Dragon Ball Girls

Now that Super is over (until the movie), who was the best girl?

And why is it Videl?

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Android 18


>not a tomboy anymore in super
They fucking ruined her.
Yeah, she's the best and Bulma is the second.

Android 21

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should I watch it before the movie comes out?

I have a question about dragonball super.

are 'battle of gods' and 'resurrection F' canon? do i need to watch them for context in Super?

pre yamcha cucking bulma > 18 > Mai > everyone else

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>dragon ball
Videl (honorable mention for 18)
I guess Caulifla

Yes that are canon. You should watch battle of gods but I think the Frieza stuff is also covered in the shiw

I’d assume they’re canon because both arcs are covered in the show (with Beerus being a major character in the movie and show), but there did probably be people to debate me on that.

Watching them doesn’t hurt but the only context you really need is about the battle of gods so you can learn who the gods of destruction are.
I watched all of DBS from the universe 6 tournament arc up to the end and had no issues with context, even though I watched nothing before it.

But yea what said sums it up

Note is pure!

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depends. videl was a peice of shit at the beginning, but eally redeemed herserlf.

the show retold the movies as arcs so you don't have to watch them for context but you should watch the movies because the movie arcs in Super were awful

Videl & 18 have the best shota porn. Videl's are better thou.

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Childhood is idolizing Mai
Adulthood is realizing child you was right on the fucking money

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whoa nelly

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The answer is always Pan.

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Mai is the best girl

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Eh... any db girl that isn't jailbait or straight up loli?

Uranai Baba was around ever since ogdb, after that there have always been plenty of old hags around.

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Wasn't Launch underage when she was intoduced? Just like Bulma

Cute little girl, blushing, equipped with a lil bow, awww :3

Best girl.

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Tien was hittin that



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She's a mix of generic anime girl and try-hard waifu bait. Fuck outta here with that fake DB girl

Short hair videl and this Bulma were top tier

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Yeah that's the thing, it's always the fan art that makes the women in the db world actually look like, well, women

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In order of my opinion-
Future Timeline Bulma.
Android 18 on a normal day.
Chichi when she's not being a bitch
Bulma when she's not wearing something stupid like when Trunks was introduced.

This man speaks the truth
The perfect woman was there with us all along. Every step of the way.

Honestly the best girl is 18 and she's still garbage in her own right. You see, she was ONLY kept around to be Krillin's love interest. What a waste when she could contribute so much more to the battles given how much more powerful she is than the beta bald noseless loser that she was FORCED to fall in love with to satisfy a worthless beta male loser fantasy. And she got worse once she became cemented as a literal Mom Bot. She may not bitch and whine like Bulma or Chichi, but whatever sliver of personality that she had was destroyed. And the fact she doesn't fight generally under regular circumstances despite her power makes her a bigger waste. And I hated how even during the Tournament of Power? She still was essentially "Muh Krillin!" when her best scenes were the ones showing her familial dynamic with her brother. Goddamn what a good yet also bad character.

Needless to say Bulma and Chichi were shit. My god I prefer Fighter Z's No. 21. How come no Japanese writer has decided to kill off Chichi? And I mean in a good way. She's killed off and the characters say she was a bitch who deserves to stay dead AND King Yema sends her to hell for being too infuriating? Because she's no good mother, she's so overbearing and overprotected that it's CHILD ABUSE on the mental level. How she's also starting up on indoctrinating Gotenks is also annoying. And how she's bossing Gohan around on how to raise his own daughter? Man I want some Japanese writer to say:

"Toriyama, we're killing off Chichi, and we'll use the Super Dragon Balls to make it ILLEGAL to revive her so she's truly dead for good and sending her to hell where she belongs."

It's amazing how ANNOYING female characters are simply because the male characters are written like beta faggots. Then again, the work of a mangaka is the domain of a beta loser. Toriyama is no winner, he's probably getting his $$$ stolent IRL by his wife and only being awarded an allowance as is Japanese custom. Hope she divorces


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Chichi did nothing wrong. Well, other than marrying a retard that doesn't give a damn about marriage and that only did to a dumb gag promise to begin with.

And Bulma isn't generic. She's an everyday rich brat slut who the plot tells us she's intelligent, but it never feels like she's so much intelligent as by FORCE the writing makes her come up with stuff like the Dragon Radar. And Bulma was an annoying cunt. Constantly mouthing off and getting the characters into trouble but sicking the male characters to defend her. Wish Vegeta would say he refuses to defend her, but Vegeta is pussy whipped. Honestly I hated that stupid twist from Super that Saiyans LIKE being bitched at and insulted by annoying women. So much for being savages, they're no different from Swedish Men.

Chi-Chi could've been better, but Toriyama explicitly stated he didn't like her, so she was doomed from the start

Do their pubes turn gold too?

ah, the beta krillin

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Wonder if this has anything to do with his stance on the female body...
or maybe it's something deeper.....

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Saiyan girls have bald pussies thou.

Kale is not hairy.

