Darling in the FranXX

I think we all have to face the truth, Kokoro is a huge nasty slut. while Mitsuru is a huge beta gay being a huge Man-Child butthurt, because Hiro won’t ride his ass

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Face the truth: you’re fat.

Both are great, especially together

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Mitsuru is still a faggot since Hiro will always be on his mind.

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002 = Desiderata

Long live Hirolemagne.

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This was a really good episode, everybody won here, prove me wrong. Protip: Not possible.
And here is why.

>Kokoro won, because she has now a partner the suits her better and that her motherly attitude wont spoil, instead someone who needs it.
>Mitsuru won because now he can overcome his shit attitude and has someone who he can learn to trust
>Futoshi won because now his suffering will give him new determination and he will man up and get /fit/
>Ikuno won because now she has a partner that won't look down on her and she will help Futoshi to get /fit/ and will learn not all men are idiots
>Darlingfags won because the tension build up will make for an awesome episode 12
>Shippingfags won because we have two new promising ships with perfect breakfast and /fitlit/
>Ikuno and Kokorofags won because now there might be more doujins of them
>Sup Forums one because it now has something to meme about


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Don't forget fatso being a fat clingy piece of shit, they're all flawed

Mitsuru and Kokoro being together has bad implications for the both of them, we know that they can’t really be together because Mitsuru is pretty much 100% confirmed gay, even though they can pilot fine together.
Mitsuru didn’t get enough characterization to make him particuarly important to the rest of the group, so I’m guessing they’re going to be the first to die if anyone is going to.


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Kokoro a best. A BEST.

MitsuKoko OTP of the season.

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The only characters I rarely see get hate are Goro, Ikuno, twintails, and her partner.

I mean flawed in a good way, flaws just means there is room for growth. Can't wait for fatmans road to hunk and ikunos catharsis

fuck pablo

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Everyone here hates Ikuno.

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Probably because those are the better characters

What possessed you to make this?

Barely anyone remembers Ikuno exists
Goro is based
ZoroMiku is cute

How is Kokoro feeling right now, that the person she thought was a mysterious lone wolf is just a gay boy sulking over his straight friend not returning his feelings.

i didn't make it

Are there any leaks?

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"Adultery" is still a word.

Kokoro "Shameful Trial, Brutal Punishment" 556
Kokoro "Liar Liar, Die in a Fire" 556
Kokoro "By Buggerer Boned, By Lynch mob Stoned" 556
Kokoro "Sexually Thrilled, Simply Killed" 556
Kokoro "No Exemption, Past Redemption" 556
Kokoro "Anne Frank Got The Gas, I Will Get the blast" 556
Kokoro "Unfaithful Harlot, Her Head Someone Will Axe It" 556

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>Zero Two grew ears.
>The reason is unknown

>Eh... Are these real!?

>C-can I touch them?
>It's fine
>Eh... it's fine!? Then... er... please excuse me...
>I-I'm sorry, Zero Two!! Did it hurt?

>Darling's funny

>Zero Two!?


Anyone typeset this one yet?

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>10 weeks of FutoKoko, single-digit fanart
>not even 1 week of MitsuKoko, over 100 fanarts

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Okay. Then what possessed you to save it?

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She'll come crawling back to Futoshi after she realizes it.
Can't wait to see him turn that bitch down. Hope she kills herself.

Can this be an Ichigoro thread? Those are nice and comfy

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Wew lad

i found it funny

Probably disillusioned, she has to take it to new levels cuck the gay boy and the oni

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Excellent. I wish there was more fanart of them as young thugs

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They're totally irrelevant to main plot and story, just as Mitsuru, besides being generic one-dimensional tropes.

Absolutely no one but crossboards really care about these genereric one-dimensional tropes

Someone suicides, not valiantly

>Futoshi BTFO in the background
it will never not be funny

literally this

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Mitsukoko shippers who mind their own business are cute, the ones who partake in the shitposter are pure unadulterated cancer, just like Futoshifags. Onihiro and Ichigoro bros are the true patricians of these threads, of course.

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>a few

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I only feel sympathy for Goro

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Post cute 02 pics

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>hating Goro
But hes the most popular boy

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Way to go, Hiro!

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>charging energy

I don't know why I find that cute as fuck.

>kokobros are making cute and heartwarming fan art while /v9k/ makes edgy garbage like this

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Every day until it's true

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God I wish that were me

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Hiro is shocked to learn Mitsuru's real feelings!

If someone with skills could change this to "kokonut milk" and replace the coconuts with her breasts, that would be really fantastic.

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Can we keep this cute and comfy vibe on? Also joining in with some tsundere brats.

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Be careful, tiny Hiro!

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When a oni is hungry it's over

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the cutest!

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I personally believe that both Mitsuru and Ikuno are just gay

Something about being together since childhood and growing old together warms me up. Hopefully the parasites can actually grow old and don't have something like an expiration date.

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its a trigger show so in the finale we're probably going to see alpha male futoshi with a 10 pack or something

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Please don't jinx it.

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Ikuno is hard gay, Mitsuru was enjoying riding with Oni until she went all out and promised to protect Kokopuffs, so he's probably just biscum.


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It'll be interesting to see if this episode we're going back to Hiro, 02 and the main plot, or if we'll actually get a "Chlorophytum episode" since we've basically gotten a Delphinium episode, then an Argentea episode and most recently a Genista episode.

Could see an Ikuno focused thing, or just finally getting started on the crevasse plot point.

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Haters gonna hate

I love Naomi!!!

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>Disregard fatty, acquire Mitsuru no matter what
>Already planning their kids
>Almost getting herself killed just to win his attention
Kokoro is pretty much a yandere.

Next episode she'll be making sure the other girls understand what is hers.

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Learn from Fatty's mistake Sup Forums.

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>tallest boy with smolest girl

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A Nine trying to cuck Kokoro when?

Best combination

How can Fatty redeem himself? The only way I see is a big sacrifice.

What if there's a real battle in the next episode?

That's what I'm trying to do, man.
This one in particular.

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So mitsuru is obsessed with Hiro
Not gonna lie I’m disappointed. He’s like some extremely edgy jealous lover who can never let go of a grudge.

Also the whole thing with Kokoro where
I just pretend to be a nice person
Shit, give me a break. This is like every teenage drama trope rolled into one episode.

He's not a good person.
Why does anyone defend him? He's been a shit pilot, a shit co-pilot, no one's friend and emotionally abusive.

His orientation doesn't matter. Calling him scum as he is right now isn't incorrect.

I did it your honor, I'm a being possesed by the spirit of shitpostthing, I take no sizes, I only shitpost
And so user you see it's true
That man bears no more guilt than you!
Who am I?

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Imagine her wearing one of his oversized shirts.