Why are eye bands so hot?

Why are eye bands so hot?

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Because they can't see how ugly you are, you hideous slob.

They can't see you staring at them

because they are helpless, so they have to depend on a man, and they know it.


They can't see you when you sneak up on them.

You can stare at those asymmetrical boobs

Are her nipples constantly hard? Do gob sperm put you in a permanent state of arousal?


You don't know if she's looking at you with love, or looking at you as if you're walking garbage

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N-no u

it makes it easy for guys to rape them

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It enhances the other senses so intimate activities become more intense.

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Yoko Taro anime when?

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Why is this getting so many threads now? It's getting out of hand.

Makes already attractive characters seem cooler and sexier.

The Nierverse is the only world where getting Isekei'd would logically get you an instant harem.

Whether or not its worth it is another issue all together.

shes not looking at me at all, shes blind nigga


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It helps you dehumanize them and think of them more as sex objects.

Remember having a nice eye(s) is the shorthand for "look empathize"

Emil can still use magic. So depending on how that works there might still be ash and you could turn to salt.

Otherwise I assume as long as your ready for constant medical checks and having no real friends you can like everyone.

fpbp, savage

Last I recall, it wasn't magic but specifically the magic particles of the human hating god that did that. Humanity and thus the androids are based off dragon magic particles, which are not as actively malicious.

And they like it.

What said.

"Maso" was a catch-all term used for the description of magic particles. There is a difference between the remains of Angelus and the Queen beast. Hell, after expirimentation with the human soul went underway it was found that Maso could be derived from human souls themselves, this of course referring to the particles given off by the Shadowlord which held other shades together and prevented them from relapsing.