Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains

Mirror Force, Mirror Force launcher, and the thought of having to make friends with people edition.

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Which ignis represents their attribute best?

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There should be some back story to how the ignis got out of SOL's hands.

His head reminds me people once theorized that he will be Emma's Ai as she has the same icon on her belt.

ignis did nothing wrong

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When the chess pieces r introduced, sure.

Revolver is a moral nihilist who was told to only care about humans.

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Revolver is brutal, whyd he gotta bully my boy.

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>Ai was too lazy to make a proper Dark-themed zone so he just made a giant fucking hole.

He's got a neat looking twin tower base going though.

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It's the little things that make him have more depth then most in this underfunded mess.

dark hole confirmed

>Playmaker starts using Dark Hole and a card that supports it
I legit want to see that happening.

It's genius if the others do colorful areas and you do nothing yours is gonna look dark by contrast
Ai is dare I say /our/ ignis ?


Anime duelist surpassed IRL casuals what do you think Sup Forums?

How many more tornadoes does he need?

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>Transaction Rollback (トランザクション・ロールバック)

>Pay half your LP, then target 1 Normal Trap Card in your opponent's GY; this card gains that Normal Trap Card's effects.

>Appearances: Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: 045, 046

Gee, I wonder what's going to happen next. Perhaps something involving mirrors.

Although, can't Revolver just pop this with Borreload? Especially since Rollback is now Playmaker's only set card, since Drop Frame Wedge was destroyed by its own effect.

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Haha. Yes. Your Link-4 Extra Link is very good Revolver-san.

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Looks like the guy who will give birth to the next spam the field dark winged beast theme

he doesn't have autorokket on the field

Ah right, it's Anesthrokket.

>People think playmaker is going to use the ritual cyberse in order to win
>He actually steals Revolver's Mirror Force and uses it to win.
Then again, Revolver wouldn't be retarded enough to attack after knowing his mirror force is in Yusaku's field, especially with gumblar dragon's extra link effect in plac.

>Ai's sector is a bottomless pit

Hasn't even been in a duel and he's already trying his hardest to outdo revolver.

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Topologic Gumblar prevents destruction by card effects

Mirror Force Launcher is really the only other Trap in Revolver's GY, and wouldn't do much of anything. Secure Gardna or Restoration Pointguard's lingering effect will have to come into play somehow, or we're stuck with a continuity error.

Flame is shit so does his partner

What's your guys favorite song from Sound Duel 4? Mine is COOL DUEL.

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Did Revolver just extra link using a monster that points to Playmaker's side of the field? For what purpose?

Hmm...none of the Monsters or Spells in Yusaku's grave could possibly do anything. The only card that could is Drop Frame Wedge, which negates the opponent's monsters if it leaves the field by their card effect. But it was destroyed by its own effect, so...

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Not sure about him myself.

Dezip Elk
Cyberse effect lvl 4
ATK 1100 Def 0
During your main phase you can send 1 Cyberse monster from your deck to the Gy. You can banish this card and 1 other cyberse monster from your Gy except "Dezip Elk" ; add 1 "Cybnet" spell / Trap from your deck to your hand. You can only use one effect of this cards name per turn and only once that turn

Rumor from the next structure, might not be totally accurate

The light ignis will be evil,marks my words konami like to subvert things and since ai is the dark one and is a good guy the other will be the villain.


Didnt PM discard 2 card to activate his damage halving trap?
Couldnt they be GY Effect cards?

Also, I want to believe that next set has Northwemko stuff.

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Wasn't one of them Swapriest?

Most likely, that guy should be part of Xyz dimensions rebellion with all his gy effects.

The evil one will be The Water Thot

Hard to pick a singular favorite.

If I were to narrow it down to six (I can't narrow it down further), it'd be Saving the World with Dueling, COOL DUEL, Yuya's Dueling, The Chosen Path, Rage, and Fighting Bravely. The fact that I can't put the Reiji tracks or in my top 5 is honestly just a testament to how incredible the OST is. I'm honestly sad there are still some really good tracks left out since ARC-V's OST is probably the best YGO ost in general.

gumblars effects

It's both a foolish and a Kepler that triggers dotscaper and balancers really hope it's true.

They weren't revealed.

One of them has to negate Gumblar's effects, or else stolen Mirror Force won't do anything.

Ib4 Breakthrough Skill

What? She doesn't look evil, just a hardass. Are you thinking dark blue angel or something?

