Non-Virgin Characters

ITT: Characters, who have experience in sex

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>Characters, who have experience in sex

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Hot blooded sex

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Who the hell fucked Umaru?


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More experience than you could handle

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3 partners

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I want her on my lollipop


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>almost everyone in this show got fucked

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2, the priest doesn't count.

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I don't remember she lost her virginity

Ahhh I guess this is a basic waifu thread now.

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The last one did have sex though.

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these two

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Every girl in the Fate series knows how to give head, the fuck are you on.

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Girls with experience are the best.

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His ex-girlfriend is a crazy black bitch.

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She pretty much know how to do it

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Even if we consider the rape scene as non-canon, Revy probably still had to suck some dick just to survive. That's a price of being a ghetto rat.

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That's Stella from Chivalry of a Failed Knight though?

Yeah, she has sex in the LNs.

Is that why you people don't like her?

Not as far as I've read. I'm right before her and Ikki's fight in the finals of the tournament. Is there more that's not on Baka-Tsuki?

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Wrong girl.
Least popular is Kokoro pic related.

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It's not translated yet as far as I know

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02 is best girl though.

Well I am missing context since I haven't seen it yet. It's on my plans to watch but me being a lazy fuck and all, haven't gotten to it yet.


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She knows more about the D than Dagumi.

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We're looking for used goods here.

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But in different timelines.

At the very least, Nao is a rapist in every timeline.

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bofa dem

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How does a girl lose her virginity if she's with another girl? Does a finger count?

She can't. Sex requires a man.

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No! Chidori is pure.

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I wish best boy was in every single Gundam series just so he could impart discipline on all the fuccbois

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Watch it with Sup Forums now, unless you hate fun

Tohsaka Rin pleases old man for money

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show or doujin?

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When was it mentioned she had partners prior to Araragi?

i love this hoe

Nah, she's a virginal slut committed to MC. The kind of character that otakus love

itching the ditch doesn't count


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>different timelines
Quite true, but we handle such stories as the case in all time lines. Who are we to judge which time line is the better one?

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Literally Shinji's cumdumpster.

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Fucking thot

Eririshitter pls

Yea, but she sure acts like she has

You could probably count the number of virgins in Utena on one hand.

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hold up
isn't she

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Both ways

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Wasn't confirmed in manga that she was a virgin?

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This turboslut

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at once you mean
she was gangraped

no no no

Onii-chan fucked Umaru

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>Characters, who have experience in sex
Obviously pic related

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