Darling in the FranXX

Was episode 11 the best episode yet and does that mean Sup Forums likes NTR now?

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no it means we hate fat sacks of entitled shits

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Let's settle this Sup Forums


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No, it's fucking garbage.

so because we have NTR now, will Miku get rapped?

Bad start to a thread honestly. Here's a cute 02 and a prayer that this thread doesn't become trash.

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So glad next episode finally goes back to 02 and Hiro

4 weeks of this shit


Thank goddu I dropped this early in, it seems even trashier now

>Post yfw 02 dies in the next episode

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NTR is nice when you laugh at the cuck and like the bull.

Miku is best girl!

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You've just made it worse.

Why did Futoshi do wrong? Girls love nice guys

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>leading someone on
>ever acceptable
the show would be 100x better if she pushed the fatfuck away. instead she did the worst thing possible because she was too selfish.

>confrontational OP with buzzwords in the title
100% guaranteed to be trash

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They never were in a relationship, they were just friends. She can chose whoever she wants.

It didn't get trashy. It just had one episode that caused fans of the worst fetish imaginable to descend on it like locusts.

>dat bulge
damn son that guy is packing some heat
a shame he doesn't know how to use it maybe he wouldn't be such an insuferble beta than

Yo seriously can we calm down about episode 11?

It's pretty much universally agreed upon that Futoshi made mistakes and Kokoro made mistakes.

Mitsuru as he is right now is an objectively bad person >But they're all redeemable.


Nah, but I hope we will get more and more focus on Mitsukoro.

I just hope she stays away from this NTR crap.

>t. "nice guy"

Pro tip: Girls absolutely hate nice guys. They're boring to them.

That's why you disregard thots your age and go for cakes

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What if i'm not fat and i think kokoro is a shit?

Kokoro a best. A BEST.

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I'll seriously stop watching if they kill off the only reason why the show is interesting in the first place

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Seriously? You don't want her to join Mitsuru's harem?


Moshi moshi retard desu

But if we accept that both characters are neither perfect nor evil than we will have to discuss like adults instead of sperging out and shitposting.

Too bad the real NTR storm is coming

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does the truth make you mad?

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>next episode is a Nana episode

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she literally promised they would be partners forever.
it was essentially a marriage proposal.

This nigga knows what's up. Nana doujins when?

those thots with muzles in the background
those guys know how to handle that problem but they're kinda flat..


isn't that the whole show though
list of characters who got NTR'd so far:
hiro (ep3)

miku/zorome are bound to get their NTR arc next

Why do we have to call normal teenager relationship drama NTR and cucking? Futoshi, Mitsuru, and Kokoro are all unmarried kissless virgins so how in the flying fuck is this NTR?

come on, man. Stop with the shitposting threads

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I have a feeling not only will they NTR all the girls but APE will have the boys killed and the girls memories erased as the boys are no longer needed.

Guys, what would happen if you took the muzzle off one of those MP pistils?

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But, reddit told me the girl was entirely in the right and that Fatoshi is just a niceguy who is simply too nice and deserves nothing, because life is shit?

Don't you know women say nothing to avoid being fucking murdered from rejection so promises are null with them?!

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>miku/zorome are bound to get their NTR arc next
they are for the arc in which miku gets rapped and mindbroken.

It seems to me like they are all guys. Even the ones that look like 02 clones.

% of people who call her a rostie lying whore is roughly on par to american obesity rate

really makes you think

>nips ever having good taste to make Nana doujins
It's the curse of being the secret best girl

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Fucking delete this.

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They'd start talking for hours on end. Don't even try.


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shoo shoo nanafag

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Yeah only because fat people don't deserve happiness

Exactly 12 hours left for the next PV.

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>where do you think we are?
ofcourse fat beta fags are the mayority here you dumb cunt

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>an unenthusiastic reply to a childish pinky swear is the same as a marriage proposal
She didn't even know that switching partners was going to be an option, she thought she was stuck with him for life. What was she supposed to say? "No, you're fat and creepy?" They have keep up sync numbers, hurting his feelings is going to hurt combat effectiveness.

Apparently it counts as ntr now if the relationship getting cucked only exists inside the beta male's head

02 wouldn't care anyway

but most of Sup Forums are SEA and latinos

Nanaposting is the best thing to ever happen in these threads

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>not posting the real RAPE squad

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>le selfless woman meme
>le wymn are so kind
>le wymn don't want any troube, so fragile

go fuck yourself, step out of mams basement from time to time

Post rare Mikus.

Embrace it my boy. She has chosen you.

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she already has someone like mitsuru, just with more redeeming qualities and a lot more likable.

People are newfags are misusing NTR, and as far as I know Darling in the FranXX isn't a ploughing hentai.

Now? Tha'ts always been an option. That's how the whole Mother NTR subgenre exists. It's very rare for the MC to actually be fucking his mom in those.

>didn't even correct skin color

>these fuckers come to you and grab your waifu's butt

What to do?

I think it's more of a "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" bit.
Those are 02's evil exes.

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APE will try to kidnap Hiroman and kill all the boys

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You reek of virgin.

Stop being so toxic and you might make your life better.

I ask them to grab mine too, no homo though.

Time to settle this:



the elusive Mikubuns


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I really hope Mitsuru destroy Kokoro in some way. Everytime i ship a couple and it becomes canon i like to see it die. And i have a fetish for guys treating good girls like shit

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One more poll.

>Mitsuru destroy Kokoro in some way

>Everytime i ship a couple and it becomes canon i like to see it die
I hope you don't ship Hir02 too. Let 'em live, please

you monster

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Mitsuru feels like one of those guys that would for a girl to abort her baby if he found out she was pregnant.

Delete your existence, falseflag-kun.

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He will destroy her womb with his milkies

fuck off darling is for the oni

There is NTR?

Christ guess I have to watch this show then

same. I hoped fatoshii would get NTR'd, now I hope Kokoro or fatoshii dies. more suffering that way

There still a difference thou. In the mother NTR scenario the mom obviously cares for you a lot at the start. In this case Kokoro never really gave a shit about futoshi from the start with how easily she left him. This whole thing never reeked NTR for me and just seems like an another case of unrequited love.


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We need more cake doujins.

How can you shitpost one episode for so long. The last time this happened was Cross Ange.

We're in the wrong timeline

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The point is actual NTR doujins often has a naive MC who was never in serious proximity with the object of his desire. It's pretty common for the lesson to be "You should have made your move".

the thread was shit the moment it was made and mentioned NTR because of new faggotry


you're god damn fucking right. muh secret club