Dr Tenma...

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This guy carried the series.

lunge is a fucking badass MGTOW

*blocks your theory*

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This guy was a bag of unbelievable bullshit.

That's the point user

I'm BKA.

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How can one show be full of so many great characters

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He is Kaiki of this series.

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He did realise in the end that he fucked up with his family and tried to regain contact to them.

Fucking weeaboo.

>a sissy boy

>Looks like Dr. Abullah,
>Dr. Tenma
>Johan and Epsilon look identical

He's a good writer but god does he like recycling. Also forgot
>Anti-proton bomb

Post yfw

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What? Do you want more horsepower or something? drop your pants then

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Am I the only one who liked her?

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Eva was a bitch but still hot.


Yes, yes you are. And only the sister was cute.

Grimmer is one of the most well written anime characters. Lunge too.

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so fucking true, stainers transition from a guy with no emotions and an empty human to a bag of tears/rage was AMAZING, and the invisible typewriter from lunge was great too, also his last fight

He's cool, but how does tyoing in the air make you remember things better?

It just does, Lunge doesn't have to explain himself.

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Savants have weird tics and quirks

tfw you realize he was low-key a jew.

This guy would've been a total badass and maybe the best of the series if he'd been on the right track (just see how cool he was the last few episodes). He had all the elements, but he ended just kind of embarrassing overall though.

Still kind of upset that Runge didn't get to blow Roberto's brains out.

>you will never self-insert so hard thousands of people fucking die because of it

That's a fine japanese man you posted there. Domo.

Regarding memorisation, there are visuals, audials and people who move to remember.

Plebs. It's called a mind palace. Its a mnemonic device for remembering things that the ancients practiced.

In lunge's case, his "mind palace" involved a typewriter he envisioned with his mind, by typing things onto an imaginary database he committed words to memory letter by letter. He could then "read" a stored memory by remembering the movement of his fingers and looking at what was "typed".

halfway though the series, after he failed to shoot in the library, I couldnt watch it any longer. every death after that is on him for hesitating.

I understand how you feel about that but you're missing out on some great characters like Grimmer, which appear after that.