The best written manga was made by a woman

>the best written manga was made by a woman

how this make you feel?

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I didn't know Berserk was made by a woman


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I have no problem. Dungeon Meshi is an excellent manga.

Not much. I love the story and the anime adaptations. That's it.

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Women write the best shonen (FMA, Ranma) or the worst shonen (Reborn)
there's no middle point.

Eh, I find full metal alchemist to be essential normie's first anime.

Ranma was mediocre.

Berserk is just grimdark edgelord bullshit. Take out the rape scenes and its just another average shounen.

>Full Metal Alchemist
>best written manga


>thinks a shonen is the best written manga

what is?

It'd be easy for me to shrug this off as shounenshit, but at the same time it's probably one of the best shounen ever written.

In that sense I sort of agree with OP. Whether or not it's by a woman is just bait.

god he's so handsome

FMA isn't even Arakawa's best manga.

>the best written
Most popular you mean?

When did Urasawa get a sex change?

> Most popular
> What is Dragon Ball

Literally one of my favorite fantasy settings and I think 99% of Sup Forumss content is decadent trash
Women are truly our equals and crutched by culture

Wings of Vendemiaire.

I really enjoyed FMA but it was not the best I ever read, much less the best ever made.
Still pretty good tho

vinland saga destroys fma. and thats jsut 1 manga


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>not even fma 2003

Nope. Not even the best shounen.

This too.

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That's not Jojo

silly underage.
look at him and laugh

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Which is her best work in your opinion?
I only read FMA so far but am down for more

But Zatch Bell was written by a man

makes me want to see more women mangaka, honestly

Also the best ever is easily SBR

>Dungeon Meshi
>Made by a woman

that expalins why it was so boring

nothing, great series

I didn't know Blame's author identified himself as a woman

i'm going to assassinate you

Berserk is fucking boneheaded. Just stop, it isn't good.


SBR isn't even the best Jojo part.

Her farming manga is better than FMA.

Whoops. Posted wrong pic.

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Basic moral philosophy, comically over the top violence, and shallow attempts at shocking the audience.

Hell yea

This. FMA is just well executed mediocrity.

A woman wrote the GOAT of romance manga as well.

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where does d. gray-man fall in here?

went from best to worst

You'd have credibility if you weren't defending FMA.

Ichigo 100% was pretty aggressively mediocre.

>the most successful mangaka is a woman.

Fixed. Also Rumiko is superior.

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I'm not defending FMA at all. The manga isn't good and both anime adaptations are even worse.

>people think FMA is better than DB

t. underage edgelord

It is better written in every way possible

>berserk isn't that good
>durr u must be defendin x
Boneheaded indeed

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haha no

FMA is terribly written. Namek arc is 10x more complex than anything in FMA and Toriyama is a far superior artist.

Lets not forget Dorohedoro

>best manga
>best shounen
*blocks your path*

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It explains why the girls are so sexy.

Fuck you, Reborn is one of my all time favorites

>Namek arc is 10x more complex
What is your IQ?

It's good, and women have produced great works before so whatever. It's overrated as shit though, certainly not the best.

>the most successful mangaka
That's not Osamu Tezuka.


Was good at the beginning but became shit very quickly. Even gothic artstyle is inferior compared to Soul Eater.


Are you also 12 with a big dick? Because if you are then I have a proposition.

kill yourself

*Konjiki no Gash

But I'll let it slide.

Rumiko is the richest mangaka in Japan, tho.

Well, of course normies love it, it's amazing and fucking everywhere. Everyone reccomends it from the moment you say you watch anime.

Osuma Tezuka made manga what it is today tho

Wow a post entirely comprised of buzzwords

I see that complaining about female mangaka is now the latest meme and we will have daily threads about this.

Considering that manga and anime have exclusively had female artists that take the whole thing seriously and are actually not money grabbing whores (like western cartoonists and their faux-nerdish political larping) for a long time now, it is safe to assume that manga written by women aren't total jokes.
However, FMA is not the best manga of all time

There's actually been a few threads recently praising female mangaka. I don't think this thread is complaining about them (at least from OP's intent), just more shitflinging by FMA fans.

best ecchi and hentai as well

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Can you actually refute a single thing I said, faggot?

>juan pies

That's not Fue though

>the best written manga
No, but FMA is okay, I guess.
>was made by a woman
>how this make you feel?
Women can write shounen well, you say? Yeah. I've known that since the 1990s.

>picture unrelated

I want to rub that belly.

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Why does it even have to make me feel something?
It's the modern world, the world of equality. Why the gender of an author should bother me?

>was made by a woman
also she's cute.

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>FMA was written by a woman
Okay, she did a good job.

>the best written manga
I like alchemist but user, honestly just kys.

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what is better?

It's starting to look like it is.

This is Edward's seiyu

*best shonen manga

Not really, he was often copying others

I have always been so underwhelmed by FMA. It's well-put together, I'll give it that. It's nothing that's ever gripped me though. Has absolutely nothing on prime Berserk.

Omg its a women! I change my mind on fma, worst series ever!

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You're going to have stop liking the K-On anime too

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