Completely normal teenager relationship drama that happens in every high school

>completely normal teenager relationship drama that happens in every high school
>Sup Forums calls it NTR

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>that happens in every high school
how would you know?

I’m 18 and am still in high school

>I don't know what NTR is

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All of them?

Maybe because they're in it rig-

Perhaps you should consider killing yourself.

>tfw you got NTR'd twice during high school

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I have but I want to watch more animes before I go. I’ve only seen forty or so according to MAL, and that included ovas and specials and second seasons. I’ve heard 300 is a good place to get to

>tfw you went raw on a girl only to find out she had a boyfriend the morning after, that ruined my reputation for years.

High School is were mistakes are made dude, don't sweat it.

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Sup Forums is mentally stunted/underage

Not everyone here is a grandpa

I almost got NTR'd while watching Darling, I read some weird texts on her phone but I recognized the name of the dude so the next day I met him at college and beat the shit out of him, then dumped the bitch there. I might be a weeb but I'm a big boy with balls and no midget is going to NTR me.

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How does this ruin a reputation? The boyfriend and his friends were mad at you?

You don’t have to try so hard, user, we all know you’re lying. We’re here for you if there’s anything you want to talk to us about

Go jump off the highest point in school

>Seen less than 40
>High school
Just stop posting and go back to MAL

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I counted and I’ve seen 14 animes and the 3 Mobile suit gundam compilation movies. The rest of the stuff on my list is ovas and second seasons and specials bloating the number

Don't post anymore and lurk for 2 years

I am so glad I never got into a relationship in high school. It's just not worth it for the pain.

I’ve been lurking for almost 2 years, I think in August I’ll hit the 2 year mark. And I lurk the archives so I can pretend to be an oldfag and get away with it

Cancer. I hope you get hit by a truck.

You're still an insecure newfag. Lurk for 2 more years again before posting.

>tfw everything is ntr

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NTR has lost all meaning on this board.
THESE CHARACTERS DON'T EVEN KNOW ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS EXIST. Its a pretty key part of the plot dumb dumbs.

I’ve probably seen more than most “oldfags” have via the archives. I’ve even been to the code geass threads. I also copy and paste the oldfag time stamps when I save images

>tfw missed out on high school love

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>make thread
>leave to take a shower
>some false flagger pretends to be me and everyone believes him
I'll just ask later

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Still applies.

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nice story bro, i totally believe you dog

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t. insecure newfag

because most of (American) Sup Forumsnons didn't have social life back then

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He probably fuck a drunk girl after a party, thinking she is available and want the dicking, only to find out post-coitus, the girl want to fuck her bf and can't check who fucking her until the alcohol passed her system.
Once she find out whose actually dicking her and tell everyone she knows, bf included, fun drama ensued.

Happened once to a stupid desperate friend of mine. Told him many times to dick and run and don't stay the night but he's too drunk and stupid for that.

>trying this hard to hide your newfaggotry

that’s a long shower... are you sure you aren’t trying to hide something?

>tfw friend introduces to girl he knows has a boyfriend, text her once, next day get a call from angry bf

God, I was scared shitless, never trust anyone anons

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Sup Forums is retarded la. Worst board.

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>>completely normal teenager relationship drama that happens in every high school
>>Sup Forums calls it NTR

fucking Sup Forums is a cult that preys on suicidal white beta cucks.

This. They have never moved on from their teenage years and get over attached to anime characters.

Its ok user I remember highschool like that too. Too much anime rots Sup Forums's brain from reality

>still in HS
Aren't you a special boy

I think it's hilarious that some anons probably the fat ones are outraged and calling Kokoro a "slut" when by that logic their precious 02 is a cock hungry mega slut who's been piloted by a conveyor belt of men. Franxx seems to have attracted the worst kind of autists as fans.

>tfw nobody ever loved you enough to get NTR'd in the first place

This was a really good episode, everybody won here, prove me wrong. Protip: Not possible.
And here is why.

