Is this show about what I think it is? Or will I just be disappointed?

Is this show about what I think it is? Or will I just be disappointed?

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Are you a femdombro?

Of course.

Then don't watch it, you'll be disappointed at how fake this bitch is. She's actually a moeblob with sadistic "antics". If you wanted to watch for sadistic girls, stay away from this shit.

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You're going to be disappointed.

It's a mediocre SOL that is completely forgettable.

It's okay for first couple of episodes and when the trap gets introduced it just goes downhill.
Don't bother watching this, it's really overrated.

Not even the trap could save this one.

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>It's a mediocre SOL that is completely forgettable.
It was cute but forgettable.
The hottest thing to come out of it.

>The hottest thing to come out of it.
I've seen hotter.

Tuche, I'll admit it's a nice image, would be better with the big breasted one as a futa though.

>It's a mediocre SOL
I disagree, the characters and their interaction is fun
it's more of a workplace sitcom than a "generic moeblobs dance around a bit and then eat cake for 20 minutes"
>completely forgettable.
more memorable than most SoL I watched

Links dead


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I'd love this without the suprise

I like Maika's moist feet

That is absolutely disgusting. Why do their faces look so gross and off-character?

The height differences in the show awakened something within me.

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That sweet dick

Because Hews (or whatever he was called) can barely draw.
The only reason he has a following is that he's one in a billion japs that can actually speak english and dignifies his western audience with actual two-way communication channels with him.

So is the archive for some reason.

It's not a SOL, it's a romcom.

He's not called Hews Hack for nothing.

It's honestly A-1's best thing ever.

It's working with a gimmick. The gimmick is that the character they play is actually the opposite of their real one.

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I like how the white guy moved to Japan to find a black-haired anime girl.

Then by sheer luck, he finds the ONLY black haired girl in Japan and they fall in love.

and her hair isn't even black

what show

Divided Z

Kimihiti nakashi

Boku no Pico

Pretty sure he's a flip or something