One Piece

Spoilers in around 9 hours. Though really, you should restrain yourself for once and wait for the full chapter. It's the big 900.

Either way, last predictions?

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Big Mom fucking dies

I predict Jinbei's death

Please, Oda. Do it now.

An old enemy returns to become a new friend.

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Nothing will happen this chapter you fucking cancer OP.
Why would you make the thread if you are not going to read the spoilers?
Attention whoring much?

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The obvious happens (Big Mama eats the cake) and then we get hack shitposting. I will do it too if the cake eating is lame and I dont know how it could possibly be interesting.

GODA bring back Monet as snow tangelos!

>I dont know how it could possibly be interesting.
If she dies.

>Waits for 2 hours excitedly watching the One Piece thread reach 500 posts
>Posts a new thread at 495
>Cums in pants knowing everyone will use a thread that you created
>Rinse and repeat all fucking day every fucking day
You're not even human

Chapter will focus mostly on the Sun pirates and the SHs, Smoothie will keep doing nothing, we might get glimpses of the fight with the Germa rangers, chapter will end either with the SHs passing through the blockade or with BM and the cake

I really want Blackbeard to show up and destroy the cake just as big mom goes to eat it, kills her and take her DF.

The worst part is he admits that he went read the spoilers and just making threads for attention wanting to be the OP.
How pathetic can the Charlottefag get?

Is it finally over?

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So you're mad he made the thread faster than you?

>takes her DF
>tries to get it to Burgess
>fails somehow and Coby or some shit gets it instead

I'm not even mad I just find it abysmally pathetic he sits here every single day for the entirety of the day waiting to make a new thread

Stop trying to push this.

Big mom

>Though really, you should restrain yourself for once and wait for the full chapter. It's the big 900.
This doesn't mean anything. Since I have started reading, only 500 ended with introduction of Rayleigh.

I don't know man. That sounds pretty mad to me.

Yeah nah. The more I think about it the more I think Oda might have made Jinbe witness Pedro's death specifically so he'd turn a new leaf and aknowledge he's more useful dead than alive to Luffy.

Nope, come back next month

Coby is going to end up with Kuzans DF ability.
Blackbeard will get Big Mom and Kaidos fruit most likely.

Any LawLu, LuVi, LuNa, LuCa or LuHanfag here? I want to breastfeed you

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Feigning indifference won't hide the fact you're jealous of a NEET for being able to kick back and chill all day waiting for people to post and move threads on here while you're helping to rotate the wheel. Relax user; you're in a good place in life compared to most.

We still have the Reverie arc to complete

Blackbeard can have 3 DFs at best. No more.

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the bunny will give up the ghost before jimbei.
chopper is the only mascot

The difference is that the editors were saying oda has been working on ch 900 for weeks so I expect something decent.
Maybe big mom eats the cake and gets taken over by mother caramel.
A marine admiral comes out of nowhere and kills big mom.
Smoothie betrays the crew and bombs big mom.

Luffy x Zoro is love, Luffy x Zoro is life

We got another 10+ chapters till Wano.
Reverie arc is next

>jealous of a NEET for being able to kick back and chill all day
Nigger I work from home and you don't see me sitting here waiting for hours just to make a new thread. It's sad.

This arc gave us furfags and yaoi

It's finally time for his The Ninth chapter.

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Come back in October when the Reverie is over

Is it true that Oda's wife cheated on him with Sanji's VA?

Is Peros the only son Mama cares about?

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>Maybe big mom eats the cake and gets taken over by mother caramel.
>A marine admiral comes out of nowhere and kills big mom.
>Smoothie betrays the crew and bombs big mom.
Theres no set up for none of the 3 options. That's far from decent

You mad, nigga.
Chill out.

Zao gave us furries
Whole cake gave us everything else

Yeah no, I rarely make the OP. I'm an oldfag so I make them on page 10, that is to say, never.
Also people beside myself like Peros you know. I'm not the only Charlotte fag. I'm Charlotte senpai.

She calls Katakuri a "lowly son of hers" so probably.

>Present point you disagree with

>for weeks
They never said that you cock sucking OP.

She only cares about that old nun who wanted her to sold as a slave to the marines and thats it.

