Aikatsu Pripara THE END

Let's all look forward to wait to meet surely like a Laala somewhere!

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I want to fuck Lala.

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You forget pic related, whom I post almost every thread.

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You may not care about my opinion, but I need to write out my thoughts about the end of Stars. Until last week, I thought I wasn't going to be any sad about it because of the tremendous waste its second season is, but last week's episode changed my mind and I’m now quite sad.
This episode just oozes season 1 vibes and abruptly took me back to that time. We finally got to see an episode focusing on the bond between Yume and Rola again, just like in early season 1 and the movie. Even Yume, who’d been a soulless robot throughout the year, seems to have got her season 1 personality back in this episode. There was already some shitty writing back then, but most episodes were about genuine idol activities, auditions, etc. and more slice of life oriented, like OGkatsu, and unlike season 2 which is way too much about competition.
In fact, this episode is kind of a metaphor for season 2. The writers lost sight of what made season 1 and its characters enjoyable for me, despite a few flaws: having more personality and having fun through idol activities.

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Not a general

Just like Ichigo gen, the series was killed by the introduction of a new school at the beginning of its second season. Venus Ark’s cast was good and decently handled overall, but it couldn’t make up for the way Yotsuboshi’s characters were, which ruined the season. Ako had a nice relationship with Kirara, but that’s it. Yume just became a cringe robot keeping telling people she wanted to "shine with everyone" one hundred times per episode; Rola was barely an idol in her own right but more of a support for Yume, like Koharu, and she turned out to be an even bigger loser than in first season (I still can’t believe she didn’t make it in the final tournament of the series). Mahiru was more serious and boring than ever. Season 1’s side characters basically disappeared (Yuri, M4, teachers). There was no chemistry between S4 members, unlike the previous generation, and no real bonding with Yuzu, one of the very few funny characters. The S4 concept itself, yet the biggest deal of the first season, was totally pointless.
So, seeing Yume and Rola being able to recall their early feelings and motivations to do Aikatsu in the penultimate episode filled me with nostalgia and regrets about how things developed over this season. Now that Venus Ark’s gone, I feel like season 1’s finally back, but it’s way too late and thus, cruel.
Lastly, the episode made me remember how high Rola was at the beginning of the series and how low she is at the end, and it left me with a bitter feeling since she’s ever been one of the most lovable characters. Actually, she’s like the series itself: lovable, with a lot of potential, but she turned out to be horribly handled, if not a total waste. I’m sure the last episode will strengthen all these feelings, and hearing Aikatsu Step one last time will fill me with even more nostalgia and bitterness. RIP, Stars.

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Who is the man in this relationship

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I wish I could express my feelings towards Aikatsu the same way you do.

Pripara is not ded

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Completely agree. Yume and Rola's relationship was so great in S1, S2 turning Rola into Yume's bitch was the saddest thing about S2. I really hope Aikatsu never becomes as competition-obsessed as Stars S2 again.

I am aroused.

>man in this relationship
They're both girls?

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If they have competitions betweens teams and duos they can maybe avoid the eternal loser problem.

>lying on the internet

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>partner swapping episode

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I hope so. If Mio turns into Rola 2.0 then it might be time to deploy the 3rd nuke.

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This is an interesting pic.

I wonder if it would work to have Mio be the better one. Having Aine being the one who is walys trying to catch up would work better since she's the pink.

Mio is supposed to already be top idol of the school at the start so it looks like that's how its going to be at least for a while. But Rola also started out kind of like that which worries me.

ded series
ded thread

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I will soon be dead.

Don't worry guys. Stars and PriPara can join me in the ded tomodachi section. We got cookies, scones and tea.

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*unzips dick*

Its over

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A very underground idle is celebrating today

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I thought we were done with this.

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It's never over.

prichan is starting too soon, I'll still be recovering from the loss of Lala.

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Hold still, I'm almost done.
Hi there, my friend! How are you doing?
Su-Sukoshi mo samishikunai wa...

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Below average-quality Non, but still quite good on an absolute scale.

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Please PriPara, you can be as shit as you want but never end. Now I know how the "I want to kill myself" fags feel.

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>Ever Gold
More like Never Live.


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I like this.

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>Idle Time

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I'm so lonely.

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I never really liked her, but I'm happy such a minor character from a ded show still manages to get birthday fanart.

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So, is this really the end of /ai/'s stay as a not-general?

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Maybe Aikatsukin himself will join us once more when we become AiFure and Prichan

Just don't post Moon Dress spoilers. Some spoiler that turned out to be.

Reminder that Junon beat Sophie in a coolness contest by one vote: Sophie's.

What does it say?

good one

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Shooting something gooey into Yui.

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Her popularity always seemed out of proportion to her importance in the show.

Like if you're decorating a cake and she wants some of the icing?

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No, I don't want to make her any fatter than she already is.

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>Sophie it's pregnant again
Goddammit Leona

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MikanxPepper OTP

Who is in the top middle?

>Hi there, my friend! How are you doing?
I'm good. Kanae Itou got two new roles in an upcoming Kirara manga adaption and Gundam Build Diver. Also her returning as Meganee is always good.

Never ever forget the original Lalafucker, the ojiisan from the first episode.

Ajimi? Greek Meganii? Kurukuruchan's butler?

Between Greek Meganii and Meganee Black. Was that Kurukuru-chan's butler? I remember him being thinner.

The school Director

That makes sense.

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I love it.
That's good! Hearing you're happy makes me happy.

>dreaca killed ichigogen
>venus ark killed stars
I just hope they don't add a new school in aifure s2, if it ever gets another season that is.

still the cutest

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I hate happy couples.

>Its been 2 years since they were last on screen together

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I don't ever want to say goodbye to Roller

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It isn't like you're gonna stop posting her.

I hope the roller poster dies with her. (80% roleplayers)

I am The Rola.

is the switch games like the 3ds ones? easy as fuck?

>Idol Time batch
There are a bunch of (mostly minor) things I'll need to update and fix, but since the BDs are 3/4 out, I'll just work directly on those when I get around to it. I was intending to do by-cour batches with updated official song TLs and stuff, but the best-laid plans of mascots and idols gang aft agley and such (also, the full lyrics to Gira Galactic Tightrope took half more than half a year).
I can probably do a no-changes batch for the TV release: seeding won't be too much of a hassle as people already have the episodes.
I probably won't do this any time soon, since when it's completed it will be 42 episodes of TV source and 9 of BD.
People may as well make S2 and S3 batches now and write "new SMC-Subs BD releases for S3 may continue to come out" in the guide.

ps4 port when? ;_;