Why do gay people in anime have to be assholes...

Why do gay people in anime have to be assholes. It's either they assault each other and it somehow becomes romantic or it's Scum's wish where they do the same thing again.

Only normal gay person I've seen is in Hoshino Me O Tsubute.

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Because it's hot

the scum's wish scenes were pretty fucking hot

Because faggots are the worst kind of "people"

Gays aren't written into anime to "represent" homosexuals or any bullshit like that. They're fetish material.

Only when it's lesbians I guess. Even then, it's cause anime don't have the balls to be as forward with het couples.

Only harem anime do.

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Not all the time though.

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Because they do the same IRL too. They are just being true to the source material.

Yuzu is not an asshole

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Because we must rid ourselves of such degeneracy for future generations' sake.

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I want to eat out Yuzu's asshole.

Let's not kid ourselves. They're all terrible people.

>Why do gay people in anime have to be assholes.

Well het people are much assholes to gay people and others. Why can't we just get along to live a prosperous life.

There's a lot more pastel pink, cute, fluffy yuri where the girls blush and tear up when they hold hands, than blatant sexual assault stuff. For BL it's the opposite, where it's always rape that somehow turns into a romance. It's difficult to find cute vanilla BL.

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Touma from Ao no Flag is the best bro of all time and he's super gay.

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Harumin most definitely isn't.

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>Why do gay people in anime have to be assholes
That's how Japan perceives feminism and the current movement of the LGBTs

But Abe-sama you went to a lesbian marriage event with your wife and you both enjoyed it.

This is Sup Forums right? We talk about anime here.

That kind of makes sense.

Well they're not wrong.

Gays are inherently self-absorbed people. Over-indulged narcissism and the rejection of biological impetus do not make healthy or rational people.

/u/bait subtext is kino, though.

And it flopped.

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Art imitates life.

>Gays are inherently self-absorbed people. Over-indulged narcissism and the rejection of biological impetus do not make healthy or rational people.
Dude you're kinda projecting.

>And it flopped.
Not gonna deny that.

Maybe gay people in anime bring down sales?

Shit what about BenTo? pic related
That show didn't flop and it had an annoying gay lesbian in it.

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welcome to /teen/ - underage general

what are you on about retard, most people on Sup Forums aren't healthy or rational people. So what you're doing is the pot calling the kettle black.

Kase-san is going to save yuri.

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Not projecting. Putting your own hedonistic pursuits ahead of the future of your genome/family/tribe is the most selfish decision one could take.

Now this is projecting. No need to push your illness onto others. Any user's opinion is valid regardless of your view of this site.

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I don't know this guy was pretty cool, gay girl in nozaki ana was also pretty bro

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Japanese gays and lesbians are different than the Western counterparts.

>"gay people"
>bitching about group identity and muh representation bullshit for a cartoon drama made for teenage girls

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Here (you) go! You worked hard for it and I can't be bothered to talk to you

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Aihara Yuzu!

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Man I don't really care about muh representation and shit. I'm just curious why they're portrayed that way. I don't know that much about Japan.

You telling me, that if god decides to fuck with you, and made you unable to feel anything remotely sexual towards girls like when you were 5, and took all those impulses and put it on men you'd still go for chicks?

there are normal gay people in KanaMemo or Candy Boy too. The answer is always "watch more anime"

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It's just accurately representing reality, dykes and fags are human garbage.

I will buy this.

>That kiss meant nothing, and we should no longer be together like this. It's unnatural and we're both girls

Citrus is getting a second season due to huge streaming success and impressive manga sales.

I wouldn't say it's a flop due to BD sales.

One's tiny children so I can't take any sexual representation there seriously.
Like how everyone said Ilya was gay in Prisma Ilya. I don't trust people when it comes to kids.

The other is an OVA. Nothing physical happens but I'm putting faith in the tags.

I guess you might be on to something, though it says something that you're examples are unpopular and super niche.

Idiot how about reading the post he replied too. They're not even talking about Citrus.

>tiny children
No, the couple are two college girls.

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Nice gay people in anime don't show openly that they are gay so that they won't disturb their friends.

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Heterosexuals are more degenerate than that user.

Oh that's fine then. My bad. I made an assumption.

>Citrus is getting a second season
HOLD THE FUCK UP. Has this actually been confirmed already? I haven't seen any news talk about it

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Scum's Wish yuri gave me the best masturbation in years.
I don't know why I find bicuriosity so sexy, wherever it's done by a man or a woman...

Where they in college? That's cool, I didn't remember. Unless you have a long running franchise where the characters grow up it's rare to see adult couples in anime anyways, let alone yuri ones, but in yuri manga it's getting increasingly more common.

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Doesn't Digibro like that show?
Sorry I have to hate it now.

No but for real the only reason those two are gay is because the author was too scared to introduce relevant male characters as he didn't want them to take up too much screen-time.