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Haven't you taken the hint that this show hates females?
She's gonna be the evil Ignis cap this.

there's still borrelguard and one set, unless his only effect is the revival effect

Playmaker has a effect in grave that says that bis opponent has to attack him, he activates the Trap copy card to copy mirror force and boom, Revolver losing

what can mirror force do to anime gumblar's extra link field protection?

Those canyons in the wind ignis forest look interesting.

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Nothing if PM pulls out MOAR GY EFFECTS

So Green= Spectre?

Mad man discarded Mirror Force, and Mirror Force launcher, all for the sake of "surpassing human intellect".

So is this show good yet? I stopped at like episode 10 because literally nothing interesting happened and all the duels were the MC ass pulling a link monster to win.

This made me think of Gem knights for some reason.

It's getting better.

A little sad that this is probably the final sound duel, but all things considered I guess we were pretty lucky to get this. They also made sure to release the most important/desired tracks so I'm generally satisfied.

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as soon as I saw the forest it pretty much sealed the deal. the canyon is just a bonus.

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She's cute, Is it weird to ship ignis?

given AI's interaction with roboppy I will say no.

Now I can't wait to see Spectre come back and interact with his Ignis.

They have sentience and personalities so not really.

Oh I'm sure they'll get along great.

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Imagine her being the Tsundere childhood friend.

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At the moment he ended his everlasting turn, i knew what i had to do. My body acted on itself, and as i didn't even had the time to think, I stuck two of my finger together and stared at him with menacing eyes while pressing down my affor-mentionned fingers on the top of my Deck. This action of drawing felt like a symbol of destiny, a sign of the gods.
As i flipped the card i drew thanks to my swift yet intelligible movement, i saw it.
It was really it, in all of its glowing and reflective majesty !
My secret shining power, my ultimate hope-ending trap !
My brutal and perfect weapon of massive destruction:
Mirror Force.
At the very moment i saw its glory through the Mirror Force-shaped mask of my avatar's eyes, it was like if time stopped...
The synapse of my brain reacted and sended thousand of very small but precise and calculated messages to every fiber of my very being.
These minuscules impulses awakened me.
I was alive, again.
I felt my head, my eyes, my mouth, my torso and all my limbs revigorated. Every single one of my fingers and appendices were filled with a new electric-like feel, No, every single one of my cells, every single one of my atoms felt like unique thinking entities connected together, LINKED together.
I was one with myself.
One with my cards
One with the world.
Everything was finally co-linked.

Finally... I had transcended human intellect itself.

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>transcends human intellect by discarding mirror force and still giving your opponent zones to summon to

You talking about him sacrificing excode?

he sacrificed mirror force as well

The best part was the line about how Mirror Force was no longer Revolver's Ace Card.

Gamble got added to his deck because his dad went full retard and sacrificed himself.
Of course he would turn it into his new ace.

Can you summon 16++ monsters in one turn like this madman?

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So nothing changes?

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Can't wait for the rest of them to get full forms. Ai being more detailed than them looks out of place.

>Revolver doesn't use Mirror Force Dragon

It doesn't seem like many people care about what goes on in vrains, only one who seems to be watching the duel is naoki

yfw Revolver literally uses an attack called Deus ex Machina.

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It's actually pretty funny considering what would happen. Those people at the cafe were pretty chill all things considered.

With stakes like these you think some military would have blown up Den City at this point, But this is yugioh.

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flame will be appearing soon

Adults doesn't care about Link Vrains

the cyberse world is no match for this.

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Name a card that got nerfed harder than Card of Sancity.

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That smug bastard could have gotten all of the AIs he know wet in his past.

He said he was the real blue angel

he didn't gain any friends from fighting evil he waited alone until one came along.

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Hope Dragun

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For those who haven't seen it yet.

>Hyper Rank Up Magic Ultimate Force
Never printed, the real loss here

Why does that kid look like he's under Brainiac's control?

He wears the mask so he can be chuuni as hell.

his name is revolver, not much else to say on that.

What episodes of ZeXaL should I skip?

It's been a long time so I can't tell how truthful this is.

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nah I'm not crazy enough

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I'm not a Pen Magician player so nope.

Why did steam come off them?

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Too hotblooded

The water from Yusaku's trap card rain down on everyone and it evaporated off of him because he's that hot-blooded.

Destiny says to crush his opponents without mercy

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Too hot to handle.