He streams anime

>he streams anime
Do you enjoy closing a million ads just to watch one video in the shittiest possible quality?

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I simply feel anime. I do not need my flawed eyes to enjoy anime. I am on a higher level than you will ever be.

>what is a pop-up blocker?

Or do you mean the ads on the side of the website? Who gives a fuck about those? Just ignore them.

720p is good enough. I've watched live-action movies with less than that.

Who is he?

>what is an adblocker
Please don't tell me you are actually genuinely this retarded

most anime sites dont even let you see them if you have "adblock" installed

>watching anime
I just read the transcripts of all the dialogue

I pay for crunchyroll. HD, no ads and it feels good supporting the industry.

To be fair, this.

But I don't really see what so bad about them. They don't annoy me, I don't click on them.

>paying for horriblesubs

Scriptblocking + Adblocking.
If you don't use both of these while surfing the internet in general you're fucking retarded.

No shit.
I generally ony visit streaming sites with VPN.
Better safe than sorry.

Don't be silly, people on Sup Forums don't stream since they know the benefits of downloading.

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Which are...?

This. There isn't a single streamer on this board.

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Wasting space on your HDD/SSD and wearing it down by writing and deleting on it over and over again

>he cares about dialogue
I just browse Sup Forums and shit on the latest series

My semiusable knowledge of japanese tells me that horriblesubs are usually above average. I more often notice shitty translation in other sub group works. And Crunchyroll's like 7 dollars per month. That's like less than 1 hour at work.

Who are you quoting?

You're probably a shitposter but I'll leave this here.
You shouldn't do this

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Ublock Origin works on literally everything dumbass

>wearing it down

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>Idiots literally accepting they stream anime

This might have applied 5 years ago but not now.

Also, I might be doing it wrong, but when downloading a season, let's lay Black Lagoon Season 1 1080p english dub, with a Torrent I get...dissatisfying download rates.
I AM using a VPN, mind you, but download times of over a day aren't acceptable.

this is retarded.
waiting 10 minutes to watch anime after it downloads

100bucks he dont even know how to replace a drive

The unlimited viewing time thing is false now and it may be harder to find old releases but the rest should be true.

Yes, downloading can be nice, I sometimes download a series to burn it on DVD, but I prefer watching a show first and then download it if I think it's good.

I'm thankful these guys went down too. I can't stand people who stream their manga, just download the .zips

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If you really care about quality and want to support the industry then go buy a blu-ray. Otherwise streaming is the fast and easy option.

I rather wait 10 minutes than watch upscaled 480p

You also prefer to eat your food cold rather then heat it up in a minute or 2?

You see your argument falls flat unless you live in places with less then 10mb down.

If streaming is at least 720p by now I wont mind streamfags as much as when it was 420p. those fags I wanted to murder slowly.

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You can torrent and buy the BDs without sacrificing quality with streaming.

>there are Sup Forumsnons not using XDCC and notepad to watch it

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I'm on your side but:
>food analogy

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Would you rather a have a sports car analogy? I don't get it.

Absolutely! This is just a late-night comedy thread and we are all being ironic here.

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Sounds like something a rich fag would say. Not everybody can afford being this wasteful.

>10mb down
5mb max.
Most of germany still doesn't have fucking glas fiber cables.
I'm not downloading anything.

>720p is good enough.
720p on streams looks hilariously bad, my dude.

Sorry but i was streaming ashita no joe s2 on masterani because i was too lazy to find a torrent.

Also if they catch you torrenting shit you will get fucked up the ass.

You buy a hard-drive to use it so what is the problem using it? Do you not wear clothes because clothes may eventually get worn out?

Prove it goy, and not through meming

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Bad analogy. Pizza tastes better when it's cold.

Well im making a hundred bucks if im correct,
>rich fag
See pic

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I know this is bait but
>open stream site
>click on episode
You fucking neanderthal "imma download muh anime and put them in my designated folder to impress the Sup Forums hivemind' faggots are hilarious

I use VPN for anything related to streaming/downloading stuff.

>supporting the industry
yeah, that'd be supporting the crunchyroll industry then.

I don't notice any drop in quality, be it video or audio. Most definitely not on Netflix and Crunchyroll. Rest is completely irrelevant, maybe with the exception of inability to turn off subs for screenshoting purposes.

That is a terrible analogy.
It´s more like driving 60mph in the first gear.

