Pilot Ranking and Why

For me the male Pilot ranking as of ep 11 is

Hiro > Goro > Zorome > Futoshi > Mitsuru

Hiro practiced the hardest objectively. He's the only one who was consistently putting in effort from the very start.
Goro is the fastest decision maker and that keeps the squad safe. He also puts himself and Ichigo on the frontlines to have the most information.
Zorome's fucked up and has had to be saved like a million times, but he's actually been damaging the enemy.
Futoshi has never really been in danger, but he hasn't done much damage either.
We didn't see Genista do shit till ep 11 and that's because Mitsuru wasn't the pilot. He's been saved more in battle then the overly aggressive Zorome.

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Female pilot ranking as of now.

02 > Ichigo > Miku > Kokoro > Ikuno

02 can pilot on her own and when she does she's still a beast. She has the most experience as a pilot.
Ichigo is the leader for a reason. Even when shit goes down she can focus on what needs to be done.
Miku is emotionally weak. One sight of the previous team and she went down. If piloting a Franxx requires emotional strength she needs a lot more work.
Kokoro is meh. She hasn't really been challenged.
Ikuno has issues being a Pistil even when her life is in danger. Inside that tough exterior she's frail as all hell.

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Hiro > Goro > Mitsuru>Zorome > Futoshi
Mitsuru surged towards the end of 11.

You know they have code numbers that indicate their skill as a pilot, right?


Wouldn't that mean Zorome's the worst? I can't believe Zorome being worse than Mitsuru.

Why is Mitsuru so high? Are we watching the same show. If he's not last or second to last you're a clown.

Hiro > Goro > Futoshi
The first three should be clear after this episode. Mitsuru and Zorome are kind of a push right now.

Zorome has still done objectively more damage to Klax than Futoshi.

Zorome does need to get saved a lot but, Futoshi hasn't been an actuall asset till now.

That's also because he's more aggressive and reckless. He's also made far more mistakes than Futoshi. Futoshi seems much more competent. I'm pretty sure they're meant to go by numbers with the exception of Mitsuru, who was apparently so shit he had to dope up just to be useful.

Interesting note, Kokoro is the lowest ranked code among the females. She was likely holding Futoshi back.

They have a good sync ratio though.

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futoshi is objectively the worst
hiro/goro > mitsuru/zorome >> fatoshi

>She was likely holding Futoshi back.
everything preformance-wise would indicate that it was Kokoro being held back

hit the gym, self-insert fatty

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Futoshi is better than Zorome

Hiro > Goro > Futoshi > Zorome > Mitsuru


Hiro > who cares they're not actually relevant

Wait if we're talking objectively that's wholly incorrect.

Futoshi never had to be saved like Milkman.
When Futoshi was piloting Genista he was making small contributions to battle. Chlorophytum has literally done nothing until Futoshi became the pilot.

I don't know why you're riding the Milkman's dick Kokoro but your guy's objectively been incompetent.


Futoshi (based on his beast mode in Ep11)




As far as their piloting skills go
>Hiro > Goro > Futoshi > Zorome > Mitsuru
>02 > Ichigo > Ikuno > Miku = Kokoro

Ikuno's got a relatively low number along with Futoshi.

Mitsuru might have had the spotlight in ep 11 but I can't help but think he'll wind up inferior to the new pair.

Goro above Hiro? Are you high?

Both Miku and now Kokoro are held back by their shitty partners. Ikuno was held back by Mitsuru before so now she can finally shine.

How is Miku holding Zorome back? Miku is a much lower code than Zorome. Zorome's recklessness is normally what makes them fuck up.

I think he might be.

Honestly, I think Miku's doing most of the work in that machine.

>I think he might be.
I don't think Goro has scored any major kill besides a few mook bugs in ep 3 an the suicide bomb yet.

Obviously the top three are 016>056>214. I'm not sure about 326 and 666 but right now I think 326 is the worst.

Nah i meant I think he might be high.

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I feel like Goro kind of sucks. Or is at least somewhat mediocre. Ichigo is 015, so he's got a lot of power at his disposal, but doesn't seem to live up to it and perform as he should with the hardware he has. You could say it's symbolic of their relationship. Goro is nice and solid, but just isn't able to do anything for Ichigo or excite her enough.

Hiro is stated to be the prodigy. His top spot is a given.

>Ichigo above 02
what the fuck am I reading

This is ridiculously wrong.

The guys are ok but I'm not sure if Ikuno should be ranked that high.



Delusional Ichigorofag.

The only disagreement you seem to have with OP is Futoshi and Zorome's spot.

They're kind of close to me too. Pretty interchangeable I'd say.

Seems about right.

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Yeah that's what I think. I think both Zorome and Futoshi have a good base of average ability but Zorome gains some more points due to his shared ferocity with Miku.

Futoshi just needs a good balance partner.

>mikuzoro 1st

Have they done anything big as a team? The most they've contributed is downing small fry.

They scored that one kill in what was, episode 10? They've gotten in more trouble than anyone else though.

Nah buddy Chlorophytum has gotten in more trouble than anyone else. That thing's always either collapsing or needing more help.

Goro's only second place because he's always practicing with Hiro.

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No arguments about the female pilots, but maybe Ikuno should be switched with Kokoro.

Hiro is both the best and the worst pilot. Mitsuru is arguably the second best because he has piloted well with three different pistils, even if Zero Two put his bitch ass in the hospital.

How can a comment be so bad.

Hiro is objectively the best. The pistils not being able to handle him have nothing to do with his own ability as a pilot.

Mitsuru is objectively the worst. All the other Franxx pilots could shuffle. Zorome could ride with Kokoro if the show wanted to. The most important thing is he has never contributed in combat. His existence has always been a liability until recently.