We can all agree on this

We can all agree on this.

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all i get from this picture is that youve watched about 4 shows in total.

Please don't

Previous years for reference.

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The Heaven's Feel movie came out in October, dumbass

The council watches every show, user. We didn't even drop Marchen Maedchen.

This isn't even good bait. Just an elaborate bad joke


Winter: Koi wa Ameagari
Spring: Golden Kamuy
Summer: High Score Girl or Banana Fish
Fall: TBD

>Kyoani about to win AOTY 3 years in a row
Something needs to be done

2013 was a good fucking year

You should go do your prayers then

And they're going to win movie AOTY


It really was. Lots of great CGDCT.

then you mental capacity must be heavily limited. i can deal with sorayori and veg, but yuru camp? really?

>yuru camp
Best comfy since Non Non Biyori, silly goose.

>not a single male on the entire chart

The only studio who bullies is Silver link

There's two of them, although Kyoro perhaps doesn't count.

We at the council decided to start naming honorable mentions this season because this season was of exceptionally high quality. It has been a pleasure sharing this season with you, Sup Forums.

I don't see a group of high school girls in that picture, user.
Change it to Yuru Camp or Slow Start.

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AOTS Definitely. Solid contender for AOTY after ep10.

It'll certainly take something amazing and completely unexpected to top it. It's KyoAni's best since Nichijou.

Judging by this chart, it would have to be PTE.

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PTE is not AOTS but it is certainly shitpost of the eon.

>Flying Witch

Seems about right.

So why would it not belong on a shitpost chart?

This is the laziest laughing gif I have ever seen.

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It would, if someone were to make one.

>all moeshit
will hiroshimoot delete cleanse this place ?


Hibike movies are gonna be kino as fuck.
>I can't even use an anime-related image yet I think my opinion is important enough to post

I retract that previous claim that PTE should be on there. I made a judgemental error. You're right. VEG is AOTS possibly AOTY too.

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Is this b8?

veg is watched by like 30 people tops
i know these pictures are memes but still, kill yourself kyoanifag

>Saberclone a shit.jpg
>"Official & Objective"


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I see Sup Forums's taste is as stale as always

No they're not.
If yuyushiki's on that, it's not bait.

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>Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou not AOTY 2017
absolute garbage otherwise good list

Don't be dumb. Of course you put some correct things in a bait chart to fuel the arguments.

Wow, literally everything on that list is garbage. This is some top quality bait.

And thish ish zhe prime exshample of pure ideology.

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Replace VE with Yurucamp and would be more beliavable bait

You know the b8 previous years was believable, but since you're putting VEG up to keep the b8 going it's no longer believable.
It's a bad KyoAni show. It's not up to their normal standard.

>umaru chan R for last fall
I watched and liked that show but those threads were either dead or shitposted to death by the gore-spammer, I'm pretty sure umaru is only on that to trigger the majority of anons who hate her show

Who are you quoting?

What's gonna be this Spring's AOTS? There's no cute girl shows as far as I remember.


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how do you do it?

VEG's threads have been shitposted pretty hard too. People on Sup Forums hate Violet as well making autistic memes and edits.

Fucking hell, seriously? What is this shit? Not a single fucking decent anime. NONE.

Please tell me this is made by some retard and most of you don't agree with this shit list

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赤いレターメディア is absolutely anime-related.

Read the replies, no one agrees. It's just some b8ter, or someone who can literally only enjoy the worst mediums outside of Idol animes.

Fucking Slice of life needs to die.

Glad to see there's still people with good taste on Sup Forums.

Get your taste checked. You might have been eating feces for years and never realized it.

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It looks to be a pretty terrible season. Is Comic Girls going to be full-length episodes?
Anyways, probably Amanchu.

>not Yuru Camp
The pattern has always been there, you can't be the original official user.

I don't get it, are this guys Mods? Anytime I make some marginally shady thread I get nuked in minutes, yet I see this fucker for weeks during the years and nothing happens.

What's with Kinoani and always finding a way? How do they do it?

Why doesn't it go before 2013 and where are the trigger shows? Have you not watched anything from the previous decade OP?

Vioret is cute, though, and she does cute things.

There's no pattern though. Every AOTS and AOTY are chosen separately and based on their individual merits

These kinds of charts have been around for many years and they've always been used to bait replies, but in a surprising twist, the previous years' charts actually had better taste.

Perhaps that's all Sup Forums has ever been. A race to the bottom.

yuru camp is way cuter and everyone loves it

veg isn't loved by everyone

>where are the trigger shows?
LWA was the only good one and it was obviously outshone by Maid Dragon.

>where are the trigger shows
In the trash can where they belong

True, I'm sorry.
It's still Yuru Camp.

Most VEG shitposting is IRC/Discord. They do it to every KyoAni show.

>not sora yori
>not yuru camp

fuck off


You shut your fucking mouth, RLM Reactions are sacred.

You are a prime example of a crossboarding shitposter.

I'm a yuru camper too but Violet is better desu

There's still 2 episodes left m8, for now put Yuru Camp or Sora Yori

Newfag here, this was my first season, just for reference, is winter ‘18 considered good or bad?

Not here

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I watched 5 shows so it's good. Sometimes I barely watch 1.

yea right, haven't you seen the disaster that was death march?

Average, lurk more

You can tell this was made for shitposting since it isn't Toji no MIko.

This has been an unusually good season. Next season looks to be shit.

>t. newfag

Devilman Crybaby is the AOTS and probably AOTY. Sup Forums is full of plebs and newfags right now.

What the fuck are you even talking about? No one cares about your e-celebs.

Welcome Sup Forums, you don't get a say in Sup Forums matters though

That would be replacing it with a better show, at least.

I didn't want to start a fanbase war so thank you for also including Yuru Camp and Sora Yori, both AOTS for me and I'm sure that for many anons as well.

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Wtf I hate Yuru camp now

Unusually good.

YC was good, didn't like yori though


Pretentious garbage as always from Yuasa.

Is bait or New a have such shit taste

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You have to be 18 to browse here.

>Devilman Crybaby is the AOTS and probably AOTY. Sup Forums is full of plebs and newfags right now.
You fucking nigger.