ITT: Underrated manga/anime

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Forgot to include the OPs. Both are good imo.

I think GetBackers was pretty popular around the time it aired but there was nothing spectacular about it so people never bring it up. A lot of solid but otherwise unremarkable anime are sort of forgotten after they aired. I loved Tari Tari but I guess it didn't leave much of an impression.

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Didn't know that... Where i live it's completely unknown, but is good to know that somewhere else this thing was aired and even localized.

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Tari Tari was fun but Hanasaku Iroha made me have huge expectations for it because it came from PA Works. Vien a best.

OP said underrated, not overrated.

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*Best opening theme ever plays*

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The episodes in the middle kind of suck but the first and last couple of episodes were certainly worth it.

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Fair enough... I know everytime Mushishi pops up here on Sup Forums is vastly worshipped, but you should think outside of this board... Same with Outlaw Star, that is often compared to big shows like Cowboy Bebop, so it obviously falls behind... That's my opinion on the internet though, and the only ones i could think atm that were good but also sortof unknown.

>tfw manga is still ongoing and scans are nowhere to be found
Trigun? Underrated? What the fuck user.

anime: a bit underrated
manga: piece of shitt

Really?? Even my granma knows trigun

Just remembered about this one. I'm very fond about young delinquents mangas, and this was pretty good aside some remarkable flaws. Name is Change Guy.

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I loved the dude that never hits the break when delivering.

Witch Hat Atelier needs to get more popular so it can stop needing to rely on slow fan translations to get translated.

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Hikari to Mizu no Daphne (Daphne in the Brilliant Blue), I swear this series had potential.

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I liked the part of the manga in the tower, but dropped it shortly after. Never saw the anime

I don't see how it is underrated considering it is generic asspull-y shonen but dat ending was a mindfuck for sure

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will start reading it while it gets at least 20 scanlated chapters. Word.

There aren't even 20 chapters out in Japanese yet

I think Kekkaishi is pretty underrated, would've loved a continuation for it, no idea what the manga deal was with it.

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It was pretty gay. Everyone was sucking lighting emperor's dick. I enjoy the ops though.

Most American manga ever made.

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As I said it before, more people should give Cestvs a chance

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that´s my point. Im a bit upset of reading new manga from the early beginning I wanna read a bit more to have a better appreciation

Fisrt part was fine, but second half was unsanely rushed

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It's good but kinda gay.

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2nd half was pure garbage.

Actually the anime ends on a cliff-hanger on said tower. Fucking hated it.
This was my response to a similar comment. by the way, can you spoil the ending for me? I don't want to pick it up after all those years, and at this point i really don't mind the mean from which i know about the real finale.


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Still don't know how could they do such polar opposites.

First 12 eps: nice atmosphere, mysterious power and disaster, bone characters with their purposes, action and trick plays.
Last 12 eps: low romcom, no exact plot, light show with wtf solutions like the entire tv show thing
Even openings don't lie.

Only Yoshino remained till the end.

Oideyo! Mizuryu Kei Land

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Next time post a pic of it instead of absolutely cringey and dead memes, faggot.

This has to be one of the best crime fiction anime out there

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Basically, everything was virtual reality ESPECIALLY Infinity Tower(?) which was ran by Ginji's mom. I don't remember more details since it has been years since I have read the series. Honestly it took me probably 7-9 years to finish GetBackers but that is a separate tangent on its own

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is this echochrome the animation

Is that so... But why Ban seems so mad at Gin and why're they fighting with those extreme power-ups? Sorry for bothering you, user.

you're not bothering me, my dude. no need for apologies. However, I think the powerups are due to their existence being, well, non-existent (in virtual reality, you can do anything, y'know?) however other explicit details are unknown since it has been years since i have read it. I want to re-read it but it is so asspully and the pacing is kinda slow IIRC so that is a detriment

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I know that, even the anime sometimes seemed a bit dragged on, at least in my opinion. Regarding the power-ups, well, fair enough. Just a gratuitous way to show cool stuff but still, it probably did the job for the shonen aficionados. I'm still a little thrilled about their fight though. In the anime they often allude to a fight between the two, but in a distant past that, in anime terms, was never seen. Neither that nor the one you posted, for that matter... So i still don't know to this day why there's some sort of rivalry between the two, but well, who cares... If you don't remember i'm still not going through the internet for a response, it's such an old show i don't really want to dig that much for something that even i can't remember perfectly; mine is just plain curiosity, lol.

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>that file/anime name

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Well, I'd say read the manga at least once, it is worth that much at least, especially considering manga is normally source material

It's a really good sci--fi, lots of cool bugs.

