Samurai Flamenco

Today marks 4 years since the last episode.

Samurai Flamenco Samumenco Samumenko Samumanko Samfla SamuFlamu SamFlam Samen Samon Salmon Semen Shampoo Flamingo Shamingo Sandflan SF thread.

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Let's just get this out of the way

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My favorite anime

This is what anime was supposed to do. Push anime to the limit.

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>Samumenco Samumenko Samumanko Samfla SamuFlamu SamFlam Samen Samon Salmon Semen Shampoo Flamingo Shamingo Sandflan SF

Semen Shampoo was always my favourite one out of these. Probably because I still have the sense of humour of a 12 year old.

What's his name again?

Mutilation Monkey

>4 years
Jesus christ.

Still one of the best final episodes of any original anime this decade.

Why they claim that the ending was BL and that nobody learned anything baffles me still. They had nothing to lose at the point, so why not take the risk?

I meant
>was not BL

Amputation Ape

At least they went out with a bang. (Well, there was also Gangsta, but they BARELY squeaked that one out before closing the doors.)

I would say that it was because the missing girlfriend plot was kinda unsetting and it would have been creepy to make them a pairing at the end after the cop kinda started to admit the real weight of his tragedy... but who knows.

Chop Chop Chimp

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Totally straight.

Gorilla warfare.

Because you don't understand the anime.

Not when he rejected this when she was serving herself on a silver platter.

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The ending wasn't BL because the main character outright states he doesn't understand traditional relationships. He never experienced real companionship or even friendship and was struggling to articulate how he felt so he brute forced his ideas with marriage because people tend to associate that as a sign of love, even though traditionally it's considered romantic love.
He wasn't outright a homo because of it but a person struggling to articulate his ideas.

At least that what I remember from my last rewatch a few years ago. #F!oxZUhbgZ!9f_FKzqj9VVrw0D86sWlXQ
Here is the thread archive with threeads from before airing to years later.
It hasn't been updated for a year and a half, but it has the important stuff.

Orangutan Order.

Director said it's not gay

Watching this with Sup Forums will always be a fond memory.

Moe deserved better.

Chomping Chimp.

2013 was a good year.
Valvrave, and that.

It's a shame... the company even had to file for bankruptcy

He's in love with a woman named justiceGuillotine gorillas?

i hope they're happy together

Maybe they figured the show was struggling enough and wanted to save at least a little credibility with the "normal" audience (straight male otaku). Too proud to bend and hope the fujoshi save them. Or it really was meant to be a bro end but like the rest of the show, they had no idea what the fuck they were doing or how they were supposed to do it. Maybe they tried to do a fujo-friendly no homo end but failed miserably in the execution.

I miss SamFlam. It was a unique experience if nothing else.

>write a homo ending
> claim it wasn't gay and that the MC is just retarded
>everyone, including the other people that worked on the show, laughs at you and treats you like a laughing stock
> get completely disrespected when the two main characters are drawn as groom and groom in official art work

I wonder if he regrets opening his mouth.

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The writer said it wasn't gay, not the director.

I would happily marry the middle one.

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You can't claim "no homo" past a certain point, and SamFlam careened past that with the ending and Masayoshi's declaration of intent. Autism or not that was a naked young man telling his first and closest friend that he would be willing to act as a girlfriend would for him. What the hell did Kurata expect people to think? Clearly we weren't capable of understanding his grand story on a basic level, so how can we understand he's trying to show the MC's awkward interpersonal skills after twenty four episodes of constant madness?

There's too little porn of them.

>Autism or not that was a naked young man telling his first and closest friend that he would be willing to act as a girlfriend would for him.

Nothing gay about proposing in the nude to your best bro, didn't you know that? It's the epitome of straightness.

She's only for nonconsensual ball crushing, left is marriage material.

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Screw you. She's made for love.

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Good timing. started rewatching today. Masayoshi is too cute for this world, he's a little moeblob of seigi. Not even in a sexual way. He's just so pure and sweet and cute. How can a guy be that damned cute?

There's porn of them?

These are the only acceptable full of shite WEG

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slicing simian

Mince meat macaque

Did anybody marathon this show after airing? How did it hold up?

I loved SamFlam but I suspect it was more enjoyable when because I was watching it weekly and discussing it on Sup Forums.

the taste of a patrician, right is nice too but left is just the best.

i did, i watched it like a year later and honestly what this user posted is how i felt.

it took until the evil twin for me to figure out i was watching a parody of anything and everything super sentai.

I enjoyed watching it a second time knowing Goto's gf wasn't real, made me see his character in a different light
Also, Wheel Orochi literally did nothing wrong