How does Mind of Steel Shirou win the Holy Grail war anyway?

How does Mind of Steel Shirou win the Holy Grail war anyway?

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It's all speculation, but at this point in the story, Gil is still around. Remember how in UBW Kirei "gave" Shinji Gil? I'm guessing something like that would go dow.

With his dick.

I'm more interested in crazy Rin since it's implied she snapped with Sakura's death. Too bad Archer didn't make it to this point because he probably would have shot Shirou full of holes the moment he left the church because of what he did as he proved him right and would further drive Archer's desperate suicide attempts.

It doesn't matter. I guarantee Sup Forums thinks about this bad end way more than Nasu ever did.

Using Archer might be one of the ways Shirou gets an edge. Being around him in UBW was what gave him those power ups, cause of time paradox fuckery. If Archer gets even more desperate, Shirou could absorb even more shit.

Seeing Shirou go mind of steel and trigger-happy against all servants and masters would have been 20x better than Heaven’s feel or any fate route for that matter
Prove me wrong

I always though MoS was ridiculous and overrated exactly because he had no fucking chance with what he had at that point, but who knows. Everything is possible when you have MC plot armor on your side.

Based Zerobaby

Less waifuism in that route since 2 are dead and the other went batshit because 1 of them died and the last one is an enemy that knows she'll be an enemy. Shit route. Then again, i suppose it could be salvaged if IIiya became his Iri and killed and fought the others with him including rin then dies to him in a bitter betrayal she already knew was coming

I mean isn't that kind of the point, and what makes it interesting to speculate?

Shirou, in HF, is arguably the weakest version, up until he gets the arm, and he ain't got that arm in MoS. It comes down to figuring out how to score a win.

I think the most interesting part would be how, with IIya, who he'll eventually have to kill and Kirei who'll assist him then try to kill him will fall and fail so he can win. Shirou would have to become a genius manipulator to out fox those two and kill them, which isn't possible because the guy is as dumb as a brick

Shirou isn't dumb. Archer is proof of that. He could fuck with everyone when he wanted to.

I mean there are options to get him pretty far along. I think this is the most sensible. Gil and him sweeping everyone up until the end. Then it just comes down to Shirou potentially figuring out how to outdo Kirei and Gil- two people he specifically outdid in the previous routes.

Haven’t even watched Zero yet for some reason. Kys

This is part of the reason I don't really like Zero. Since you would assume, based on how Kirei talks, that the events of Zero should be similar to what happens after this end. But it does not feel like it at all.

You know it's going to be a funny surprise for Shirou in that route if he manages to make it to Zouken only to find him dead already because by killing Sakura they killed him as well. There's also Rider, how the hell is he going to survive past Rider here since she wasn't dead yet? She'll not only kill him immediately but she'll ignore everyone else and make a beeline straight for him with absolutely nobody going to protect him from her

It's not even certain that he wins.

If I recall correctly, Shirou can develop Mind's eye to create a "way" to a certain destination. If he drops everything to become a superhero, he will focus on "winning" the HGW. Even if he needs to use Rin or Illya to beat everyone else and then treason them, he will do it. That's what Kirei says, that he is basically Kiritsugu and he won't hesitate or stab in the back and sacrifice everyone for his dream.

If MoF Shirou really does become Emiya Alter, then he probably learns about Unlimited Blade Works really late.

>Kara no Kyoukai - the Garden of sinners series

Light Novel
Final Record: the Garden of oblivion!lo8BDYKb!S3HXD_QLJCoaoJfhAejEHzcCOXYCAXOOQO6M_cXe2jk

>Tsukihime (Moon Princess) series

Tsukihime - Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under The Crimson Air
Tsukihime Plus+Disc - Alliance of Illusionary Eyes
Tsukihime Fun Disc: Kagetsu Tohya - Twilight Grass Moon, Fairy Tale Princess

>Fate series

Fate/stay night [Realta Nua]
Fate/hollow ataraxia

>Mahoutsukai no Yoru - Witch on the Holy Night

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>Shirou walks out of the church
>He knows Sakura is dead
>Rider comes rushing to him, intent to kill for his "failure"
>Things look bad
>Suddenly, Rider gets Gate of Babylon'd
>Gil introduces himself
>Proceed like Shinji and Gil in UBW

thanks for the links user

And what's to stop Rin and Archer from showing their faces immediately after or before that? Rin lost her mind because Sakura's death and she already killed Shirou once in another path and here he gave her a reason to kill him. She probably had Archer aiming at Shirou as soon as he left the church or maybe I'm overestimating Rin's attachment to her sister, she very will might go "oh well, that's life for magus" and plot how to take out the other masters leaving Shirou for last or maybe ignore him completely since he's without a servant and can't harm her.

He doesn't, Kotomine is just pretending to be retarded because Gil kills him off without effort.

With obscene amounts of support from Archer, Rin and Seiba.

Which he doesn't have during MoS ending because he is planning to fuck Rin up.

I mean with Gil involved, you could basically handwave everything up until his inevitable betrayal, and at that point, you could argue that Kirei was telling a half-truth. Shirou "wins" the grail war, but then gets fucked over by him and Gil.

