Which kind of audience could this have?

Which kind of audience could this have?
Are fujos literally insane?

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Post the one where the dude keeps a girl in a cage.

Yes. Women love to make noise about how men mistreat them, but then there's actually a large audience who actually want men to mistreat them, but only if he's good looking.

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He says while mangas like Nagatoro and other domination threads are well received here. Hypocrite much?

I get what its trying to do, its just poorly written
its just a male tsundere with a reversed power dynamic

It's not for fujoshi, retard.

Girls like dominant men who tease them.

Nagatoro is fucking shit

I have no idea what the hell this is but it is amazing.

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anime about a succesful as fuck franchise of otome games

I'm not implying if it's good or bad, just pointing out how stupid is OP to believe he is better than somebody else.

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fucking savage


Damn, these vampire fuccbois are really fucking harsh.

All female anime fans are fujoshi on nu/a/.

Fujo here. So far this has been the single most horrifying piece of flaming trash i have ever laid eyes upon.

Granted, it looked nice in terms of visuals but watching it is as fun as getting a lobotomy.

Jesus christ that's hilarious.

I'll post the rest I guess.

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post ankles

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Here's a slightly different pic of

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Why are they so mean?

lmfao is this a fucking comedy?

is this a comedy

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Hah, they're basically hardliner muslims in the way they treat women. Might aswell be saudi princes instead of vamps

>gay vampires that think everyone is gay: the anime
not even Sup Forums disrespects women this much

I unironically watched these shits and enjoyed them a lot

basically, except they're desensitized to the female body instead of literally going rabid at the sight of a woman's skin.

What would you do if you knew the answer?

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I probably wouldn't watch it regardless because it's pretty abusive, but if it isn't, it's the worst fucking drama I've ever seen.

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Reverse harems are aimed at otome fans (whatever they're called), not fujoshi.

>making sense.

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I'd assume the ultra rich muzzies are too tbqh. Who do you think the sex slaves the Mexican cartels kidnap get sold to?

islam and christianity are both rape cultures; one is just more upfront about it.

I know right? how can someone be so dumb that they think they are better than anyone while posting on Sup Forums

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It's just Nagatoro for girls.

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So what is the point of all the abuse?
And I don't mean if women like it, does it make sense within the story of the show?

This anime was actually pretty great. Girl was cute and I loved seeing her get bullied. Atmosphere was amazing.

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They're called yumejoshi


I wish you retards would stop using words that you don't know the meaning of.

I want to say that they are disturbing, but then again Dokuro-chan was the first of the two waifus I had so who am I to talk.

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