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Chichi did everything wrong. Whether you like t o admit it or not, women CHOOSE the men they spread their legs for. And this happens even when the man isn't mentally challenged like Goku is. So in Goku's case specifically that moronic cunt should have known better than to have a family with him. The red flags were there. And she has no sympathy. Especially because inherently as a character she is not likable. She's such a cunt that she considers Goku's friends a bad influence on her kids calling them all delinquents. I wanted Goku to say that she can rot for insulting her friends like that. The only one who is a bad influence is Roshi because he's perverted.

That said I found it in bad taste when the Super episode showing Goku Black killing Chichi emphasized on HER point of view as if we're to feel sorry that she's being killed. Fuck that shit. I felt bad for Goten because he's a little child. But Chichi? I smiled as the camera zoomed in on her horrified face as the energy blast was coming near her and the screen fades to black as she screams and dies like she deserves. You see that scene is worthless because we're supposed to feel bad that Chichi is being killed but it doesn't work because she's too annoying and unbearable to the point most people across generations want to see her die. Even young kids getting into Dragon Ball probably saw Super and thought "She's annoying."

Chichi is up there with legendary Shounen females like Sakura from Naruto in terms of being horribly unlikable cunts who deserved to be killed and never revived.

I couldn't read the English translation of the DB manga because of that little Goku.
>Hey kids you're reading it backwards, follow along with Goku!

>the virgin nappa vs the chad krillin

Fucking this.

What I don't understand is, if he didn't like her, why not kill her off? It would have made his little franchise much more profitable. No one likes the bitch female character. But it feels like Toriyama kept that cunt alive because of some misguided sense of chivalry. You know that stupid "Must protect the vagina!" bullshit that other mangakas suffer from like Oda from One Piece (most visible with his character Sanji).

That all depends on the artist's taste.

Goku and Vegeta don't grow nay chest or armpit hair. I would bet they don't have any pubic hair and female saiyans like Caulifla are completely hairless down there too.

Never stopped being Chi-Chi.

18 is overrated garbage.

because for what little screentime she even has in the manga, she really isn't that bad
Toei on the other hand dialed up her bitchiness up to stupid heights, so everyone just remembers the anime version

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He only kept her around to annoy his editor who wanted Goku and Bulma to become a couple.

Couldn't express my rage against that bitch any better user.

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DB Chichi > Z Chichi

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I would assume Toriyama didn't dislike her when he first brought her back all out of a sudden for the 23 TB arc, and only after the arc was over did he began disliking her. And as a result decided to do a complete 180 on her character from there to the saiyan arc when she goes from cheering on Goku in battle to overprotective mom bitching out at Goku every time Gohan is risking his life to save the world, which made a portion of the readers dislike her.

Female angels > Future 18 > 21 > Mai > the rest > giant pile of shit > Chi-Chi

Chichi > Videl > 18 > Bulma > Lunch

Fucking sanji, i was so done when oda let luffy be his literal fucking punching bag, JUST

One thing that bothers me about Chichi is her hypocrisy. She obviously hates Martian Arts as soon as she became a mother. Okay.....then why was she personally teaching Goten how to fight? Was that in the manga?

Additionally she also called Goten a monsters for turning into a Super Saiyan, but when Gohan does it in that tournament to demonstrate Chichi is the first one to root for Gohan showing his power. A power that she was against him training to develop.

On a separate note, Bulma is also quite a shitty mother. Has Bulma ever been shown nurturing and caring for Kid Trunks (not the baby version). It almost feels like she's not Trunk's mother, but some distant relative taking giving him a home. However Future Trunks? Bulma constantly babies and shows excessive concern towards. It's like her present biological child counts for nothing. She's the opposite of Chichi, she's extremely neglectful. Just because Trunks is a super saiyan even as a child, doesn't mean that he doesn't need parental attention. Lord knows that Vegeta also doesn't give the boy much of anything. I feel sorry for Trunks. I guess because it's a battle Shounen we're not supposed to care too much about the details, but Kid Trunks leads a rather lousy family life. Vegeta being a full Saiyan has no time for the doting father routine as fighting is what he lives for, but Bulma? She's honestly a great disappointment in that area.

Bri is for me.

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>Was that in the manga?

Blonde Launch > all

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Best girl is puar
Fight me.

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Puer is a dude

Not if he transforms into a girl
Who do you think yamcha has been pounding all this time?



Videl cutting her hair short was the moment DBZ went to shit.

Lunch is best dragon ball waifu. Haven't seen super yet doubt she's even in it

Ranfan, I'm a sucker for that fluffy styled hair

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I like her design.

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I understand confusion over Engrish but we all know everyone's name in Dragonball is food. It's Lunch not Launch.

Everything past the Cell Saga is meh. Even during the Cell saga you could tell they were running out of steam.


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I almost want to start watching Dragonball from zero just for Videl. Almost. What do, bros?

Torankusu seal of approval.

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Not canon


You said "me", as in you. that is incorrect. the correct answer was "you", as in me.

Give autism tanfu gf pls.

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>all these ugly pictures
Why even bother posting? Find new better pictures like or GTFO

Super ruined Videl. Kefla is best girl now.

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My brother, she's perfect. Gero was one lucky SOB.

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>not enjoying original animation artwork
You need to gtfo.