>the only reason those two are gay is because the author was too scared to introduce relevant male characters
Are you talking about Nanoha? Yeah, male characters have no place in that kind of seinen, so that's one reason, also NanoFate was incredible popular even during the first season so it was a no-brainer for the author.

sir you are aware your on a site that is 2 clicks away from gay porn right

Drills and Gay? Das not possible.

Don't play with my heart user

I live a shit life alone in a place where nobody knows me, you are all I have

Don't lie to me like this

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>Nice gay people don't show openly that they are gay so that they won't disturb their friends.

Or to not embarrass their adopted daughter.

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>hating things because someone you don't like likes them

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Can't take a joke?

Completely ignoring this line?
>No but for real

>Only when it's lesbians I guess
you are clearly not a gay man or a fujoshi

Gay people are becoming kinda common in anime so I'm just curious about their general characterization.

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Precisely this. They're a fetish of what straight people imagine homosexuals being like. I can't say it's a bad thing since I've "appreciated" it myself but I'm not going to pretend it's trying to portray gay people as they are. The gay representation in most anime is tailored to appeal to straight people.

>dominatrix psycho lesbian villains who try to NTR the heroine away from her man, or kill him
This trope will never not stop being hot. Seems like it stopped being a thing in the west though.

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Well straight people are turning gays like frogs so there's no problem about it.

>Cute dykes are taking over the anime industry

Nothing wrong with that

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Nice unrelated pic

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>Seems like it stopped being a thing in the west though.
It just entered 3D more

>no mention of Slow Start even though it’s also airing this season
You need to watch more anime.

What's up with Tamura always voicing lesbians?

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Hate to break it to you, but she gives off all kinds of yuri vibes. Her relationship with the main heroine is like a jealous x, not to mention all the smiling she does when chaining girls up or doing kinky mindbreak torture on them.

Because most of the time they aren't meant to represent actual gays, but the heterosexual idea (sometimes fantasy) of how homsexuals are/should be like. Japs aren't precisely the most sensitive when it comes to portraying homosexuality.

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gay people are assholes irl

BenTo didn't get a second season because Ume piss-off the otakus and she learns to love the dick on the manga

Most of the time they aren't even gay. It's a fetish, closer to girl-on-girl porn than Brokeback Mountain

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"normal" and "gay" are mutually exclusive

Explain to me how Yuzu is terrible.

>Hoshino Me O Tsubute
Oh fuck me that series... I just lurked the raws... It's a neverending drama. Also main girl's "friends" finally revealed themselves for the shitstains they are. Main girl definitely confirmed a retard, since she seem to care so much for those people.

>pastel pink
FFA or tumblr user please go.

Gay bros are always the best bros, like pic related and Tomoyo from CCS

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Is there even any source material to adapt? It looked to be pretty much over to me.

There is no god.

She got typecasted man. I wanna know how she feels whenever she lands a new role.

>Is this chick gonna be gay again?

I wouldn't be surprised if she was in the top 3 seiyuus that have voiced the most lesbians. It must be only a coincidence, right?

Also pic related is Yukarin and Nana-chan drawn as Nanoha and Fate (characters they voiced) from one of their official wedding artworks.

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>The gay representation in most anime is tailored to appeal to straight people.
Oh boy, I could probably write a whole academic paper on that subject alone.

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Gay people tends to have high assault rates. Read up about it.

Yo I get that you're an edgy atheist, but the sentence started with what if.

Do you understand the concept of god? If you do, you can answer the damn question.

They aren't actually married, are they? And if they are, it's probably to their respective (male) husbands, right?

Then why do they have such a big homosexual fandom? It's not that mysterious a thing to portray

Gay people aren't normal irl

She had the sexiest (and most evil) Yukurin voice yet. Made me wish that Yukarin was typcasted as a villain instead of just lesbian (though she could be both as in Beatrix's case).

Because the Japanese are not as afraid to tell the truth

>it's trying to portray gay people as they are

You haven't watched a single homosexual anime have you

The characters? Yes, the seiyuus? no way, otherwise they wouldn't be qualified to work anymore right?

Will we get the nude scenes?

If there is god, he fucking hates fags, and only created you so that you could later burn in hell, after you're stoned to death by his righteous faithful.

We're not talking about your retarded what ifs, we're talking about objective reality.

The anime covered volumes 1 to 4, volume 10 of the manga is starting next month. There's a lot of stuff they could still do but the story is not going to be as coherent as it was in season one and a lot of the upcoming plotlines are kind of dumb. I love Citrus but even I can't decide if I really want a season two.

Now that they're dating they try to learn what it means to be in a relationship and to read each other's feelings and find each other's boundaries while still keeping their relationship a secret from everyone around them. It's a lot less frustrating than the "will they, won't they" of season one and there's some really cute moments between the two until Mei goes full-retard again and ruins everything.

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Nope, both of them are into they’re mid-thrities and still not married. It’s because Yukarin is depressed and Nana is a workaholic.

They’re idol careers are essentially over, so they probably could get married if they wanted.

Did the manga even show anything? Besides Kase-san's boobs when she was undressing?