[Untranslated] Story Time - Andromeda Stories - MITSUSE Ryu / TAKEMIYA Keiko

Hey. Dumping an 80's Takemiya manga. This was published by Vertical in 2007, but I don't think anyone's scanned that yet, so I'm just going to post the JP ebook instead. This got a movie in 1982 as well.


>On the planet of Astria in the Andromeda Galaxy the Cosmoralian Empire is about to marry Prince Ithaca to Ayodoya's Princess Lilia, in the process crowning him King Astralta III. Unfortunately the happy couple's honeymoon is interrupted when sinister machines from another planet land and invade Astria, intent on eradicating all life, controlling human minds, and terraforming the once-green planet into a mechanical wasteland inhabited only by artificial life forms. After the King and his ministers are assimilated by the alien machines, the Queen Lilia and her newborn son Prince Jimsa must flee Astria. However the natives of Astria are not aware that exiles from the planet of Murat (the source of the enemy) have actually been selectively breeding the royal lines and Prince Jimsa is the ultimate fruit of their efforts. He is destined to lead their resistance against the alien machines.

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