This. Thank god I read the manga ahead.

Perhaps i should, sooner or later. For now i'm completely absorbed by Fukumoto's works... Talking about underrated. (beside kaiji and akagi obviously). Also, i don't feel like reading shonen mangas but then again, sooner or later...

Are you trying to promote a misogynist mango?? >:(
kek, enough with the dead jokes though, i will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

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We need more Dalian in this universe

went from pretty neat to crap some time after the whole card game arc. art deteriorated severely as you got characters with warped proportions (long-ish arms, hand & fingers, thicc thighs along with their long legs, small head to body proportions), & rather "noisy" foreground & background overfilled with random junk & debris in fights, all apparently a result of the artist using a PC to draw.

the twist of it being a corrupted virtual reality simulation of the real world was acceptable, making sense of the pseudo-science/history, but also nonsensical as the genre shifts to sci-fi territory.

basically, in the real world, biggest mind in the scientific community pooled their resources together, to create a virtual reality simulation of real life to predict the future & find solutions to some major problems. among these minds is Ginji's mom. IRL ginji? died at a young age. in her grief, he inserted Ginji in the simulation to see what kind of man he'd grow up to be. unfortunately, the simulation diverted from reality to an extreme, resulting in superpowered humans, witches, etc. with characters being warped into fictional caricatures of their IRL counterparts (Kazuki is actually a girl & Koto playing celebrity, with Jubei, a celebrated acupuncturist as her BF).

basically it shat all over the characters you grown attached to and trivialized all of their struggles

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an actual hidden jem

Dragon Ball GT

I'm glad it's getting localized.

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>Kazuki is actually a girl
Not surprised.

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>not reading the manga

you're missing out. while there was no uber destructive fight that decided the fate of the world, the low key battles and solution the characters came upon was on point & consistent with how the series ran, which was refreshing. romance wasn't forced on anybody's throat, and concluded satisfyingly.

also, Yoshi's mom = best mom ever.

That's, well... Not that cool. Thanks for your reply though.

didn't think i'd get a boner & get emotionally invested with the characters all at once. the whole ordeal did however felt forced & the ending really dragged on, but the art made up for that.

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Your really not wrong. One of the few times the anime did it better, Wolfwoods backstory was dumb as fuck in the manga. Legato's arm being Vash's was also way better than the psychic wires or whatever.

awful stuff.

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My nigga. I need to catch up, so happy it's getting scanned now.

Yeah, trips of truth... It's like they forgot about the main plot for 2/3 of the manga, then they remembered only at the end, lol.

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>tfw manga is still ongoing and scans are nowhere to be found
you talking about kkow? kkow was finished 2 decades ago. the entire scanlation has been dumped on Sup Forums before too.

Hentai Seiri Seminar. The sushi party scene alone gave me the most intense boner of my life.

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I already told myself to never use my native country's wikipedia ever again. I'm sorry, you're right.

I fucking hate Getbackers. Literally the biggest 13-year-old edgefest.

>"My name is MakubaX... the X stands for the unknown...heh"
>"Woah! Great use of that Witch's eye! You fooled everyone into thinking you can play the violin!
>"I.... *pushes up glasses* didn't use the eye...heh"

fucking shit.

Kek i agree with you though, it had its moments...

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I read the manga to get some answers but ended up understanding less.

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That's the nostalgia talking, the opening is nothing special and is real repetitive. I remember skipping it almost every time.

Pretty sure Karin was on top of the seinen polls back when it was releasing.

Mx0 was underrated enough to not get a dignified ending and it's one of my fave shounenshits regardless.

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I really enjoyed it, but the story felt rushed in 12 episodes.

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Particularly the manga.

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I remember this, I thought it was pretty fun

Karin is my favorite manga ever

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It's popular, but still doesn't get as much fame and praise as it deserves.

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Gunka no Baltzar, one the best military/political series in all of fiction. It's a shame that the translations are so slow.

Liar Game. No one I talked to has heard of it, and while every chapter is "Heh you fell into my trap" it's a lot of fun

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fuck off autist. shit sucks


Getbackers anime really really dropped in quality back half. The plot wasn't as well put together and the main character spent the majority of it in chibi form.

Volume 7 never, Kiyuzuki new series never.

Again, OP said underrated, noto overrated.
Nigga, everytime there's a "battle of wits" thread or whatever, Liar Game pops up. Enough with your bullshit.

Based user. Nice choice.


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I still have several volumes sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, but a part of me doesn't want to finish them because then there will be no more.