view it intellectually but not on a spiritual/philosophical level which is what I got from it

Only because it's laid out in words. Texhnolyze is a dirty and human piece of work, and you understand this thematic matter through emotional reaction and fear of the uncanny resonating with your sense of what makes you a functioning human. In explaining anything you have to dissect it, but you don't have to be any less "spiritual" in your connection to the themes to understand what I've wrote through just watching it. You can also understand and connect with the characters' failed pursuits and their consequences through the experience.

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18/22, still don't get the love for this show.
Maybe it'll be one of those shows that is more interesting to look at retrospectively than actually watching it.

Honestly you have to be at least 25 to 'get' it

Stop. Posts like this is part of why retards come into these threads to call these shows pretentious. Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

I thought it was because Ichise found meaning in his life, and consequently his death.

He found meaning and subsequently failed in protecting the last thing he was too late in finding meaning for.

I think no age can save you from the insipid presentation, Lain was cooler and didn't feel this drawn out.

The dub is good

The dub gave us good outtakes: (super major spoilers obviously) youtube.com/watch?v=LqtfGExWMPY

Despite it's problems I'd say Texhnolyze is rather unique and it's a shame we probably won't ever get something like this again.

Just keep watching, you'll see that he did nothing wrong but Onishi was a good guy

Yeah besides Yoshi, Onishi was the other character I had a lot of sympathy for.

What about Shinji? I feel like his heart's in the right place.


>Not posting the best one

Onishi and Shinji were my favorite characters, and the Doctor, I really felt sad for her on the end.

>that humanity is precious the way it is and transhumanism is pointless and harmful.
I don't understand how you could come to that conclusion when you have a faction dedicated exactly to that argument in the Salvation Union, failing utterly at the task.

Hell, look at the scenes where Doc describes what her Texhnolyze is for and tell me that the show outright rejects transhumanism.

it doesn't. the series takes a steep dive in quality after that and it never picks back up.

This, we all now Chiaki is fucked but he's probably more suited for 1 cour shows.

The animation in this felt damn uninspired for a show that tries to focus on visual narrative