Violet Evergarden

Would you cuck your dead brother?

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Shousa is dead

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Dietfag doesnt even see her as human and would only use her as a punching bag, and if by some miracle he was kind to het it would be like a distant father. Violet needs to stay away

Major, I formally request a new shipment of choccy milk.

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Why are the dark scenes in this anime so shit?

You can't ever tell what's going on

Gilbert is alive. Just wait till the last episode

Watch it on a computer or TV, imbecile.

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There is nothing wrong with chocolate milk. Stop associating it with retards

I do and it's still an ugly mess

We're low on funds this week.
Go back and do mario teaches typing.

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What the fuck is his problem?

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He put on a mole and became Dietfried.
Dumb shousa.

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Repressed homosexuality.

Drinking choccy as an adult is clearly a red flag

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Then fix your setting or wait for netflix release.

Lol. Do you guys take pure black coffee with no sugar or milk to in fear that it'll make you look "autistic".

I've been living under a rock, is this anime still airing?, how has the discussion been?

He is a sexist male. Or a closeted pedo. No difference really

>Due to staff unavailability, episode 12 of Violet Evergarden will be delayed by 24-48 hours.

>We thank you for your understanding and patience.


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>autistic murderbot kills your friends and starts following you around
>hand her over to bro
>bro dies because autistic murderbot didn't do her job properly
>she comes back to you demanding you to tell here where is your bro
>apparently she's in love with him or some shit
>"bro wtf, she's a child-murderbot, what in the fuck did you do after I gave her to you"
>tell her to fuck off
>she goes to a warzone and makes even more problems for you
>tell her to stop and fuck off
>get attacked by rebels
>now murderbot doesn't even want to kill them
>"just what in the fuck, I don't deserve any of this shit"
>she gets herself captured and almsot killed
>save her because she's the only thing left from your bro
Dietfried has every right to be annoyed

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its just a meme dude and its easy to photoshop onto autistic characters


30% mexican shitposters 30% of retards arguing with shit posters 10% what is love meme/ choccy autism violet 10% screencaps 20% actual discussion

This was clearly his fault. Instead of he pong a near Feral child and sending her to therapy like most people would do he sent her to a war zone. Its on him

"I said no! Shut up before I hit you again"

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Only if it was with a 14 year old doll girl.

That was just bantz

She killed his friends and he blames her for his brother's death. I honestly don't blame him.

We're suffering with violet, user.

Another user said that he doesn't care about what's going to happen to Violet but what happened to Gilbaato.
And I agree.
I think we have become Violet Evergarden.

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>care about gilburt
Gilbert might have been more autistic than violet. What kind of dude would just take a kid into war just because his brother told him to? He had plenty of opportunities to just adopt the little retard or find her a good home but instead he brings her into war.

Probably because he watched her kill 10 guys with a pencil

A. Fucking. Pencil.

>7 days until the finale

God damn, I just want to know if a happy ending is possible. I wasn't ready for this.

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There will be a happy ending.

>violet mindbroken used as a sex doll for faceless old men

>this is your idea of a happy ending
Maybe cut back on the hentai just a tad

No, it's 14 episodes not 13. Why is everyone saying that it's 13 episodes? I think VEG is also getting an OVA after 14 eps

I will request cattleya to write me lewd letters

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Ain't so sure now. Shit isn't looking as sweet now that I see the changes take shape.

It's 14 including the OVA, my dude. The next is the finale.

Netflix had said 13 from the beginning

Well then I hope that the ending will be bad because I don't want to admit that a Kyoani show is not actually awful this time

More like for Dietfried.

Could you have picked an even darker picture for OP?

The raws look like shit anyway.

>six guys with guns
>they don't even attempt to shoot her and just bayonet charge her in pairs

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Where can I find subbed? I really need to watch now.

>Train episode isnt the finale
>Dietfried showing up
>Gilbert might actually actually be dead
I have no idea where we're headed with this but we better buckle in

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Isn't Gilbert alive in the LN?

the OVA episode was announced to be between episode 4 and 5 since everyone was complaining about the long timeskip. Its another client episode but it might be from the third volume.

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Nice. People were complaining a lot in the jump in skill she had as an AMD. This will serve as explanation. I hope.

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The train ain't over though. That blonde dude is up to some bad shit.

Horrible subs, kissanime, otakustream
really its not that hard to fucking google "Violet Evergarden episode 1 watch"

So is it better than Koe no Katachi so far in your opinion?