>Kokoro won, because she has now a partner the suits her better and that her motherly attitude wont spoil, instead someone who needs it.
>Mitsuru won because now he can overcome his shit attitude and has someone who he can learn to trust
>Futoshi won because now his suffering will give him new determination and he will man up and get /fit/
>Ikuno won because now she has a partner that won't look down on her and she will help Futoshi to get /fit/ and will learn not all men are idiots
>Darlingfags won because the tension build up will make for an awesome episode 12
>Shippingfags won because we have two new promising ships with perfect breakfast and /fitlit/
>Ikuno and Kokorofags won because now there might be more doujins of them
>Sup Forums one because it now has something to meme about


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...You realize seniors can be 18, right? Or do you not live in Freedomland?

>Kororo defenders are tourist high school kids
I'm shocked. Truly.

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>kokoro hater is a crossboarder
You're no better.

If you literally never go on any board besides Sup Forums then you're the foreigner homo.

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Sup Forums has the same view of sex and relationships as Muslims

The fuck does that even mean, fuck off retard

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It means you're almost as bad as the literal tourists who come here to watch dumpster fires like DitF. Sup Forums is one of the worse shitholes on this site, only falling behind meme boards.

Alright friend, I believe it's time to take a breather

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I'm fine, but thanks for looking out.

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>what is Sup Forums
>what is almost any board, some worse than even Sup Forums


Sup Forums at least knows its shit stinks

I said meme boards didn't I fag?

In general when people say NTR here, they don't mean actual netorare, they use it the context of that the writer NTR's the audience by teasing a relationship the audience root for, only to have the love interest end up with another person. Examples, Satoru from Boku Dake ga Inai Machi and Rem for ReZero.

They're just being lazy memespouting retards. It's akin to the people who ran "literally" into the ground.

That's how language works. Literally in the context you mean has officialy become an emphatic idiom and was added to dictionaries.

>understand language as a concept
Cmon son.

>trying to prove experience
The thing is, the amount of time you've been here and the amount of things you've see does not prove any worth. What you post is what matters, and right here, what you've posted is absolute newfaggotry. Simply being here an amount of time doesn't negate that.
Lurk more.

And it's a damn shame, considering the only reason it occurred was due to laziness, despite there being plenty of other alternatives.

At least with decimate, its original usage became redundant

>At a young age you have a pure crush on another boy who was kinda edgy and betrayed your friendship yet somehow you ended up mostly straight in the end?

feels seriously weird

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No one is impressed homo.

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So you agree? Good.

Why? Languages are there to communicate thoughts and feelings, there's no problem as long as they don their job. It doesn't matter whether I've used the word "flower" or a guttural noise "fgrgrgrggg" to communicate that I'm talking about the plant colorful thingy as long as you know what I'm talking about. Languages evolve.

>government-made couples happen in every HS
W-where, user-san?

>And it's a damn shame, considering the only reason it occurred was due to laziness

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2d and 3d work differently. Promise between boy and girl in 2d = marriage proposal. I have no doubt people on this board are just that socially retarded and delusional in real life, but anime is a different ball game.

I personally don't care if a 2d girl wants to move on with her life. I don't dislike Rei for breaking her promise with Takashi and going for Hisashi. I dislike her more generally, like not allowing Takashi to move on to better things as well (Saeko). I still like Kokoro in spite of the mean thing she did, but the best is to not bother adding to the pain if you're not going to be helpful.

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>murrica is now an excuse for doing bonus laps

c'mon dude, don't be ridiculess
no one would doubt you if you said you had trouble with the mushy doritos shit but a shower?

and that's the reason ebonics exist that the majority of people don't understand

once uppon a time we agreed on certain words that describ certain objects, feelings, actions etc.
you can't just go out into the world and use the word Panzer for a loaf of bread you illiterate nigger

So not only are you brainlet, but you're also autistic? That's a shitty combo senpai.

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What boards supposedly better then? All of the other boards I'd be interested in are significantly worse than Sup Forums.

NTR specific: Cuckoldry (actual, not buzzword)
NTR broad: Any case where someone is being "stolen" from someone else (lover, crush, mother, sister, etc.)

If you're born after a certain date you have to wait a year to attend school you ignorant faggot.

He might be an underage newfag but he's getting (You)s like the best of em.

I fucking bet you have no problem with meme netspeak like kek and based.