>caring about quality


>open stream site
>click on episode
>watch in bad quality as the peasant you are
>get eye cancer


>Open Nyaa
>Click on download
>Wait >1min - shitpost on Sup Forums
>watch in glorious 1080p
>gain additional eyesight


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lol at all the logical loops and fallacies in the "I don't care" section.

I don't understand why people care.
Sup Forums does have a huge amount of hivemind kids who repeat what other people say for no reason just to say something mundane that no one gives negative replies to.

>Wasting space on your HDD/SSD and wearing it down by writing and deleting on it over and over again
You don't have a clue how streaming works doyou.

Yeah, you can see a difference between 360 and 480, but honestly, 480 or 720? I don't give a fuck.

>anime fags talking about quality when their anime is a poor adaption of the manga 9 times out of 10 and looks worse than the manga

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quality isn't as big of a difference as hot or cold food. I'm not waiting 10 minutes just because I'll get pretty pictures.

>bad quality
ok buddy

>Wait >1min
sorry I don't live in Google.

You can't use things like madvr or any sort of custom upscaling on those not mention the fact that you're paying for a product that you can get better for free.
Shiggy diggy

So what do download fags watch it with? remember that you are still watching it through a streaming setup that uses the downloaded video.

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Calm your autism son. The amount of data saved on your pc while streaming is miniscule compared to your downloaded files

Lol yeah dude epic meme we plebs stream at 144p or lower

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I got my reasons

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brainlets use mpc-hcc or w/e it's called, patricians use MPV. Literal retards and autists use like fucking VLC or something.


>I sometimes download a series to burn it on DVD
Guys, I just found a post on here from ten years ago..

You do realise anime is barely at 1080p nowdays?

Here is your 720p

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Not that user, but here's a quick comparison I threw together

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>Choosing the Trabant when you could have the Lamborghini Gallardo

That comparison leaves too much place for decision. I would choose the Trabant over the Lamborghini, because the Lambo is ugly as hell and the Trabi has cult status, even though it has cult status for being shit.

Better comparison: 2001 Fiat Multipla or 1970 Ford Mustang. Nobody wants a Fiat, let alone a Multipla.

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I have uBlock Origin and Ghostery, I haven't seen an anime streaming ad in years. Occasionally I'll get one for non-anime sites but even then that's less than once/week on average.

that's a lower res image that's been scaled up to 720 in paint.

top is kissanime, bottom is standard horriblesubs release, both 720p.

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please don't post 480p and then pretend it 720

Paying about 18 dollarinos per month total for both Netflix and CR is as good as free for me. And all this other fancy placebo you talk about is non factor. And yes, once upon a time I tried to fiddle with player settings, too.

No, but I do love GTO and you just reminded me that the anime not only cut out the chemistry between Azusa and Onizuka, but the second half wasn't adapted at all. Thanks OP, now I gotta cry again.

What a fucking retard.

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Steaming is not a option at least unless its neflix

It's 720p just like how a streaming website advertise it as. It's still completely 720p just upscaled.

Colors off slightly and some minorminor differences, not enough to justify torrenting everything.

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>being this blind

>Download anime
>Keep it on my hardrive
>I know for sure that if something happens to my internet or streaming sites get taken down I still can watch anime
>Meanwhile streamingfags will cry that they don't know where to watch muh anime
I bet most of you aren't even part of sekrit clubs

Lol XD autism vision

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Funny how I went to Kissanime at 720p just like you and yet got a much higher quality

Stop memeing you faggot

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Sorry, your bait is just too low in quality to continue. Please up your game a little. Thank you.

Sure, there's a difference, I'd never download the worse one.
But it's good enough. You can clearly read the subtitle and see every detail in the picture.
That difference is nothing I would wait 10 minutes for.

I prefer my garbage looking good than looking like literal gargabe

I rather pay 0$ and I would like to know what player you used since I'm absolutely sure it's not placebo.

For the streamfags that -just dont get it-

Showing that you are willing to go to great lenght to watch your chinese morning cartoons makes you the ideal Sup Forums poster
Being any less of this just shows how passionate you really are about this.

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the only time I ever bothered downloading was when kissanime went down, you're right.

This, Sup Forums is one big meme.

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that's still considerably lower quality than the torrent you fucking dunce

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The bottom version that other guy posted still looks better though.