Is it just me, or is fate apocrypha really really really bad?

Like I went in so excited after zero, and then just... everything is so bad. The character design is trash, the writing is trash, the lore consistency is trash, everything.

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Wew lad, tell me more

Yeah it sucks.

It sucks ass but it gave us Astolfo so I guess it's okay

>expecting something like Zero
I feel bad for you.

watch UBW and wait with the rest of us for Heavens feel.

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Does a bear shit in the woods?

You mean Mordred. The meme trap can fuck off.

You're free to have that opinion no matter how dumb it is

not op here
watched only ep 1 after it aired, kinda ok but is it really just utter shit after that?

the figths are good so it´s ok to me

It's okayish until the homoculus becomes the MC, then its utter trash.

It's pretty bad. It's not extremely horrible, just plain bad.

The only good fights were in the last few episodes, when they had amateurs come in. Some people think ANY of the fights before that are good, and they are factually incorrect.

He's cute so I don't care if he's a meme.

No you the only one who hates. Everyone loves it and loves Sieg. We are still debating if its better then Zero.

It was fun, you're retard for expecting Fate/zero out of it

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>character design is trash
delet yourself

Even Japan hates it. When the last volume was released in Japan, Japan didn't even bother doing spoiler summaries immediately.

Mordred and her master should've been the main focus. Everything involving Sieg was trash

Which one is better Apocrypha or last encore?

its bad

nothing is like unlimited works and fate zero. UW wasn't even that good but at least I didn't drop it.

Heavenly movie is the last try I give to this universe before I just abandon it.

Also that kaleid movie was boring.

Apocrypha, mostly because I still don't know where Nasu's going with LE

>the lore consistency is trash,

The Fate franchise is really really really bad.

Nasu literally sold out so its no surprise

>I went in so excited after zero

when is Fate: Zero 2 going to be released?
All other Fate entries are garbage.

Apo would have been ten times better if it focused on NecroNigger and the Inbred retard
It's like the author decided to go out of his way to focus more on the plainest and most lifeless characters
Maybe they aren't as bad in the LN

Still better than Last Encore

Literally every single Fate adaptation not by ufotable is garbage.

I agree with this, Mordred and her master were the only good thing in the show.

You mean figuratively.

Last Encore is a trip. I'd put it above Apocrypha, at least now

I assume the literally applied to "every single", not to garbage.

Everything except the MC and his dragon dick obsessed saint slut are worth watching it for

So if you want 1/3rd of a show to watch

does he?

Ufotable isn't that great either they can't animate a single fight without shoving lights, explosions and crazy backflips everywhere.

I mean literally, not literal garbage but literally all fate adaptations not by ufotable is shit. In fact, I'll even expand that everything based on Nasu's works not adapated by ufotable is garbage. KnK is kino, tsukihime is shit

Unless LE is going to end flat on its face without delivering anything at all it'll be above and beyond kusocrphya even despite being a rushed mess. And that's assuming it really is just going to be 10+2-3 episodes

Unless you're a shonenfag since it's easily the worst tm production in terms of fights

Prisma is a good adaptation of a trash series though

I don't think anyone who watched it will say that Apocrypha is a masterpiece in any sort of way.

The problem with apocrypha is that anyone else would be a better focus than the 2 leads. If you just block these 2 off of your mind, then it's OK.

>tsukihime is shit
I hope to god if there ever is a far side adapation it's by ufotable

Yup anything fate, that doesn't have Rama, is terrible. Rama best fate trap

sadly ubw doesn't even get close to reaching zeros level. Though it is definitely better than apocraphya.

>Fate: Zero 2
So a bit of slice of life with Kiritsugu, Shirou, and Taiga while Kerry dies from grail mud, tries to steal Ilya back, and plots to end all grail wars?

No, ubw is just as shit as Apocrypha. It's just that the former's source material is good while the latter's is shit.

No, they are totally that bad in the LN. Worse even since they get more focus.