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March 28, 2017. Kemono Friends 12 aired. Remember your friends.

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>All around me are familiar faces...

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I would never forget.

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>You can't do anything at all, can you?

Just changed anime history, NBD.

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i still rewatch it once or twice a month in memory of the good old days

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I honestly can't rewatch it anymore because it's so painful.

>The "longest 5 minutes of my life" between week 11 and week 12.
>Watching anime live with the whole world.
>1000 post threads.
>Bump limit every two hours.
>Twitter trending.
>"I can't believe _____ is (not) fucking dead."
>Drawfag and colorfag.
>Don't lewd the Shoebill.
>White tofu.
It was the best of Sup Forums times. It was the worst of Sup Forums times. I'm glad I was able to experience it with everyone and sad that it'll never happen again.
For those who want to relive it or weren't here last year.

Japari Park is in your heart. Man, it started raining.

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The entire phenomena was a perfect storm that would be impossible to recreate. First off the show itself was fantastic, then you had the backstory of a 10 person team working for 500 days on a low budget show that most people would have predicted to be DoA. The we had Grape-kun, which nobody could have predicted and ending up adding to the legend further. Even 9/25 ended up adding to the show's legend in a sad way.

You couldn't write a story that played out this way.

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Quick rundown? Missed it completely.

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>Drawfag and colorfag.
best love story ever

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the best of times.

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I guess you could say Kaban is stuck on the boat

But isn't the show itself complete shit?

Animation-wise none would disagree.
Story-wise, we would fight you tooth and nail.


Artist who made that really good Fennec/Arai origin comic decides to take things into their own hands and continue the story.

You could watch the first 3 episodes and decide for yourself.

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>want to rape shoebillposter
>believe in tatsuki

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I remember when he announced he didn't want to rape her anymore.

Together in Japari Park for all of eternity.

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Threadly reminder

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Should I watch this with my normie friend or will it make me look more autistic than usual? He watches anime sometimes so it's not completely out of the blue.

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I have a 'normie' friend who loves KF so much he wrote an article about it, but he said to me how amazing it would be to have an english dub so he could show his younger cousins and neices and I just can't.

It was a dark and difficult day for us all.

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>3 days after tats got fired, i didn't even realize it was related at the time.

KF threads were always so wonderful. I've been in conflict-free threads before but it was always for niche shows with only four or five anons posting. It's remarkable that so many of us would participate in a six month long conversation without the usual shitposting, insults, and waifu wars. I still don't know how that happened.

Oh. Found a post from someone who was going to meet Kanae Itou. Did that user ever follow up? Did he ask about Gray Wolf?

If he's into anime as art he'd probably appreciate it. Or if he's a fan of Disney movies KF is a lot like that.

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Wew. I didn't realize he was the same guy who made the high-school comic. And he released three more 50 pages long comics since then. Does he plan to save Kemono Friends all by himself?


Don't forget NABY.

Remember when the fucking gooks were shooting missiles and every channel was carrying the PM LIVE except tv tokyo, who aired KF episode 12 because they wanted the children to know how kaban's journey ended.

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I want to touch Arai-san.

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Remember the first M-Station?

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Tell me more.

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not sure if I want to forget the franchise all together or dwell in sorrow rn

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Those were the good ol days

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>you'll never watch Kemono Friends for the first time again

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>nicovideo is down

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Please tell me someone is going to continue it somehow....

>Nico users are not migrating to YouTube
This part isn't entirely accurate, Nico was hemorrhaging users long before KF came along due to incompetent managing, required sign-in, restricted features if you don't pay shekels, etc. KF was a brief Renaissance for Nico and the only thing that brought people back, they just left again when the show was killed

Fanfics would never run short but that's what they would all be - a fanfic.

Give it a decade

That's okay. Tatsuki doesn't need it anyway.

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Give it a decade

I had doubts when I watched the first clip, it didn't seem to measure up to KF, but after watching a few more (helps they're short) they grew on me
This latest one is cool, the traffic signal pole being a metal detector-thing is intriguing

Even 20 years won't shut down Nico, user. Though the entire cyberworld would consider it a ghost city. Just like Myspace and Yahoo

>You can't go back to your family, back home to your childhood, back home to romantic love, back home to a young man's dreams of glory and of fame, back home to exile, to escape to Europe and some foreign land, back home to lyricism, to singing just for singing's sake, back home to aestheticism, to one's youthful idea of "the artist" and the ideal...."
>"To lose the earth you know, for greater knowing; to lose the life you have for greater life; to leave the friends you loved, for greater loving; to find a land more kind than home, more large than earth.
Whereon the pillars of this earth are founded, toward which the conscience of the world is tending-a wind is rising, and the rivers flow.”