I know this isn't the thread for it but I don't want to make a new one. Took a break from anime for a few years (2/3) and recently picked it up again. Watching this (violet evergarden) and was wondering what else would anons recommend? Also started watching overlord and KoiAme but not sure what to think of them yet. I'd post my old 3x3 but it's on my old pc.
Thanks guys!

It's hard because I'm a retard. Please be nice to me.

the LN would end about a few minutes past where this episode ends but its obviously a two parter right since theres no title card. Actually excited about how they're going to end it since its going wayyy past the LN at this point but I think most people could agree it really needed a proper epilogue. I'm worried that Gilbert wont show up again since Dietfred took the scene where he comes back. But I suppose having both Dietfried and Violet seeing Gilbert alive again would make for a nice scene.

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>hurrr durr I'm gonna blame a 12 year old traumatized girl for my brothers death

get a brain moron, just think dude what the fuck is wrong with you? Not used to thinking?

So, how is this anime? It looks beautiful but a youtuber told me everything else wasn't that good or entertaining.

What can Sup Forums say about this?

I don't really watch anime but I liked one called Tari Tari. I'm into slice of life ones and also trying to find more.

Better than everything right now but it's still not good

Honestly a happy ending would be violet is pregnant with diets kid and tricks Gilbert into thinking it's his. It won't even be that because the father is his brother anyway. Just like my mother did

Wow. This makes me excited for whatever happens at this point.

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I'm a prince. I have my peasants to do the thinking for me.

thanks user, will check out

>I'm worried that Gilbert wont show up again since Dietfred took the scene where he comes back.

They seem to have basically folded his Flying Letters confrontation with Violet into that scene, so I guess we could just take it as a time-saving measure. I'm getting worried too though. The worst part is that his return basically isn't set up at all, no planes flying overhead, no nothing. Maybe there's some sort of indication in the dialogue somewhere, but I'm getting bad vibes from this.

Dietfried feels bad and adopts Violet then marries his Steven gay lover. (Dietfag is homosexual in case you havent read the LN)

The biggest clue is those officers that were discussing strats with Dietfried basically acting like he's 100% dead.
He might actually be dead user. If he isn't he'll show up after this whole mess is over.

>He might actually be dead user.

Yeah, that's what I'm getting at. I thought they wouldn't actually have the stones, but things just aren't aligning that way anymore. Ishidate may have actually put that nigga in the dirt for real.

>he's a homosexual
Is this bait or are you for real?

Kojima? Small time. Safe.
I'm putting KyoAni back on the map.
He'll wish he was me.

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>folded his Flying Letters confrontation with Violet into that scene
Yeah this episode was essentially Flying Letters on a train but now I'm wondering where the fuck is this train going. At this point I'm actually kind of fine either way of how they will decide to end it. Kind of strange how an original ending in this case would take more balls to do than the LN ending. I just want Violet to have her happy ending.

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Dietfried is a total brocon in the LN. Is it gay if the only person you love in the entire world is your brother?

>be with uncle's aunt or grandmother on some anniversary

>order a mug of hot cocoa while everyone else was getting coffee or wine

>they take this with object anger & say right to my face from across the table "that's not how a man drinks!"

>"are you a boy!" "that's not manly!"

>just stare at her with a cool face & sip away while she fumes throughout the entire dinner

Most awkward dinner I've ever had

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Based choccyposter.

How long until Nolan admits he's been bested by his own disciple? Based Ishidate isn't holding back no more.

you should have ordered a shot of rum to pour into the hot cocoa. God tier combo.

No happy end. The ride never ends.

How much longer until the HS release?

Is Violet a womanlet?

No. She is just a teen.

no shes just like 14-16

My beautiful wife, allow me to sing the song of my people.

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>Letters From Heaven
Gil really is dead isn't he? And it'll end with Violet receiving a letter he wrote to her before he died.

What went wrong bros?

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Ever heard about equal rights?

Even water is better.

>those lyrics

really m8

I-I was not there singing for my kawaii waifu Violon-tan!

It makes me really happy that my song can reach your hard the same way as Micheal Jackson.
I'm sure Violo-sama is happy as well, you should join us for our daily running around the streets.

Some user said that was the song playing during ann's finale.
I'm more worried about Violet's letter.

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Why, why is nobody posting here?
Why nobody shows the same love I have for dearest Violet?
Why anons?!

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Choco Violet a cute!

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>not billie jean

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