Oh no! She's onto us!

Oh no! She's onto us!

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I'm kind of sad this anime wasn't more popular

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Why is Hakumei so handsome?

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As long as we keep getting potato anime every season I won't forget it

Great sense of fashion.

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its strange really this anime feel like touhou.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that.

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I like Mikochi.

Some user liked Mikochi so much he wrote a death metal song about her.

My autism can not tolerate this!

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That and a strong dash of animal crossing but it's not popular with normalfags either whereas you have jewtubers and facebookfags all over yurucamp

user, I don't think that drawing is what you think it is.

If it had a budget that allowed actual animation, it'd be a different story. As it is, it feels like I'm just looking at the manga in flat color.

Finally, I am not the only with that feeling.

where I can download the manga?

Ehscans has a translation, although I warn it is a monthly.

I didn't get that impression. But now that you said it, I see what you mean.

I think is how this serie seems full of small and big dangers here and there, but nothing really comes from it and the characters are really casual about it, even if they get scared is no that big of reaction, constantly eating, drinking and great variety of characters, CUTE HATS EVERYWHERE, kinda magical world but we see it on a mundane fashion.

fuck other potatoes, I want the tiny potatoes to be more popular

Lerche's Konohana Kitan was also underwatched last season.


I want to use hakumei as an eraser head


Every time I hear Mikochi I can't avoid thinking of Manko-chi.

This story reminds me of that little gnome cartoon I used to watch back when I was a kid

David the Gnome was a better show.
Unless you mean The Littl' Bits.

i wouldn't worry about it. its good enough that it probably won't fall into complete obscurity

I haven't watched this anime yet but I've felt that too.

Hakumei is Marisa
Mikochi is Reimu

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I like her sister.

I don't understand, new episode is out or am i lost

It's not actually a wall. The panel with Mikochi is overlayed over a brick pattern background

Thankfully I'm able to enjoy both. This season was amazing.

I don't watch the show but browse the threads every episode for cute tiny girls.

Thanks for listening.

i didn't expect to love this show so much
i'm gonna be really sad after tomorrow

Come again!

And question is why? I though normalfags hated CGDCT and now yuru camp is popular with them. What makes Yuru camp different compared to any CGDCT+gimick show?

Yeah me too. It has same feeling to it too

You want to get her pregnant then kill the baby?

I'm sad I picked it up too late and missed a lot of threads.

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Is it normal to have a crush on Mikochi? She somehow has a naturally seductive air. I find her mature, feminine personality extremely sexy.

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Probably the heavy focus on a normalfag friendly hobby.

Better than becoming a general, like what happened with Mia and SSR. By comparison having threads that struggle to reach 100 posts is a blessing.

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It seems normal next to my desire to use Konju as a buttplug.

Your autism made you mistake a purely flat wall in the background with a filter washing it out and a panel showing hakumei touching the wall.
For a gap in the wall and hakumei standing inside the gap.
Diagnosis: You're not autistic you're just low IQ, real autists would have figured it out properly.

No need to be a dick.

Will you report him for toxicity?

I watched it specifically because all these folksy comfy shows are all fairly similar in tone, like stories and rhymes in the Shire. Gently paced, main focus on the lifestyle, OP/ED that could lull you to sleep.
I also got around to watching Moomin, which I never watched as a kid because it didn't have that kind of popularity in America. But what a delightful show, comfy and innocent enough, but fairly mature in tone much like David the Gnome. H&M is different in that it's intended for an older audience and focuses on the lives of adults living a tiny little life in the woods but it's all very similar in spirit, a spirit I really like.

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You're probably right. I don't know about Mia, but the SSR threads were great up until normalfags flooded them with shitposting because of that one frame in the OP.

Has the mangaka ever draw any Touhou dojin?

I certainly like the spirit in this show

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