Boku no Hero Academia

Isn't she so cute?

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I wish 2D girls were real

Uhm excuse me sweetie but the title should be "baka NO plot progression shitcademia"
Thanks honey

You're my sunshine

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Imagine spending 10 years on Sup Forums and thinking this manga won't play out like the other shounens

How do you mean?

He probably means the married with kids ending

The cutest.

Is that supposed to be a bad ending though?

I want to fuck all of their moms

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Inko a shit and Psycho mom would probably be a dead fish. Bakumom fine tho.


I want to fuck Inko post-Deku's childhood

Mitsuki would beat the shit out of you.

Isn't he so gay?

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What's s3 gonna be about? I don't read manga because I have brain damage, spoil me

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Which girl is the softest?

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He's not gay he's just canonically asked Bakugo to ride him

love triangle between deku, kirishima and bakugou


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>mfw eri will get several of her teeth pulled out via pliers in this arc

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Fun camping where no one gets hurt or traumitised

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They go on a school trip in the woods.
The villains attack and the kids fight them off, but they get away with Bakugou.
They try to make Bakugou join them, but he tells them to fuck off.
All Might shows up and has his climactic fight with All For One.
All Might dies, but manages to take AFO down with him.
Shigaraki is even angrier at All Might for killing his father figure and directs that anger at heroes in general, especially Deku.
Shiggy will appear to grow some balls and become real final boss material, but it'll take a while to see signs of that (in late season 4).

Everyone goes to camp, but a bunch of assholes get teleported in, set everything on fire and try to kill everyone, and no one knows what to do so camp counsellor Izuku Midoriya has to do fucking everything himself without any arms. Then Bakugo is still such a bitch that he becomes a princess in a tower and half a town gets destroyed as a result.

Shit goes wrong and it never stops

Basically Empire Strikes Back

All of Ochako's fat makes her feel real soft if you ask me.

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Ok make your bets. How will the traitor reveal play out in the manga?

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not bad bones

It's ok, I'll self insert as Shinsou.

Objectively Ochako. Because she's a plumper.

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The students take a blood type test and one of theirs is different from from their parents

This fucking six out of five moron.

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Pregnancy arc when?

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Kaminari will go missing. Everyone will be worried for him.

HeroAca girls are too innocent to sexualize.

They're already completely fucking filthy though

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Don't worry, Furuhashi will fuck that up.

that's why you should sexualize the boys

You sure she's pregnant and not just fat?



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A new faction of villains shows up. The traitor, who's way stronger than they seem but has been feigning weakness all this time to divert suspicion, is forced to blow their cover and go all out in order to not die.


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Are you sure about that?

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Everyday until canon.

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I don't care anymore. It's taking too long to get anywhere remotely interesting now.

A traitor reveal would have meant more if they bothered to acknowledge it past the moment it was theorized but of course we need a fucking school play for no goddamn reason

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Deku snaps and kills Bakugou in one punch. Deku regrets doing it (but not really) and everyone forgives him and moves on, except Kirishima which has turned villain and is out to kill Deku.

Some days until contradicted by canon.

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i like that attitude

What kind of quirk would strippers have?

Get better taste.

Why are the characters so one note?

skin pockets to hold money in

Those earjacks would be fucking GROSS in real life, and you know it.

not if she sticks them in my butt and vibrates my prostate

>tfw there will never be a doujin of Toga kidnapping and slowly mindbreaking Ochako while transformed into Deku
Why can't japs have good taste?

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Deku will mentally and physically abuse Ochako to release stress like his father did to his mom.

Completely out of character, she is lame as fuck.

Deku comes home from a long day of work
>it's Friday, and Ochako is nervous because she knows what that means
>she makes all of her clothes weightless in preparation and greets Deku nervously at the door
>she's been cheating, and Deku doesn't like it when she does
>Deku says nothing, and slings her over his shoulder like a caveman
>he takes her to the bathroom, and puts her on a scale
>sweat beads down Ochako's face as she watches the number climb
>50.001 kg
>she'd had lunch with the girls earlier that day, making sure to stay within the diet plan Deku set for her
>she tried to refuse the mint when the waiter offered it, but she was weak
>Deku glares at her like a man who is mad
>Ochako whimpers and shrinks back
>"Deku, please, it was just a wafer-thin mint..."
>Deku punched her in the stomach at 2%. Not enough to seriously injure her, but enough to make her throw up everything, even the mint
>there were tears in her eyes and pain panged through her body
>she even pissed herself a little because of course she did
>he made her get back up on the scale
>she couldn't stand up straight, but she could stand
>her vision was too blurry to see the number, but it started with a 4
>she was safe, for now
>"don't let it happen again"
>Deku walks out
>Ochako drops to the floor and cries in the puddle of her own vomit
>she'll be going to bed on an empty stomach tonight

You are stupid, she has a good body and is cute. Sex is sex as long as they are either pretty or fit. So you better start working out user

Deku's dad is a loving person to his wife.

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>that sudden realization when the pussycats will be animated
they better make ragdoll as hyperactive as possible, literally her best trait

Just stopping by to post the most beautiful girl in all UA

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>she has a good body and is cute
this is a man of culture

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Friendly reminder that Mandalay will win the Dekubowl.

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That will make it even worse when she gets AFO'd...

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Deku is literally the kindest person in the MHA universe, he'd never. If anything he'd shower her with compliments to release his stress.

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that's not Tsuyu

exactly, would be kino. i don't want best cat to suffer but it makes afo look more evil

>Half of the class goes missing
>rest of the class that is alive realizes Mina is melting them down and slurping them up like a smoothie

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Don't you mean shower her in compliments to release her stress, not his?

I share birthdays with her character. I literally never noticed her before that

Post Beaten, broken, and bruised Dekus!

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More like:
>Half the class goes missing
>The rest of the class realises she's taking them back to her room one at a time to break their bones playing Twister.

imagine that freak standing real close to you and staring at you with those huge soulless unfeeling eyes.

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Shock Absorption and Super Regeneration. You never know if you need to withstand 100% of a customer's power.


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Maybe? Then again they'd probably never be stressed. They're both naturally happy people. Plus they get along perfectly.

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How did Ragdoll feel when all 27 inches of AFO went inside? How could she survive something Nana couldn't?

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Damn user you went for the fucking jugular

>tfw even fanfictions are starting to make deku a over-freckled la creatura
why do they get off on turning pale nip teenagers into bizarre and ambiguous ethnicities?

does she smell like a frog?

Self inserting. How is that even a question?

tora left her lose enough for daddy AFO

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what do frogs even smell like

Does Tora have a penis, or does he have a masculine vagina?

she got herself a throbbing cock in thailand

Translation WHEN

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They smell like Frogs. (On a serious note though, they don't really smell like anything. I had one as a pet for a while, and it never produced anything horrendous smelling.)

Those "fats" in all the right places makes me fucking diamond

>looking at face
>cute enough
>look at body
>fit enough
>suddenly notice fucking deformed ear things
Sorry dude, they're fucking gross.

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It is fat.

Deku utterly defeated, humiliated

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Why never of course!

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>ua's best girl is a redhead green eyed onesan tomboy
Isekai me in the manga guy if you want, but i need to be in that time line

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I can't justify typing fat, it's too pejorative, and that body is just perfection for such a word.