Märchen Mädchen

Per 5ch, episode 11 and episode 12 screen time have been set (Granted it is 5ch so it could be someone pulling from their ass, take it as a grain of salt)
Episode 11 May 11 26:10
Episode 12 May 18 26:10

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It seems reasonable, at least.

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I don't care about that show I'm here for the quality.

They should just drop Hazuki's story and make the rest of the show about Lynne's sister molesting her.

VA report of episode 9

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> The story of Märchen Mädchen is based on original plans drafted by author Tomohiro Matsu prior to his death in 2016.

This is what becomes of a man's dying wish. What a waste.

Cute burger.

Rape Lynne!

I'm sure her sister will.

She must.

Didn't happen the same with regalia?

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They realized things are wrong early on and remake from them beginning

Not quite the same.

Actas' problems never went to internal disaster for the studio when it was just work management problems for good enough quality in GuP/Regalia when they had the option of taking the delay.
Long Riders on the other hand though seemed to take a harder hit and no option to delay it.

Animator from show here. Here is a spoiler for you non-Japanese.

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Keep up the good work, animator-san.

I already lost interest though, I will watch the last 4 episodes the day this gets a second season.

I'm glad I never stopped believing.

All the animators who dared ever posting on twitter must now be forever blacklisted from ever working on anime ever again. If they ever dare talking badly about their lord and master, then they are traitors.

Godspeed, sensei.

Hazuki's story WILL be finished.

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I hope this is true. Those people are human trash and deserve to be shamed

Not really, those that remains are like those who remain in a nuclear power plant after its explosion, what they did in their clean up efforts are respectable.