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Myspace should get their shit together now that Facebook is imploding on itself

I heard Sup Forums is now using it for their bullshit, renaming it "Mein Space" or whatever. I don't care about em.

Well, fuck nevermind. Let it rot and be irrelevant



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>Kemono Friends (winter 2017)
>Killing Bites (winter 2018)

.....So are we're expecting another Kemomimi to appear next year, or is this a coincidence?

Lord, I hope so
So far every recent kemomimi anime has been aces

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Kemurikusa Winter 2019.

It only have one cat girl, and she's ain't the focus of the plot.

I literally can't think of a bigger series/brand suicide than this.

Killing Bites is the opposite of Kemono Friends. Retarded, tawdry, trashy.

I mean I like it but it's such trash.

at least the visual is nicer than Kemono Friends (except for the CGI, it's fucking garbage).


That's why they work so well together, they're opposite ends of the same spectrum

KF is unapologetically sweet and kind and oozes love and comfiness.
KB is unapologetically crude, violent and vulgar and takes pride in all it's edgy trash roots

Both made of the best of what they were given and loved every second of what they were .
Perhaps it's only fitting neither of them are getting a second season

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Do you believe in miracles?

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the fact that this will never get a season 2 is really just awful.

It's fine to dream
But sooner or later you have to wake up

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>No 2nd season in sight
Men in suits sitting in conference rooms just fucking things up

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And the sad part is...Killing Bites has JUST BEGUN.

>only 133 days left until season 2 would've started
We were almost there.

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Did Sup Forums ever react to firing of tatsuki?

Yes. 5000 posts every 6 hours with a full blown organized boycott that made Amiami remove punishment for cancelling order for KF goods

2ch, twitter, Sup Forums, S.Koreans, all unified hard and caused Kadokawa site to crash 3 times, got the government involved, and was alover anime sites, including facebook.

2ch users personally posted here with broken english to tell us which sites we can go to to sign petitions and send letters directly to the government.

Funnily enough, Kadokawa still have the audacity to ignore their own market. Goodluck

You tell me

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All they had to fucking do was apologize and rehire one guy. Was that really so hard? They'd clearly make more money with him anyways.

I know right? Shame, now the massive franchise is dead, they have awful publicity, and the Golden Goose is out of their reach

I was never able to watch this show because I was dealing with wageslave bullshit when it was airing. Ironically, I really could have used some healing around that time.
How bad did I miss out?

It's pretty much a lifechanging experience. You're not too late because the guy is making a new anime and at this point, none can predict what he can do in an original work

you missed out on something so good as to be life-changing. It's not too late to pick it up though. Just a great healing show.

It was very tanoshii.

Thanks, I'll give it a watch this weekend then.

Enjoy, friend. And welcome to yokosou Japari Park!

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Fair warning, just let that opening chase happen. The animation of that is a total mess but just let it slide and you'll be rewarded.

If you don't enjoy the show by the Mountain episode I would say drop it and don't come back but I sincerely doubt it's possible to not like that episode.

I actually wasn't much into that episode so I was surprised when everyone said that was the turning point. Episode 4 is what kept me going, and then I think it took a few more episodes for me to accept that I loved it.

Don't forget the "i want to marry red fox"-poster

It really made my wageslave life more bearable at the time.

What good times we had

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What dark and powerful forces would you invoke to get Tatsuki and the crew back on KF again?

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I remember sending letters to different companies and chating with 2ch users about what can we do the ones who lived overseas, I posted #BelieveInTatsuki and #NotTatsukiNotTanoshi on Twitter like 100 times, there were even guides about what you could do.

One of the most amazing things that came out of this was seeing people from Europe, America, South America, China, South Korea, Philippines, Oceania, etc., letting their problems aside for this, it was something I've never seen before.

Even there was a time somebody from 2ch told us that the government would take action, that it was transforming into a national issue. In the end it didn't happen but we were not far away from that, literally all Japan was yelling out loud to KDKW and praising Tatsuki.

I don't know exactly why or how but Kemono Friends actually changed my view about anime.

>Literally more important than fucking nuclear warheads.

KF was an anime that helped shaped the fucking world man.
Nothing and no one can ever take that away

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Hey, Boss! How long have you been around for? If you don't tell, I'm gonna eat Kaban-chan!!
Please don't eat mee!
Since a long, long time ago. No eating.

Hey, Boss! Do you like me? If you don't tell, I'm gonna eat Kaban-chan!!
Please don't eat mee!
You have been an important companion for me. No eating.

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Eat the Kaban-chan

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