This is fucking cool

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Everything else sucks when you start out with the best

Yeah they are fucking cool and I'm extremely angry that the Cracker one I was gonna buy is sold out

>editors were saying
If editor told you to jump out of the window, would you?

I predict that this the final chapter so this series can finally end after over 20 fucking years.

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Where's Shanks?

You are pretty angry though
Calm your tits

Dumb Popuko poster

>feelings running already this high when we are hours away from actual spoilers and the toc isn't even out yet

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>no figure of Shanks getting mauled by a Sea King

Where's the rush?

Yeah, you're right, I am a little bit angry, but it's not because of the thread thing, it's because of you calling me angry for no fucking reason
So congratulations, you've made me actually angry
Kill yourself

Can you believe some people were dumb enough to use this panel as proof Big Mom doesn't care for him? Seriously how dumb can one man be?
Also no, I don't think so. But he's definitely one of her favourites. I mean his power is literally making sweets. And unlike Pudding he doesn't have a creepy face.

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But user third time's the charm

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I don’t think 900 will be something too amazing. I think 901 will be more significant. At least cause it’d have the consequences of the action, rather than just the action.

Big Thot

the strawhats could use a "main" lookout

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Stop being cancerous the faggot. You and OP.
Kill yourself
900 will be another regular chapter with a colorspread

They will, user. They will.

Big Mom eats the cake and passes out.
Everyone overreacts about Sanji's Gary Stu cooking.
Straw Hats run away and head for Wano.

No need to be so mad user.

Perona should've joined with Brook to fill this role. Though she's cute as Mihawk's daughterwaifu too I guess.

>wasen't even the guy you were initially mad at
>getting this worked up over nothing
Go to bed

Yeah nah we still don't really know whether she was mad Cracker got defeated because he was hurt or because he failed. Oda deliberatly kept it ambiiguous.

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>everyone overreacts about Sanji's Gary Stu cooking
I am not ready for this. But I suppose even Sanjifags deserve a bit of fanservice. So I'll tolerate it. For their sake.

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It seriously cracks me up how hard some people tried to argue with this logic, everything from calling lookout a "meme position", to complaining that Carrot can't be the lookout 24 hours a day, to bitching that she doesn't have telescopic vision; they can't come up with a single decent argument.

Straw Hats won't ever die.

Where's Blackbeard?

I just wish Oda could show the preperation/cooking and/or reactions to eating his food better if it's gonna be such a major plot point. He should take notes from Toriko/Shokugeki no Souma. Fuck, even Made in Abyss confers the deliciousness of cooking better than anything involving Sanji.

He wanted Luffy for himself

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He's the Trafalgar Law of this arc after all. We'll get another one in Wano and most of you guys will forget all about him too.

In those series the delicious of the food is conveyed when they eat said food. They haven't eat the food and when they eat Sanji's food everybody agree is really really good.

does Luffy like ace more or sabo?

No! he's not in any way analogous to Law in any way!

Post ordering of how much you like all of your closest relatives.

Why is 900 supposed to be big? I would say 1000 is gonna be big!

The only common trait they have is that all fujos jumped on them. That doesn't make them similar. Unless you think Peros and Law are similar too.

>I just wish Oda could show the preperation/cooking and/or reactions to eating his food better if it's gonna be such a major plot point
i mean, that's what pretty much everyone is theorizing about the next chapter is gonna be. and oda sprinkled some reactions to sani's scream throughout this second part of the arc

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>women on boys' manga

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Mama eats the cake in 900.

I read neither of that series, but you need more than people agreeing to food being really good if you want to make an impact on the reader. What exactly? No idea, as I don't watch/read fiction concerning food.

>We got another 10+ chapters till Wano.
Kek Reverie wont be ten chapters, we wont get to Wano til september comes

... don't say that...

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I just want to see the color spread really. why is it taking so longo to leak?!

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*blocks your path*

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ToC aint even out so chill

>forgetting about katakuri
Yeah, no that isn't happening, sweetie

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Something like this obviously. What you need is expressions.

Mathematically speaking, Luffy is an unordered space, so you can't find an order!


Seeing how more Luffy-centric manga has become over the years and that the longest Luffy-less period was in Alabasta, I sincerely doubt that will be the case (I'd like to be wrong though).

wow these BM figures looks sick

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Ok, suppose your favorite character this arc dies this chapter, How do you think it'll happen?

she'll eat a cake