Chaika thread

lets have one for the best qt
does anyone know the heigth of chaika?
freddy is also welcome

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Pretty sure she's IMAGINE size.

shave the brows

Red Chaika is best girl. Best butt and canon likes anal.

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That'd be extremely painful.

>freddy is also welcome
This is a good Chaika thread.

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>like character
>character has butt
>anal-fags trying hard to force their fetish into the character
I mean, it's not stopping me from enjoying said character, just a tad annoying.

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No idea. Do you have an image of her next to something like a doorway or a wall socket?

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bad picture

NO thick brows are hot

>canon likes anal
tell me more

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She doesn't.

well, isnt her rifle based of a real one?

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Give me an image then of her standing straight up and holding the rifle, and tell me what rifle her's is based off of.

I want to punch her until she learns proper English

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but in the end she does speak like a human bean

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Chaika a qt.

What's the chance?

couldn't watch it past episode 2 because she pissed me off

Well, it's an appropriate reaction image.
shit taste

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chaika's pussy smells like dead

I like the guy, his sister and the plot it had, but this white haired bitch makes me so fucking mad

Her eyebrows also looks stupid

Her eyebrows are perfect.

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>hating one of the best things about her

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i think you need to leave

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don't you dare to bully chaika

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I got 4 episodes into this and it was more bearable

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stay alive

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Chaika! On Front Page!

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Shit thread for a shitty character nobody likes Chaika

youre just jealous because your character cant reach the front page

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chaika gave me diabetes

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>ywn take Chaika to the front page with your own hands

How can she be so cute, lads?

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because she is not a 3D thot

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Still cute but nowhere near as adorable when she's wearing those butterfly hair clips.

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why chaika

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Why not Chaika?

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And that is a bad thing?

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I heard that she is he.

At last, I truly see!

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guys? where can i meet girls like her?

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You can't.

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All I see are FAKE Chaikas.

How many chaikas are there overall?

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