Or maybe, if we're being generous, something happens in the interim between Gil slaughtering everyone, that gives Shirou an edge. It's not implausible. Shirou overcame both Kirei and Gil respectively in the previous two routes. Having the last route involve him taking on both at the same could almost works. Kinda poetic.

Just watch Prisma Illya movie senpai

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Don't forget that Kirei will always die 10 years after the 4th HGW, so it's basically Shirou vs Gil.

That's the hardest part, Shirou on his own fucking dies and they make that clear in all three routes, here he's alone, what plot trinket established from the previous three routes is there even left to give him to let him defeat or at least draw with Kirei and Gil? I remember even the slightest misstep would fuck his day up,to such as being caught by Kirei results in the guy strolling to his house, letting Lancer distract Saber and casually killing Shirou in his own home.

Archer was OK with killing Sakura and with Shirou losing his ideals. Also Rin never killed Shirou in any ending the worse she ever did was erasing his memories.

>letting Lancer distract Saber and casually killing Shirou in his own home.

This was my favorite end in the VN. You get it by not looking into the church's dark corners, right?

Any number of things could conceivably happen. Kotomine may even give Shirou a hand, expressing amusement at how Shirou is essentially becoming Kiritsugu 2.0.

Remember, even though the three routes follow the same Grail War, what actually happens in those routes are wildly different from one another.

Only two things really come to mind.

1. Shirou somehow gets the same power up he got in UBW. It'd involve Archer going full vendetta mode, like in that route, but somehow still being casual enough that he wants to spend more time fucking with Shirou then just straight killing him. I don't see this happening, but it's the best I got.

2. Nasu just creates something that allows him to win. Maybe it has something to do with Kerry? Something hidden in the Emiya Mansion that previously we didn't know about? It's a cop out, but I see that as more likely to happen.

Yeah, you wuss out and run away, Kirei throws a piece of muliated flesh from one of gil's "batteries" for Shirou to look at, he realizes what it is then Kirei stabs his hand through his chest and kills him.

In all 3 routes we never see Shirou using a bow
imo in Mind of Steel he starts doing archery again and Broken Phantasms the hell out of all the masters from a distance, burns down Kirei's church, and leaves the rest of the servants to die without a mana source

>Something that allows Shirou to get the same power as in UBW.
>Some kind of hidden item that allows him to win
Kaleidostick intensifies.

>Nasu just creates something that allows him to win. Maybe it has something to do with Kerry? Something hidden in the Emiya Mansion that previously we didn't know about?
Didn't kiritsugu left some magic bullets?

That would actually be fucking great. People picture MoS being this grimdark alternate setting, but it turns out Shirou wins by becoming a magical boy.

He should, and that's probably one of the first things I see happening. He looks around the house and finds Kerry's old gun.

The Kaleidostick scene in HA was pretty grimdark desu. The stick actually invites Shirou to become one at a change of great power to make his dream reality, which unironically was pretty Kiritsugu-like.

He doesn't have the prana capacity to use Broken Phantasms yet, not without a link to Rin. Plus, it takes pretty extenuating circumstances to cause him to awaken to his Reality Marble.

MoS Shirou probably doesn't find out about his Reality Marble until like years after the Heaven's Feel, so he focuses everything on Reinforcement and Alteration. As a result, his skill at Reinforcement is better than any other Shirou's, but his Gradation Air suffers.

Wasnt every servant except Rider and Assassin dead after Rin executes sakura though?

Rin is the one who knifes her? Where are people getting that "she goes crazy because her sis is dead" thing from then if she's willing to actually kill her?

Kotomine says Rin will go crazy because Sakura is dead, since she no longer has anyone to love and will be consumed by her greed for the grail

Damn that's dark, I bet he was hard as rock in that scene. I wonder how Prismaverse Rin would react to a dead Sakura

Maybe Kotomine will supply Shirou with some guns. I'm sure he'd really get a kick out of seeing Shirou kill everyone.

He only had to kill Ilya, Rin and Zouken at that point to win the War, plus Kirei if he kept fighting without avenger to look forward to
Rin was in the other room with her back turned, Zouken and Assassin lost to Kirei so they would lose to archer's arm, and Ilya was a defenseless child

She wasn't defenseless did you forget that bird shit she would do? Through I do like the idea of Shirou going up to Rin probably still trying to pull herself together holding that bloody knife and looking at her now dead sister's corpse, In fact, imagine if immediately after this, Kirei grabs Rin and IIiya, ties them to chairs and presents them to Shirou as "help" for the servantless and mageless player. Imagine if instead of yelling insults or crying Rin's dead eyes are just waiting for dead and IIiya has the biggest smile on herself and you have to choose which of them to stab first.

Kotomine gives Shirou Gilgamesh he then wins then proceeds to command spell Gilgamesh to kill self and grail

Why wasn't this Canon?

Holy grail war for the peace of the Eurasia in the age of the chaos will be started soon.which Anti heroic spirit do you wanna summon through??for me,I want Assassin of Russia.

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