Why do boys make the best girls

Why do boys make the best girls

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becuase your a gay homo fag

Boys know what boys want.

Boys are just better at everything.

>see this
Do what?

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Men are just better at everything. That includes being a girl.

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>Forbidden lovers
It´s not gay if she have feminine penis.

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I want to rape her ass.

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It is the only way to have sex with women and be heterosexual. To eat pussy is more gay that eating a thousand penises. Heterosexual men seek to buttfuck or mouthfuck men.

>mfw I tried shaving to see if this was true
>it's true

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my dick

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Women aren't even good at being women

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Gently protect. Rui is for pure love.

Modern women are either neon haired hamplanets or repugnant turbosluts. Girls (male) are pure

Because society bifurcates men and women into different populations and the expects them to be best friends for reproductive purposes. Most straight men would prefer a girl who knows what being a man is like and most straight women would prefer a boy who knows what being a women is like. This is why gay couples appear happier, they don't have to put up with this bullshit. It's also why you see all those jokes about people comparing weddings to death, heterosexual marriage is pretty much compulsory, and most dont meet their best friend

Cloth drapes the male figure more elegantly than the female figure. By weird contrast women have better looking nude bodies than men.

How hard does Moyashimon pander do degenerates like myself? I assumed it was mostly good clean fun about farm school, but, I was never sure how far they took the trap character.

Have they fucked on screen yet? I dropped it after the first mini arc

Its ok until you see the dick

Doesn't pander hard at all. The trap is actually absent for large segments of it.

There's some ship tease near the end of the series but it never amounts to anything. In fact, the MC no homo's the trap twice and trap doesn't mind all that much, it's just not that kind of serialization. You really should read it if you're into microbiology, brewing, and college SoL more than for the trap. It's a decent series that I learned a lot from.

Totally agree. I want to suck his dick and swallow his cum. Women are totally overrated.

Men understand what men want.

Rui is the only trap that I would consider headpatting.

>posting the inferior version
absolutely disgusting

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No, Banba has to become Scott Pilgrim first.

I actually root for her(him). The side couple is better anyway.

Remember someone saying the ending was the trap punched the MC because he kissed him and was pissed because of thinking he was gay.

Not sure how the anime ended it, but in the manga they just talk it out in a few panels and then the whole thing is settled and forgotten. Those panels were quite suggestive and all but it's pretty clear the author put them in there as a bit of fanservice.

Trap DID get mad at MC when they were in America and Sawaki asked Kei to accompany him to see his brother in a way that could easily have been mistaken as asking for Kei's hand in marriage. Kei shouted at him in the bar, no punching involved. It was left open for fans to interpret how Kei felt about Sawaki, but Sawaki himself had no real romantic interest in anyone except maybe that last-minute addition to the cast.

Don't remind me.

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I'm still mad,even if the new designs were closer to the manga

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manga design changed quite a bit too over the years

Maid boys are best boys.

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Is that Phichit?

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Men are better than women. Thus, it stands to reason that men should be better than women at being women.

I wouldn't say that, but there are some times where you just want to fuck a trap.

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they see all the flaws in the vaginal jew and correct them

Violently molest his boypucci until he's cumming hands free from his lewd twitching penis in front of a live audience of millions, then force him into prostitution once it becomes clear that nobody on the face of the planet will ever take him seriously as anything other than a slut for cum.

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Oh boi, i yukisexual now

Being male disarms the fear that girls give Sup Forums