why is he a retard?
how can he not realize that he died and assumes his entire experience was either a dream/illusion?

should i keep watching this Sup Forums?does it get better?

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you should have realised he's a terrible characters when he decided to be a hero for a girl he barely knows after dying trying to save her

i thought his nice persona would soon turn dark and he would ultimately begin to lose his humanity and go on a dark path to fuck anything in his way since he's practically invincible at this point.

Abandon hope and go watch something better, I gave up early in second cour.

Well that particular aspect does improve and if you don't get rused by the waifu wars he does get development still an autistic retard also reddit tier suffer porn if you're into that

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so i shouldn't expect anything like arifureta or dungeon seeker?
does this guy get any character development at the very least?
at this point i'm fine with mild spoilers

>does it get better?
It really doesn't, stop before you wasted too much time. This show is utter ass.

There's a 10/10 episode hidden in there somewhere

>should i keep watching this Sup Forums?
>does it get better?

you should watch this just to jerk off to the hentai of it later

Half episodes were very good half very bad. Overall it was dissapointment. Whole "isekai" is IGNORED he never wonders what happend. He just chases girl he just met. Don't watch it it's not even finished story.

>why is he a retard?
Bad writing.

>how can he not realize that he died and assumes his entire experience was either a dream/illusion?
Bad writing.

>should i keep watching this Sup Forums?

>does it get better?

Yes. It gets better when you meet Rem, and not just speaking as a waifufag, the show genuinely picks up during that arc.

Behind 17 episodes of 5/10

You should've dropped it at this point.

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is hilarious when you consider that it took him less than a second to figure out he was in another dimension and then tried to see if he had magical powers

If you hate this show you're either a contrarian or have shit taste.

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If all the gender roles were reversed you would think it's shit.

It's shit.

This, after sitting on it I've come to realize what a shit character both he and his love interest are. Unsatisfactory anime

he is like a reverse harem anime girl that falls in livo with the first man that is nice to her

It doesn't get better, too much wasted potential

Well, that DOES happen
But only in the web novel

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>posting literally the worst girl in the history of anime

>why is he a retard
Because he is
>how can he not realize that he died and assumes his entire experience was either a dream/illusion?
Because he's retarded
>should i keep watching this Sup Forums?
>does it get better?
It's already pretty good.

He suffers a lot, mostly due to his own inability to make any kind of intelligent decision, and EVENTUALLY starts being somewhat savy about his own situation.

To put it another way, if you dropped any other isekai protag like Kazushit from Konosuba into Subaru's place,they would have breezed right through it.

Subaru was legitimately too fucking stupid to live in some cases.

> Huh, this is that building I remember being brutally murdered in. It looks exactly like that dream, even though I've never been here before.
> And theres that guy I remember seeing the corpse of.
> And there's that girl I remember seeing the corpse of.
> What an unlikely serious of coincidences.
> Oh hey, a new person I dont remember seeing in my dream, dead or otherwise. I'm going to trust this person. I'm sure they wont brutally murder me like some kind of brutal murderer
> Oh what the F, I'm being brutally murdered! Again!

It would be funny if it wasn't so infuriatingly stupid.

>does this guy get any character development at the very least?
He gets a REALLY big character development, when he finally realises that he's not overpowered hero, but just a stupid scumbag, Then he stopped being stupid and started doing some decent stuff.
But it all happens after episode 18.

This would've been a significantly better show if he went the route of the all you need is kill protag

I've only watched around 100 anime but this is easily the worst one. Don't waste your time

I love Rem!

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Well I watched around 600 anime and it's not even close to the worst one. It's pretty shitty though and I don't understand how anyone can see more in this than any othergeneric isekai show.

I hope that this eventually happens in the anime

Nah. Anime is way too light and fluffy. Most of the changes from the superior LN were to soften the series and make it less dark.